improved medicare for all n.
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Improved Medicare For All!

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Improved Medicare For All! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Improved Medicare For All!. Affordable Care Act. Eliminates preexisting conditions Adult child on parent’s plan to age 26 Narrows geographic rating for individuals Expands MediCal to more individuals. What the ACA Doesn’t Do. Insure every American/Californian

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Improved Medicare For All!

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affordable care act
Affordable Care Act
  • Eliminates preexisting conditions
  • Adult child on parent’s plan to age 26
  • Narrows geographic rating for individuals
  • Expands MediCal to more individuals
what the aca doesn t do
What the ACA Doesn’t Do
  • Insure every American/Californian
  • Allow for choice of providers (we are still stuck with insurance company networks)
  • Control escalating costs
  • Stop insurance companies from profiting from the people who are ill

Inpatient days per 1,000 Population, 2009

Source: OECD Health Data 2011 (June 2011)


Average Health Care Spending per Capita, 1980–2009Adjusted for differences in cost of living


Health Care Spending per Capita by Source of Funding, 2009Adjusted for Differences in Cost of Living
















* 2008.

Source: OECD Health Data 2011 (June 2011).

insert county data
Insert County Data
  • Insert County Seal
  • Insert County data that indicates the demonstrate the need for Medicare for All: percent of uninsured, children in poverty, number of patients for each physician, etc.
  • County data can be found at:
what kind of america
What Kind of America?
  • We have publicly funded military to protect us
  • We have publicly funded police and fire to keep us safe
  • Why don’t we have publicly funded healthcare for all
we need medicare for all
We Need Medicare For All
  • Everyone gets a single standard of quality care (not just those who can afford it)
  • Choice of physicians
  • No insurance company bean counter deciding the care you will have instead of the care you need
  • Cost control – that’s public
a robin hood tax on wall street will generate up to 350 billion a year
A Robin Hood Tax on Wall Street will generate upto $350 Billion a year
  • By placing a tiny tax—less than half of 1%– (50 cents on every $100) on Wall Street trades of stocks, bonds, and other financial transactions
  • Like the sale tax you pay when buying a pair of shoes
  • A tax of one-half of one percent (.5) adds up to big money — up to $350 billion a year which would:
  • Guarantee healthcare for all-
  • • Help end HIV/AIDS-
  • • Address poverty and climate change
  • • Stop hunger
  • • $ 9 million new jobs-
join us
Join Us!
  • Sign the Petition – TONIGHT!
  • Sign up for alerts on CNA website
  • Join organizations that belong to Campaign for a Healthy California:
  • Coalition of Statewide organizations that support Medicare For All!