abnl at lincoln brick park october 22 nd 26 th 2012 n.
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ABNL at Lincoln Brick Park October 22 nd -26 th ’2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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ABNL at Lincoln Brick Park October 22 nd -26 th ’2012

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ABNL at Lincoln Brick Park October 22 nd -26 th ’2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ABNL at Lincoln Brick Park October 22 nd -26 th ’2012. Rachel savage. worms.

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  • We learned about worms they don’t like the sun because they cant dry out because they need water or slim that’s why they live underground and you cant touch worms if your hands are dry and worms have 5 hearts and 2 lungs
  • They help the earth by eating backteaira and stuff that you throw away that’s how they help the earth
  • A prairie is like tall grass its wide long and there was a path that I went through it leaded to the classroom it was long it was taller than me I couldn’t see the building and we through apple slices in it for the deer to eat
  • And it had a path that leads to the woods and its really cool to go in and the path has plants in it with thornes on them
  • Fossils are things that you barry a iong time ago
  • Fossils are cool because they look cool
  • I want a fossil
brick factory
Brick factory
  • The brick factory is a torn up building
  • That is made out of bricks
  • And its red
  • I sat on a log at lunch
  • It is cool siting on a log at lunch
  • I like siting on a long log at lunch
  • The pond was big and round and wide
  • I did a oberservation on the pond
  • I liked the pond alot
  • The river was wide
  • And I drawed a picture of it
  • I liked it a lot