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Unit 6 The Family

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Unit 6 The Family. Truth or Fiction. Families are the same all over the world Families have the same kind of structure and functions in every culture A variety of family patterns and structures are found throughout the world’s diverse cultures

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truth or fiction
Truth or Fiction
  • Families are the same all over the world
    • Families have the same kind of structure and functions in every culture
    • A variety of family patterns and structures are found throughout the world’s diverse cultures
  • Marriage patterns have remained unchanged in the United States since colonial times
    • Most American adults get married to one spouse, have children, and raise a family
    • Marriage patterns have changed dramatically since colonial times, with changes in the structure of marriage and the roles of spouses.
  • Family disruptions, such as divorce, have little effect on the adults and children involved
    • Family disruptions usually affect just one or two family members, while other members remain mostly unaffected
    • Family disruptions can have a devastating effect on all family members
the family
The Family
  • According to many people in the media, and even some lawmakers, the social institution of the American family is undergoing so much change that the institution may eventually cease.
  • Write a few sentences agreeing or disagreeing with this statement.
unit 6 vocabulary
Unit 6 Vocabulary
  • Nuclear Family
  • Extended family
  • Kinship
  • Polygamy
  • Patrilineal
  • Matrilineal
  • Homogamy
  • Heterogamy
family systems
Family Systems
  • A family is a group of people who are related by marriage, blood, or adoption and who often live together and share economic resources.
  • A nuclear family consists of one or both parents and their children. Considered the typical and most recognizable family.
  • An extended family consists of two or more generations including grandparents, parents, children, uncles, aunts, and cousins all living together.
  • Kinship refers to a network of people who are related by marriage, birth, or adoption.
marriage and kinship patterns
Marriage and Kinship Patterns
  • Family organization is determined by how a society answers four questions:
    • How many marriage partners may a person have?
    • Who will live with whom?
    • How will family membership be determined?
    • Who will make the decisions in family?
marriage and kinship patterns1
Marriage and Kinship Patterns
  • Marriage refers to the set of norms that establishes and characterizes the relationship between married individuals.
  • The marriage of one man to one woman is called monogamy.
  • Marriage with multiple partners is polygamy.
the functions of the family
The Functions of the Family
  • Regulation of Sexual Activity
    • Helps prevent incest by forbidding sexual relations with relatives
  • Reproduction
    • To survive, societies must replace members who die and move away
  • Socialization
    • Children must be taught the ways of their society
  • Economic and Emotional Security
    • Tasks are divided on the basis of gender and age
    • Expected to provide TLC and guide the individual’s psychological development.
life happens exercise
Life Happens Exercise
  • The Objectives

1. Provide their members with the basic necessities of:

      • Food
      • Clothing
      • Shelter
      • Taxes

2. Provide their children with the best possible education

3. To maintain the physical and mental well being of each family member by providing:

      • Health Care
      • Entertainment
      • Vacations
life happens activity
Life Happens Activity
  • In your notebook develop and maintain a budget that calculates a monthly budget
    • Food
    • Clothing
    • Shelter
    • Utilities
    • Transportation
    • Health Insurance
    • Child Care
    • Miscellaneous Personal and Household Expenses
    • State Sales Taxes
    • Credit Card Bills
the american family
The American Family
  • Traditionally
    • A working father
    • A stay-at-home mother
    • Two or three children
  • Marriage
    • Romantic love
    • Homogamy- Marriage of someone with social characteristics similar to their own. Age, socioeconomic status, religion, and race.
    • Heterogamy - Marriage outside of one’s own social characteristics. Due to higher college enrollments, more geographic mobility, and increased participation of women in the workforce.
family disruption
Family Disruption
  • Violence
    • The most devastating disruption. A person of any age is more likely to be attacked in their home than anywhere else.
  • Divorce
    • ½ of American marriages end in divorce. Highest divorce rate in the world.
      • Laws have become more lax
      • Dual-Earner families
      • Society has become more tolerant
      • People underestimate the problems of marriage
  • Legal dissolution of marriage
  • Empty Nest
  • Death of a spouse
trends in american family life
Trends in American Family Life
  • Delayed Marriage
  • Delayed Childbearing
    • Sandwich generation – those people who must meet the needs of young children and aging parents simultaneously.
  • Childlessness
  • Remarriage
  • Dual-earner marriages
  • One-parent families