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普通高等教育“十一 · 五”规划教材. 走出牛津. 大学实用英语综合教程. Beyond Oxford Practical college English Course. 学林出版社. 预备级. Table of Contents. Back. Next. Unit 6. Six. Sweet Home, Real Home 真爱真家. Sweet Home 美丽家园. We Are Family 相亲相爱一家人. Sweet Home 美丽家园. Back. Next. Focus1 content. Focus.

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  1. 普通高等教育“十一·五”规划教材 走出牛津 大学实用英语综合教程 Beyond Oxford Practical college English Course 学林出版社 预备级

  2. Table of Contents Back Next Unit 6 Six Sweet Home, Real Home 真爱真家 • Sweet Home 美丽家园 • We Are Family 相亲相爱一家人

  3. Sweet Home 美丽家园 Back Next Focus1 content Focus • S: Layout of a flat • L: Tom’s problem at home • L: Mary’s home of pride • S: Choosing a flat • R: Put on two coats • W: Writing an advertisement for a flat to let 祝愿语的重读和语调

  4. 1. Starter — Layout of a flat Back Next A. Look at the layout of a flat. Can you identify the different areas (A—H) of the flat, using the words in the box? focus1starter F,G D A B E H C

  5. 1. Starter — Layout of a flat Back Next focus1starter B. Discussion: what problems will arise if there is only one bathroom in your home?

  6. 1. Starter — Layout of a flat Back Next focus1starter Notes 1. *master n. 主人 e.g. There are many different master bedroom designs and styles. The dog came bounding up to its master. 该词还有“能手,名家,大师;硕士”等名词意义。 e.g. He’s a chess master. The International School of New Media offers a Master of Science in Digital Media. 此外,该词还可作动词,表示“精通,掌握”。 e.g. He never mastered the art of public speaking. 2. △balcony n. 阳台 e.g. Under these windows is a wooden balcony. I always do some exercise on the balcony.

  7. 2. Tom’s problem at home Back Next Sometimes there’s a problem of using the bathroom. Tom dreams of having a bigger home. Listen to the tape or CD and fill in the blanks. Focus 1 2 . Dad: Gosh! The door is locked (1) __________. Eh, who’s in there? Tom: It’s me, Dad, your dear son, Tom. Dad: Can you hurry up? I need to use the (2) _______! Tom: I’m sorry, Dad, but I’ve just come in. Dad: How long do I (3) ___________? Tom: I don’t know, Dad. I have the runs. Dad: It seems that one (4) ________ is not enough. from inside toilet need to wait bathroom

  8. 2. Tom’s problem at home Back Next Focus 1 2 Notes 1. Gosh, the door is lockedfrom inside. 天哪,门反锁了。 gosh为感叹词。此类词一般用于表达惊奇、喜悦或愤怒。“Gosh!”是“Oh my gosh!”的简略式,而Gosh是God的委婉语。需注意的是,对于虔信基督教的人来说,不管是Gosh还是God,轻易出口都可能被视为冒犯行为。 e.g. Oh my Gosh! This room is a mess! 2. Can you hurry up? I need to use the toilet! 你能快点吗?我要用马桶啊! hurry up 快点,赶紧做 e.g. Hurry up if you want to get to school on time! 与hurry相关的短语还有:in a hurry匆忙地;in no hurry 不忙,有充分的时间,不急于;without hurry or bustle不慌不忙地;hurry on (with) 赶紧办理。

  9. 3. Mary’s home of pride ANSWER Back Next Mary’s home is larger than Tom’s. She is showing Kathy around her flat. Listen to the tape or CD and decide which picture shows Mary’s flat. Focus 1 3 D

  10. 3. Mary’s home of pride Back Next Kathy: Mary, you have a really beautiful flat. Can I have a look upstairs? Mary: Sure you can. It is my pride and joy. Let’s take the stairs up. Kathy: Wow, wow, wow! This is a very big balcony. Mary: Yes. And it’s not the only one. We have three balconies. Kathy: Are you crazy, Mary? Why did you waste money on these balconies? Mary: They are all free, dear Kathy. That’s why I chose the top floor. Kathy: Then how do you use them? Mary: Listen. The north one is for summer; the south, of course, for winter; and this one is a good place to look at the river down there from. Focus 1 3

