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Food, Fun, and Fractions PowerPoint Presentation
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Food, Fun, and Fractions

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Food, Fun, and Fractions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Food, Fun, and Fractions
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  1. Food, Fun, and Fractions Introduction Task Resources Process Evaluation Conclusion Standards Citations Teacher Notes A WebQuest for 5th Grade Math Designed by – Ashley Schumm EDTL 680 – Information Literacy for Teaching and Learning – Summer 2008 Based on a template from The WebQuest Page

  2. Introduction What wonderful smells fill the air when someone is baking in the kitchen. Making great treats to share with your classmates is fun, but the problem is some recipes won’t make enough. We may have to double or triple them in order to have enough. What you make is up to you, but remember, it’s all about sharing in the end. Let the fun begin!

  3. Task Listen to the teacher read Pigs in the Pantry. Use the internet to locate recipes to try. Once recipes are found you will have to work with your group to decide which three to make, but remember you have to double or triple your recipe so the whole class can have some.

  4. Resources Computers Pencil Paper Calculator Cooking Supplies (will vary depending on what students make) Craft Materials

  5. Process Listen to the teacher read Pigs in the Pantry. As a class discuss some favorite foods, and how they are made. Get a laptop and use the listed websites to look up different recipes. Websites to Use Kids Health Aunt Libby's Kitchen KulinaryKidz Find two recipes you like and print them out. As a group decide which three recipes you would like to make.

  6. Process Continued After deciding on recipes, do the calculations for doubling and tripling the recipes (watch those fractions) so your classmates can all have a bite. Create a fun name for each recipe and design a package for each recipes using clipart from the listed websites. Get creative! b. Use these websites Classroom Clipart Discovery Education Clipart After the packages are created, we will all go the kitchen to make our goodies for the class! (With help from the teacher)

  7. Evaluation

  8. Conclusion Way to go! We just finished having a great party with yummy food. You have learned how to add and reduce fractions as needed. The packaging looked amazing, and we all had fun being creative.

  9. Standards Ohio Math Academic Content Standard Justify why fractions need common denominators to be added or subtracted. Guidelines for Effective School Library Media Develop a search strategy that uses appropriate and available resources including narrowing or broadening the search topic/question. Ohio Academic Content Standards for Technology Determine the best sources to use for the assigned topic or personal information need.

  10. Teacher Notes This WebQuest was created to use with Special Education students. Great way to get students to work together for a common goal. Could make the groups find recipes for a whole meal (main dish, sides, dessert) instead of recipes of choice. Could also work with multiplying fractions.

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