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Title Page. programme management system. KPMD (IT Solutions) Ltd Blades Enterprise Centre, Bramall Lane, Sheffield S2 4SU, United Kingdom telephone: +44 (0)114 292 2292 fax: +44 (0)870 705 2655 email: mick.daniels@kpmd.co.uk w w w . k p m d . c o . u k.

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  1. Title Page programmemanagementsystem KPMD (IT Solutions) Ltd Blades Enterprise Centre, Bramall Lane, Sheffield S2 4SU, United Kingdom telephone: +44 (0)114 292 2292 fax: +44 (0)870 705 2655 email: mick.daniels@kpmd.co.uk w w w . k p m d . c o . u k Software for external quality assessment and proficiency testing organisers. Version2.0

  2. System Overview programmemanagementsystem Website for participants using Active Server Pages with MS Access or SQL Server Database. Javascript for client-side validation. Data synchronised between office database and website database using web services. Office system: multi-user with MS Access or SQL Server database: modules for Lab (Participant) Management, To Do Items and Distribution Management. Some participants still rely on paper-based results data entry and reports. Internet access for participants for data entry and reports (Acrobat PDF files). Samples sent to participants.

  3. LoginScreen programmemanagementsystem Individual user login for administrator or ordinary user level access. Other security levels can be built in, along with Audit Trails as required. Office based system written using Microsoft Visual basic .Net using a SQL Server or Access database. This system runs on PCs using Microsoft Windows connected together over a local or wide area network. Easy searching on name etc

  4. Participant / Laboratory List programmemanagementsystem Filter displayed records After logging in, the opening screen displays all participants. Search options Double-click to view lab records

  5. Lab – Main Details Tab programmemanagementsystem Main details: main contact, main address, courier, distributor, currency etc Membership Double-clicking displays a participant’s details. Various Tabs across the top of the form displays different details.

  6. Lab – Contacts Tab programmemanagementsystem Multiple contacts: Finance contact, manager, Technical contact, quality manager etc

  7. Lab – Finance / Registration Details Tab programmemanagementsystem Multiple registration forms Multiple invoices / invoice request forms (for Finance Dept)

  8. Lab – Correspondence Tab programmemanagementsystem Out-going correspondence generated using Word with Word templates and mail merge. Documents stored centrally for future reference. In-coming correspondence scanned and stored centrally as image.

  9. Lab – Queries Tab programmemanagementsystem Multiple queries: complaints, requests for extra samples, unsatisfactory performance, follow-up, appeals etc Query details

  10. Lab – Queries / Actions Tab programmemanagementsystem Multiple actions for each query: eg letter, visit, phone call, investigation etc

  11. Lab – Cohorts Tab programmemanagementsystem For grouping labs / participants into informal groups for reporting purposes

  12. Lab – Meetings Tab programmemanagementsystem Recording attendance of labs / participants at annual conferences, seminars, training courses, meetings etc

  13. Administration – Lookup Maintenance programmemanagementsystem From the Main Participant List form, an administrator can maintain the various look-up tables. Maintain system data eg system users, distributors, currencies, programme prices etc

  14. Administration – Web Services programmemanagementsystem Web Services are used to transfer data from the office system to the website and vice versa. Update website database using Web Services

  15. Reports programmemanagementsystem Various reports generated using Crystal Reports (enabling export to Word, Excel and Acrobat PDF format) or mail merge using Word and Word templates

  16. Batch Processes programmemanagementsystem To automate the registration process, batch registration/invoices creates all the necessary forms. For batch registration forms and batch invoices / invoice requests

  17. To Do List programmemanagementsystem The To-Do functionality can be used to record participants’ questions, handle complaints, document requests from participants (eg for extra samples), set reminders, etc. Multiple actions generated from queries

  18. To Do List – Action Details programmemanagementsystem

  19. Distribution List programmemanagementsystem Filter on Programme, dates etc List of distributions The main screen in the Distribution module is the list of distributions. This can be filtered by Scheme (Test / Programme), or by dates. Double clicking on a specific distribution (row) loads the Distribution Details form.

  20. Distribution Details programmemanagementsystem Distribution details Audit trail / key milestones Sample details Summary data

  21. Distribution – Main Functions programmemanagementsystem Main Distribution functions: synchronising data with website database using web services, emailing labs about new distribution and reports availability, results entry, producing statistics.

  22. Distribution – Results Data Entry programmemanagementsystem Example data entry form: designed to match current forms, quantitative, qualitative and interpretive results, drop-down combo-boxes to select look-up data for methods, machines, techniques etc, mark data input as complete, acceptable late return marker, exclude sample marker, Comments for recording reasons for late return, sample exclusion etc, additional data eg reagent lot number, sample received date, test date etc.

  23. Distribution – Reports programmemanagementsystem Reports: cover sheets to accompany samples, data entry forms, labels for samples and paper reports (for non-web users), picking lists for bagging samples, distribution progress report, distribution results / reports for labs / participants.

  24. Distribution Administration Lookup Maintenance programmemanagementsystem Maintenance of sample data (as required) Also methods, manufacturers, machines, techniques, units etc. From the Main Distribution List form, an administrator can maintain the various look-up tables which are related to distributions. This normally includes Sample data and can include elements of stock control as well as the management of reference materials if this is applicable.

  25. Distribution Administration Method Example programmemanagementsystem Example of Method maintenance where methods can be used across different schemes / programmes

  26. Participant Report Example 1 programmemanagementsystem Participant’s results Distribution Reports can take many formats ranging from simple tabular presentation of results to multiple graphical representations. PT Organisers often like to present results based on different methods, or instruments for comparison purposes. We will replicate your reports in whatever format is required.

  27. Participant Report Example 2 programmemanagementsystem A mix of tabular data and graphical representation

  28. Participant Report Example 3 programmemanagementsystem Various graph types available, usually with a ‘pointer’ to indicate the participant’s own result, ‘Your Result’.

  29. Website Login programmemanagementsystem Three elements for participants to log in for added security and to allow individuals within a laboratory to have their own login for audit purposes. Website designed to match client’s corporate image with colours, logo, fonts, images etc.

  30. Website Programme Selection programmemanagementsystem Scheme selection using drop-down combo box to display list of distributions. Click a row for data entry form and report. Status of each distribution shown.

  31. Website Result Data Entry programmemanagementsystem Buttons to save data, mark it complete (after which it cannot be changed), and download report (when available). Screen designed to match paper data entry forms if necessary. Print a blank results form for data entry. Qualitative, quantitative and interpretive result with validation where required. Drop-down combo boxes for methods, units, machines, techniques etc, with validation of acceptable combinations if required.

  32. Website Participant Registration 1 programmemanagementsystem Some of our clients now use online registration. Existing Participants can login and accept or change their existing registration data. New participants select the tests they wish to subscribe to, and if applicable, choose methods, machines etc that they will be using.

  33. Website Participant Registration 2 programmemanagementsystem Existing Participants confirm or change their existing contact details. Participants can have as many contacts as required, default, report, quality manager, finance etc.

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