  11. 3. Mary’s home of pride Back Next Notes 1. Can I have a look upstairs? 我能看看楼上吗? *upstairs ad.在楼上,往楼上 e.g. The woman carried her tired child upstairs to his bedroom. 该词还可以作形容词和名词。 e.g. The upstairs rooms are much warmer than those on the ground floor. upstairs的反义词是downstairs(ad.在楼下,往楼下 a. 楼下的 n.楼下)。 2. To tell the truth, it is my real pride. 说实话,这个才是真正让我骄傲的。 *pride n.自豪,骄傲 e.g. His parents took pride in his talent for music. pride常用于take pride in sth.(以某事为荣)的结构中。 e.g. He takes pride in his experience in the Anti-Japanese War. pride的形容词形式为proud,其常见搭配为be proud of sb./sth.(为某人/某事感到自豪)。 e.g. She is proud of her daughter. Focus 1 3

  12. Focus 1 4 4. Choosing a flat Click Here For Reference Answer Back Next Look at the pictures of the layout and the location of a flat. Work with a partner. First say your likes of the flat and then ask your partner to say his/her dislikes of the flat. Focus 1 4

  13. 4. Choosing a flat Back Next Focus 1 4 Likes of the flat: I like a flat with two baths so that there can be no waiting for my father to finish his use of the bath. I prefer large balconies to small ones, because we can set a table there and sit down enjoying a cup of coffee after supper. I love the sofa more than anything else. It should be comfortable when I throw myself into the sofa watching my favorite TV programms. And the flat is in a good place. It is in a busy street. I like seeing people coming and going. Dislikes of the flat: I don’t like a flat with two baths because it’s a waste of water and space. Sitting on the balconies is the last thing I would do, because people at the street make so loud noises. I would rather have a study than a balcony. I hate sitting in the sofa watching TV hour after hour, wasting time. I find the dining room boring, because the table is too close to the kitchen.

  14. 4. Choosing a flat Back Next Focus 1 4 . Learning

  15. Text Lead-in Back Next Focus 1 5 A. Do you believe “Beauty is nothing without brains”? B. Watch the video clip and comment on it.

  16. 5. Put on Two Coats Back Next Translation Read the passage and do the exercises. Focus 1 5 Barbara decides one day that she is sick and tired of all these blonde jokes and how all blondes are perceived as stupid, so she decides to show her husband that blondes really are smart by painting a couple of rooms in the house. be tired of对……感到厌倦 e.g. I am tired of living abroad. 与be sick of一样,be tired of也有一个容易混淆的短语,那就是be tired from,指“因……而疲倦”。 e.g. He felt tired from walking. be sick of对……感到厌烦 e.g. I like New York, but sometimes I am sick of the noise and traffic here. 与be sick of 容易混淆的短语是be sick with,意思是“因……而生病”。 e.g. He is sick with flu. 漆上两层 有一天,芭芭拉觉得自己再也无法忍受那些把金发女郎说得很愚蠢的笑话了,于是决定要粉刷几个房间,以此向丈夫证明金发女郎其实是很聪明的。 ☆perceive vt. 视为,认为;感知到 e.g. I perceived his comment as a challenge. I perceived that I could not make her change her mind.

  17. 5. Put on Two Coats Back Next Translation Focus 1 5 at hand 在手边,在附近 e.g. He always kept the photo of his girlfriend close at hand. 与hand有关的短语包括:by hand 用人工(即不是用机器或其它手段);hand in hand 手拉手;in hand 手头的;on the one (other) hand 一方面(另一方面);hand in 交来,交上去(给老师或上级);shake hands (with sb.)(同某人)握手。 The next day, right after her husband leaves for work, she gets down to the task at hand. Her husband arrives home at 5:30 and smells the distinctive smell of paint. He walks into the living room and finds his wife lying on the floor in a pool of sweat. He notices that she is wearing a ski jacket and a fur coat at the same time. right after 表示“……之后马上,就在……之后,随后”等含义。 e.g. I haven’t decided yet, but I’ll let you know right after I have made my decision. 此处right意为“正好”,为副词。 e.g. There is another bus right behind this one. get down to 开始,着手做 e.g. I wish he’d get down to some serious work. Let’s get down to details. 第二天,丈夫刚跨出家门去上班,芭芭拉就开始从眼前刷起。下午五点半丈夫回到家里,一股强烈的油漆味扑鼻而来。他走进客厅,看到妻子躺在地上,全身浸透了汗水。他还发现妻子身上同时穿着一件滑雪衫和一件毛皮大衣。 ☆distinctive a. 明显不同的,特别的,突出的 e.g. Alcohol has a very distinctive smell from that of wine. The food has a distinctive flavor.

