innovation in performance management n.
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Innovation in Performance Management

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Innovation in Performance Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Innovation in Performance Management. Anil Kumar Misra 29th June 2012. Planning Performance. Performance Management Cycle. Rewarding Performance. Managing Performance. Measuring Performance. Planning Performance. Capturing measurable and qualitative objectives

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Innovation in Performance Management

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    1. Innovation in Performance Management Anil Kumar Misra 29th June 2012

    2. Planning Performance Performance Management Cycle Rewarding Performance Managing Performance Measuring Performance

    3. Planning Performance • Capturing measurable and • qualitative objectives • Alignment with company goals • Mutually agreed and accepted • objectives

    4. Managing Performance Consistent support in providing resources, training, guidance, coaching etc

    5. Measuring Performance • On going performance feedback • Supporting evidence during performance discussion • Skill & Will issue while conducting • performance review

    6. Rewarding Performance • Transparency in reward process • Performance based pay

    7. Innovation in Performance • Dedicating performance weightage towards innovative activities • Allow people to make mistakes

    8. Innovation in Performance • 720 degree Feedback approach • Technology - Peoplesoft 9.1 • Balanced Score Card Approach

    9. Thank you

    10. HRD 2010: Cadbury introduces ‘720-degree’ feedback ( Delegates at yesterday’s HRD conference could be forgiven for feeling a little dizzy after a presentation by Cadbury. Not content with 360 degree feedback for her new leadership development programme, Sarah Smith, head of the L&D centre of excellence for Cadbury UK&I, went a step further – “720 degree” feedback includes input from a leader’s family and friends, as well as business colleagues and direct reports. “The 720 degree approach gives people a very different view of themselves as leaders and individuals,” Smith explained. It proved an integral part of Cadbury’s transformational leadership programme, which also saw leaders become involved in long-term charity projects. • this link talks about JJABT implementing 720 degree feedback and its impact

    11. Move beyond the Boardroom: Perf Mgt can shine with a bottom-up approach built on the foundation of trust. • Managers fear that rationale system deprives them of arbitrariness: there are appraisers who see in their subordinates what they want to see, instead what they are actually. • One size fits all fantasy: another question before HR is whether standardization on the process. Will work? Why should we make the process complex by developing different forms according to the levels and function in an organization, is the argument by HR. No, we do it to improve performance. Performance appraisal should be viewed as a beneficial process within the context of an effective system of personnel management. It should be accepted as a normal management responsibility to review performance of all employees and for all managers to discuss performance with their subordinates regularly.