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Reasons Why Car Batteries Fail PowerPoint Presentation
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Reasons Why Car Batteries Fail

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Reasons Why Car Batteries Fail - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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reasons why car batteries fail
Reasons Why Car Batteries Fail

Everything has its end, including your car batteries.  It’s best to know what factors can contribute to the termination of your car batteries so that you get the most out of its life.

reasons why car batteries fail4
Reasons Why Car Batteries Fail

Age. If your car battery is more than four or six years old, you probably notice that you need to have it continuously charged. 

reasons why car batteries fail5
Reasons Why Car Batteries Fail

Loose connections. Obviously, if clamps on the battery cables are not tied up properly to the battery posts, it will not receive sufficient recharging from the alternator of the car. 

reasons why car batteries fail6
Reasons Why Car Batteries Fail

Extreme hot or extreme cold weather. Excessive temperature conditions will kill your car battery – both hot and cold.

reasons why car batteries fail7
Reasons Why Car Batteries Fail

Parasitic drain. This happens even when your car is not running.  Car batteries still work so that the cars anti-theft device will function, radio will run, computer (on modern autos) will be fed and cell phones can be charged. 

reduce auto repair costs choosing good quality batteries
Reduce Auto Repair Costs: Choosing Good Quality Batteries

Malfunction of alternator. Your Alternator gives back to the battery the drain that occurred to it.  If your car alternator isn’t properly performing its role, recharging your battery will eventually become useless.


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