  18. 5. Put on Two Coats Back Next Translation Focus 1 5 He goes over and asks her if she is OK. She replies yes. He asks what she is doing. She replies that she wants to prove to him that not all blonde women are dumb and she wants to do it by painting the house. He then asks her why she has a ski jacket over her fur coat. She replies that she read the directions on the paint can and they said: FOR BEST RESULTS, PUT ON TWO COATS. *direction n. [usu. pl.] 用法说明,指示 e.g. Follow the directions on the package for warming the milk. 该词还有一个名词意义,即“方向”。 e.g. Airplanes do not ordinarily fly close to the ground in strong winds except in the upwind direction. 他走过去问芭芭拉没什么事吧,她回答说没事。于是丈夫问她在做什么。她说她想自己给房子涂油漆,借此向丈夫证明并非所有金发女郎都愚不可及。丈夫又问她为什么在毛皮大衣外面还要罩上一件滑雪衫。芭芭拉回答说,她看了油漆桶上的使用说明,上面写着:漆上两层,可取得最佳效果。 *provevt.证明 e.g. People are told that Olympic food proves safe. I will prove what I have said.

  19. Focus 1 5 5. Put on Two Coats Back Next A. Answer the following questions. Focus 1 5 • 1. What does Barbara decide to do to prove her cleverness? She decides to _________________________. 2. When does Barbara start painting? She starts paining right after her husband ______________. 3. What does the husband smell when he comes back home? He smells ________________________. 4. What is Barbara wearing when her husband sees her? She is wearing _____________________. 5. Why is Barbara wearing two coats? Because she has misunderstood the _____________________. paint some rooms in the house leaves for work the distinctive smell of paint a ski jacket and a fur coat directions on the paint can

  20. 5. Put on Two Coats Back Next B. Match the words (1—6) in the passage with their correct meanings (a—f). Focus 1 5 c d f a b e

  21. 6. Writing an advertisement for a flat to let Back Next You have a flat to let. You are trying to write an advertisement to be put in the local newspaper. Complete the ad with the Chinese prompts below. Focus 1 6 房屋基本情况:人民路12号10楼/95平米,两室一厅一卫/带车位/房租每月500元人民币(不含水电)。有意者请拨打电话87654321 联系李小姐。 • Flat to Let 12 Renmin Rd, 10th __________ 95 sqm, 2 ________, 1__________, 1________; car _______ available RMB500/_______ (utilities not included) ______ 87654321, Miss Li floor parking bathroom bedrooms living room month Call

  22. 7. Read me! Back Next Focus 1 7

  23. We Are Family 相亲相爱一家人 Back Next Focus 2 content Focus • S: Mother’s Day and Father’s Day • L: Mother’s pride • L: Son’s affection for Father • S: Trees and education • R: A little cup of tea • W: Complaints about the parents • R: Mother 基本句型和there be结构

  24. 1. Starter — Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Back Next With a partner to discuss the following questions: Focus2 1 • 1. When are Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in most countries? • What would you do for or say to your mother or father on the special day? In most countries Mother’s Day is on the second Sunday in May, and Father’s Day is on the third Sunday of June. Omitted.

  25. 2. Mother’s pride Back Next Focus2 2 Sally is on her way to her son’s home. She bumps into her old friend Jane. They talk about Sally’s son, Tom. Listen to the tape or CD and complete the table about Tom. Married 25 doctor 29th

  26. 2. Mother’s pride Back Next Jane: Hello, Sally. So nice to run into you here! Sally: Hello, Jane. I haven’t seen you for many years! Jane: When did you move to New York? Sally: Actually, I’ve just come here to see my son, Tom. You see, he’s lived here since he got married last year. Jane: Got married? I remember he was still a naughty high school student when I saw him last time. Sally: That was about 7 years ago, right? He’s 25 now. He’s a doctor in that hospital over there. Jane: Really? That’s wonderful. Congratulations! By the way, where does he live? Sally: He has an apartment on 29th Avenue. Focus2 2

  27. 2. Mother’s pride Back Next Notes 1. Marital Status 婚姻状况 ☆status n.情形,状况;地位,身份 e.g. What’s the current status of the project? 2. Congratulations! By the way, where does he live? 祝贺你!顺便问一声,他住在哪里? *congratulationn.祝贺 e.g. The master of the wedding ceremony gave a speech of congratulation to the newlyweds. 该词经常用复数形式,常与介词on搭配。 e.g. Congratulations on your promotion! 该词的动词形式是congratulate,同样常与介词on 搭配。 e.g. I just want to congratulate you ladies on this success. by the way表示“顺便(说,问……)”。 e.g. By the way, is this your cap? Focus2 2

