The Devil's in the Details
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The Devil's in the Details Connecting the Dots with YBP and Millennium and Shelf-Ready Acquisitions Southeastern Innovative Users Group January 25, 2011 . Why did we automate the process? . • Consultants recommended change • Possible budget savings

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The Devil's in the DetailsConnecting the Dots with YBP and Millennium and Shelf-Ready AcquisitionsSoutheastern Innovative Users GroupJanuary 25, 2011

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Why did we automate the process?

• Consultants recommended change

• Possible budget savings

• Staff talents could be used elsewhere particularly with catalogers

• This method works well with both small and large volumes of books

• Change is good!

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Here’s the process in a nutshell for firm ordered items

• Place order in GOBI

• FTP order into Millennium

• Send EDIFACT order back to YBP

• Receive books and check against invoice

• Load PromptCat records

• Disburse books and handle exceptions

• Pay the electronic invoice

What’s needed to make this happen? …

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Getting up and running – Everyone’s involved

• Innovative Interfaces – Products to purchase

• YBP – GOBI customization

• Library -- Millennium changes

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The Innovative side

Necessary products

• EDIFACT ordering (#408C)

• EDIFACT invoicing (#415)

• Extended Approval Plan Interface (#409)

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The Innovative side

EDIFACT ordering (Product #408C)

Allows the order to be sent electronically using the EDIFACT standard. It supports sending the purchase order number which is later used as an overlay matching point.

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The Innovative side

EDIFACT invoicing (Product #415)

Permits online processing of invoices from vendors who support the EDIFACT invoice format.

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The Innovative side

Extended Approval Plan Interface (Prod. #409)

Allows the library to receive MARC records with invoice data for Approval Plan or firm ordered books.

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The Millennium side

• Set up vendors to support EDIFACT

• Minimal editing of vendor record fields

• Create/edit load tables

• Innovative can do this for you fairly quickly

• Create/edit record templates

Select coding needed for ybp l.jpg

The YBP side

• Select coding needed for YBP

• Fund codes

• Vendor codes

• Be specific to optimize ordering

• Determine level of PromptCat records

• We chose LC, NLM, UKM and other member and national libraries

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The YBP side

• Work with the vendor to map your GOBI fields so they will automatically transfer to your order records

• Customize YBP GOBI program

• Notes, department field, acquisitions type, selector field, etc.

• Decide which GOBI fields are most important

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MARC Tag 960

Order Record Fixed-Length Fields

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MARC Tag 961

Order Record Variable-Length Fields

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Just do it!

• Initially double-check 100% of the records and books quickly to ascertain problems

• Once the process is running smoothly sample a small percentage of the shipments

• Accept the fact that mistakes will slip by

• Remember that book shelvers will find some call number and label problems

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Humans are needed!

You’ll need to …

• Make sure books are covered and labeled

• Non-labeled books will not have cataloging

• Flag oversize and those with accompanying material

• Ensure proper labeling of specialized collections

• Make sure label has correct information

by performing a cursory glance of the books

• Pull items that need to be sent to patrons

• Use OCLC reports to identify problems

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OCLC records and reports

  • Could be several reasons why we are not getting a record …

  • Additional copy

  • Replacement copy

  • Additional volume in series

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Another huge timesaver –

Automating the Approval Plan

• Much more streamlined -- GOBI is not involved which simplifies the process significantly

• Receive books and check against invoice

• Load PromptCat records

• Pay the electronic invoice

• Disburse books and handle exceptions

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Tips and lessons learned

• Ask Innovative to map the current date to the order record received date field

• Remember to update GOBI system with

new fund codes

• Wait for books to arrive before overlaying with the full MARC records

• Send YBP at least five year’s worth of ISBNs

to avoid duplication

• Try to have one local contact with YBP

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More tips and lessons learned

• Don’t delete EDIFACT order record

otherwise the full record will not find a match

• Accept most full-level cataloging

• Run a list of patrons awaiting notification of newly received items

• Look at the RACTION code in the extended view in Import Invoices

• Include series in this process if you wish

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• YBP started process 1½ months early

• Many records were initially not shelf-ready because of the conservative cataloging level we has selected

• Books are shipped once per week

• YBP cannot determine oversize items and

hence can’t label these books oversize

• Books with patron notification -- oops

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Innovative web sites

Use Extended Approval Plan to Acquire and Process Purchases

Loading MARC Records from Book Vendors

Electronic Invoice and Approval Processing Workflow Scenarios

• Vendor records (#102820-102821)

• Electronic ordering overview (#100650)

Innovative manual

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Questions or more information?

Michael Winecoff

UNC Charlotte

[email protected]

Southeastern Innovative Users Group

January 25, 2011