  28. 3. Son’s affection for Father Back Next Sally’s son is also known for his affection for his parents. There is a story about Tom’s childhood. Listen to the tape or CD and choose the best answer to each statement. Focus2 3 • 1. It was the time Tom and his father went alone on vacation. B. second C. third D. fourth 2. Tom was old in the story. B. two years C. twelve and a half years D. twelve years 3. When Tom and his father had both gone to bed, his father . A. felt frightened B. turned on the light C. couldn’t sleep A. first A. two and a half years D. turned off the light

  29. 3. Son’s affection for Father Back Next Focus2 3 Tapescript • Sally told her friend Jane a story about a trip her husband had taken with their two-and-a-half-year-old son Tom. It was the first time the father and the boy had been away by themselves. The first night they spent in a hotel, the father moved his bed close to the boy’s, and when they had both laid down, he turned off the light. After a few minutes, a little voice said, “It sure is dark, isn’t it?” “Yes,” said the father, “It’s pretty dark, but everything is all right.” There was silence for a few more minutes, and then a small hand reached over and took the father’s. “I’ll just hold your hand, in case you get frightened.”

  30. 3. Son’s affection for Father Back Next Notes 1. Sally told her friend Jane a story about a trip her husband had taken with their two-and-a-half-year-old son Tom. 萨利给她的朋友简讲了一个故事,发生在有次她丈夫带着他们两岁半的儿子汤姆外出旅行的时候。 two-and-a-half-year-old是一种用连字符把一个短语变成一个合成词的构词法。这种使用连字符的构词法在英语中很常见,最普遍的是合成形容词,例如:duty-free(免税的),far-reaching(深远的),air-tight(密封的),large-scale(大规模的),first-rate(一流的),face-to-face(面对面的),all-round(全面的),state-owned(国有的)。 e.g. a good-for-nothing boy Focus2 3

  31. 3. Son’s affection for Father Back Next 2. The first night they spent in a hotel, the father moved his bed close to the boy’s, and when they had both laid down, he turned off the light. 他们在旅馆过夜的第一天,父亲把自己的床挪过去,紧靠着儿子的床。等他们俩都上了床,父亲就把灯关了。 turn off关掉,避开 e.g. His proposal is that we turn off TV for half an hour every day. 相关短语有: turn on打开 e.g. I want to watch TV. Can I turn on the TV? turn up出现 e.g. Don’t worry; something will turn up. turn down拒绝 e.g. Sally turned down my offer. turn out结果是…… e.g. It turned out a disaster. Focus2 3

  32. 3. Son’s affection for Father Back Next 3. “I’ll just hold your hand, in case you get frightened.” “我得握住你的手,免得你害怕。” in case引导条件状语从句,意为“以防,以免”。 e.g. In case he arrives before I get back, please ask him to wait.  Please remind me of it again tomorrow in case I forget.  in case引出的条件从句所表示的意义是“预防某种情况的出现”,如果从句说的是一般的假设或条件,则要用if。 e.g. I’ll tell him about the matter if I meet him.   Take an umbrella in case it rains.  Focus2 3

  33. 4. Trees and education Back Next Read the passage and work out a dialogue with a partner, using the sentences given. Focus2 4 • Tom was very naughty when he was young, and gave his parents a hard time. One day Tom’s father asked an elderly neighbor how strict parents should be with their children. The old man pointed to a rope between a big tree and a young one, and said, “Take the rope away.” Tom’s father did so and at once the young tree bent. Then the old man asked Tom’s father to tie it again, and immediately the young tree stood straight as it used to. Now the old man said, “There, it is the same with children. You must be strict with them for their healthy development. But sometimes you must let them stand alone to see if they are strong enough.”

  34. 4. Trees and education Back Next Focus2 4 Put the sentences in the correct order. 5 6 9 7 8 4 1—2—( )—( )—( )—( )—( )—( )—( ) 3

  35. 4. Trees and education Back Next Notes 1. *educationn.教育 e.g. Nothing is more important than receiving education. He is American by birth, but he received his education in Britain. 与education 相关的短语有:elementary education初等教育;secondary education 中等教育;higher education高等教育;the Education, Science, Culture and Health Committee of the National People’s Congress 全国人大教科文卫委员会。 2. Take the rope away. 请把这根绳子解开。 take away 拿走,拿开 e.g. The thief was taken away in a police van. 这个动词短语还可以用作复合词takeaway,表示“外卖食品,外卖店”。 e.g. There’s a Chinese takeaway round the corner. Focus2 4

  36. 4. Trees and education Back Next Focus2 4 3. Tom’s father did so and at once the young tree bent. 汤姆的父亲照做了,结果小树马上弯了下来。 *bend vi.弯曲 e.g. His fatness renders him unable to bend down. Don’t try to bend the spoon. 英语中这种由动词短语转为复合名词的现象比较普遍。例如:stayover — stayover借宿;checkin — check-in登记;follow up — follow-up后续追进。 4. You must be strict with them for their healthy development. 为了他们的健康成长,你一定要严格对待他们。 *development n.发展 e.g. The development zone has been progressing in an all-around way.

  37. Text Lead-in Back Next Focus 2 5 A. Who is a better babysitter, mom, or dad? Why? B. Tell your class a most impressed funny story in your childhood.

  38. 5. A Little Cup of Tea Back Next Translation Here is another story told by Sally’s son Tom. Read it and do the exercises. Focus 2 5 *recover vi. (自疾病或异常状态中)恢复(常态) e.g. Itdidn’ttakelongformetorecoverfromthesurgery. Theeconomywon’trecoverafteryearsofrecession. recover常与from搭配。 e.g. Shehasn’tyetrecoveredfromherastonishment. 另外,recover后面接名词后缀-y就成了名词recovery(恢复)。 *accident n.意外事件,事故 e.g. Accidents will happen in the best regulated families. After the accident, the bodies were difficult to recognize. 该词的相关短语有:by accident 偶然。 e.g. Sometimes you meet the nicest people by accident. △babysitvi.(代人临时)照看小孩,当临时保姆 e.g. You promised to babysit on the night of Jean’s party? She regularly babysits for us. 该词的各种分词形式与动词sit相同,其名词形式是babysitter(代人照看孩子的人,保姆)。 Father was out of work for three months. It was he who babysat me and my older brother when Mother was out working. I was maybe two years old and had just recovered from an accident in which one of my arms had been broken, among other injuries. 一小杯茶 父亲失业在家待了三个月,妈妈上班时就由他照看我和哥哥。我那时大概有两岁,刚刚从一次事故中恢复过来。在那次事故中我一只手臂骨折了,其他地方也受了伤。

  39. 5. A Little Cup of Tea Back Next Translation Focus 2 5 Someone had given me a little tea set as a get-well gift and it was one of my new favorite toys. Daddy was in the living room lost in the evening news and my brother was playing nearby when I brought Daddy a little cup of tea, which was just water. be lost in 着迷于 e.g. I was so lost in reading that I didn’t notice my purse had been stolen. 该短语还有另外一种形式,为lose oneself in。 e.g. She returned to the desk and lost herself in the work. 有人送过我一套茶具,作为祝贺我早日康复的礼物。那套茶具就成了我当时最喜欢的玩具之一。爸爸在客厅里看晚间新闻入了迷,哥哥在爸爸旁边玩,我给爸爸端来了一杯茶(其实不是茶,只是一杯水)。

  40. 5. A Little Cup of Tea Back Next Translation Focus 2 5 *praise n. 称赞,赞美 e.g. This doctor received high praise from everyone. 注意:praise 通常是不可数名词。 与该词相关的短语有:in praise of 赞扬。 e.g. The teacher spoke in praise of those students who helped each other. 该词还可以作及物动词。 e.g. The teacher praised the student to the skies. After several cups of tea and lots of praise for such yummy tea, my mom came home from work. Dad had her wait in the living room to watch me bring him a cup of tea, because he must have thought it was just the cutest thing a two-year-old tiny little baby can do! 在had her wait中,wait是宾语补语,英语语法规定,在主动语态句中,have、make和感官动词(see、notice、watch、hear等)后面的宾语补语如果是动词,则不能用to do的形式。转为被动语态后,这种宾语补语就变成了主语补语,这时要加上to。 e.g. The waiter was seen to steal the customer’s wallet. 爸爸喝了好几杯茶,而且还连连称赞茶很好喝。后来妈妈下班回来了,爸爸让妈妈等在客厅里看着我给他端茶,他当时一定认为一个两岁的小娃娃就能做那样的事,实在是再可爱不过了。

  41. 5. A Little Cup of Tea Back Next Translation Focus 2 5 drinkup喝光,喝干净 e.g. The kid drank up a whole big carton of juice after playing in the hot sun. Drink up! We’ve got work to do. 此处的小品词up作副词,用在某些动词的后面,有“完全消耗掉”之意。 e.g.We’ve used up all our savings. The children had to eat up all their food. My mom waited quite patiently and, sure enough, here I came down the hall with a cup of tea for daddy. She watched him drink it up and then said, “Did it ever occur to you that the only place where the baby can reach to get water is the toilet?” *patiently ad. 耐心地,能忍耐地 e.g. You should listen to me patiently even if you are very angry. 该词的形容词为patient,意为“有耐心的,能忍耐的” e.g. A teacher’s most basic rule of thumb is: be patient. 该词的名词形式是patience。 e.g. I wouldn’t have the patience to listen to your nonsense. *occur vi. 发生 e.g. No one knows why these problems occur. 该词常用于it occurs to sb. to do sth. 或it occurs to sb. that结构中。 e.g. It has occurred to me that I could ask Mr. Zhang for help. It never occurs to my children to contact me. 妈妈很耐心地等着。果然,我端着一杯给爸爸的茶,来到了客厅。妈妈看着爸爸喝完,然后说:“难道你没想过,这孩子只能够得着马桶里的水吗?”

  42. 5. A Little Cup of Tea Back Next A. Decide whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F). Focus2 5 ( ) 1. Father babysat the children because he didn’t have a job at that time. ( ) 2. Tom has a younger brother. ( ) 3. One of Tom’s legs was broken in an accident. ( ) 4. Tom loved the tea set more than any other toys at the time of the story. ( ) 5. The father praised Tom because he really enjoyed it. ( ) 6. It turned out that the father drank a lot of toilet water. T F F T F T

  43. 5. A Little Cup of Tea Back Next B. Complete the words that match the meanings in the brackets. Focus 2 5 • 1. r______ (to become fit and healthy again after an illness or • injury) • a______ (a situation in which someone is injured or something is damaged) 3. c____ (attractive in a pretty or endearing way) 4. t____ (extremely small) 5. p______ (able to wait for a long time without becoming angry) ecover ccident ute iny atient

  44. 6. Complaints about the parents Back Next You might have some problems with your parents. Tell them to your partner, using the words below. Focus2 6 • 1. only they exam my care results about 2. I not much are friends am but freedom my allowed 3. strict my too with father me is 4. since ideas is we on have different many there gap us things great between a generation They only care about my exam results. I am not allowed much freedom, but my friends are. My father is too strict with me. We have different ideas on many things since there is a great generation gap between us.

  45. 7. Read me! Back Next Focus 2 7

  46. Grammar Back Next Exercise I Choose the best answer to indicate the basic pattern of the following sentences. Focus2 Grammar • 1. I had a wonderful time in the underwater world. A. S + V + Cs C. S + V + Oi +Od D. S + V 2. The company offered her an opportunity to study abroad. A. S + V + Cs B. S + V + O D. S + V +Od +Co B. S + V + O C. S + V + Oi +Od

  47. Grammar Back Next 3. The blind man can feel someone getting close to him. A. S + V + Cs B. S + V + O C. S + V + Oi +Od 4. The nurse is awake in bed when on duty. B. S + V + O C. S + V D. S + V + Oi +Od 5. She danced time and time again in order to lose weight. A. S + V + Cs B. S + V + O D. S + V +Od +Co Focus2 Grammar D. S + V +Od +Co A. S + V + Cs C. S + V

  48. Grammar Back Next Exercise II Choose the best answer to complete each sentence. Focus2 Grammar • 1. Look, there a car coming. A. be C. can D. has 2. There three accidents at this crossroad this week. A. have C. has been D. will be 3. There no chance for me to get the job. A. to be B. has C. were 4. There an exam this weekend, according to the schedule. B. will have C. may be D. would be B. is B. have been D. was A. is going to be

  49. Grammar Back Next Focus2 Grammar • 5. There be very little doubt about his guilt. A. seems B. exists D. has 6. There is to be nothing meaningful at the party, I’m afraid. B. existing C. having D. being 7. There _______ some people that I would like you to meet. A. is C. have D. has 8. Look, there _______ deer driven by three bears. A. was C. is D. are C. appears to A. going B. are B. were

  50. Grammar Back Next Focus2 Grammar 9. There be a lake lying at the foot of the mountain before the earthquake. A. was to B. had to C. was used to 10. Recently there was a drunk driver ________ five people including a pregnant woman in Nanjing City. A. killed B. to kill D. was killing D. used to C. killing

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