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An overview of meeting technology at FXPAL PowerPoint Presentation
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An overview of meeting technology at FXPAL

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An overview of meeting technology at FXPAL
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An overview of meeting technology at FXPAL

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  1. An overview of meeting technology at FXPAL Jonathan Foote, Patrick Chiu, Laurent Denoue, Qiong Liu, Don Kimber, Frank Zhao

  2. Eight Years of Recording Meetings The Good, the Bad, and the Really Awful

  3. Multiple camera systems Overhead microphones, plus podium mikes Back-room video production -> MPEG1 encoding Integrated teleconference system Automatic screen capture Net time for timestamps Weekly staff meetings and other seminars recorded for several years There Shalt Be No Wires No close mikes or cameras! No power or net on desktop! Kumo: A Media-enabled Conference Room

  4. Web Interface To Recorded Video • Video database • Store and access digitized video • Organize by video type • Preview of video • Interactive time-line • Shows segments of video • Position cursor to view different keyframes • Provides access to media player • Provides access to metadata from notes, etc.

  5. Manga User Interface • Completely automatic one-page video summary • Video segments visualized as frames in different sizes • Interactive components for navigation, play-back, and additional information

  6. Slider Video Interface Slider movement changes the keyframe Fewer keyframes at smaller scale

  7. Metadata Media Player • Browse video to find out what happened at a meeting • Skip forward or backward based on indexes • Camera change • Slides • Laughter

  8. Meetings are BOR-RING! If this is the “killer app,” then please kill me now! ASR? “Spock, beam me down the universal recognizer!” Workplace Video • FXPAL, EDF, Cinnetrix: Meetings • PARC, Microsoft: Forums • Georgia Tech, Cornell, Stanford, MIT: Class lectures • Microsoft, IBM: Training video Use indicates need for non-linear access and summary, and a need for annotations

  9. Fuji-Xerox is actually selling this in Japan. Productized as MediaDepot • MediaDepo • Video repository • Keyword search • Manga summaries • Japanese and English

  10. Metadata, metadata, metadata, metadata!

  11. LiteMinutes: Note taking in a meeting Clear notes Email copy of notes Create notes Take notes on applet in Web browser on laptop during a meeting. Notes are timestamped for video indexing.

  12. Video playback from meeting notes Integration with MBase, Metadata Media Player, RealVideo

  13. Shared Text Input + CScope Current note: you type hereChat messages: you can click on any word and the system automatically adds it into your note Current slide: you can also click any word to add it to your note SlideExtractor Keyboard PDA Tablet User Study at Naval Postgraduate School Shared Input across Devices

  14. Paul Paul Anna Anna Joe Joe Basic Concept Time stamp Media stream Media stream CScope: Collaborative Indexing System Group similar timestamps and users • Weighting timestamps: • User preferences • User habits • Similar users / Popularity • Timestamps similarity: • Time • Metadata (text, annotations) • Video Multiple index browser Multiple index browser Metadata Media Player Multiple users annotate or bookmark Multiple users annotate or bookmark Anyone can access to the noteworthy scene Anyone can access to the noteworthy scene LiteMinutes LiteMinutes using using on indexed video by multiple on indexed video by multiple users using this browser users using this browser

  15. Image Capture

  16. What direction are we looking? More importantly, why does this cost $80,000? FlyCam • Panoramic Video enables remote participation • Lets you look around remote location. • Participate in distant meetings • FlyCam delivers panoramic video • Stitch images from multiple cameras

  17. Analog video = Yuck! Synchronizing multiple cameras = not fun Optical zoom? I don’t think so. Real-time Panoramic Video • Corrects lens distortion • Maps images to common plane • Blends camera images

  18. FlySPEC: A Multi-User Video Camera System

  19. FlySPEC: Remote control of combined camera system • System • Combines wide-angle and pan-tilt-zoom camera for intuitive interface • Control multiple cameras • Productization and modularization for Japan • Research • Use microphone and other sensors • Automatic videography from machine learning

  20. Performa Performance of BP2K project “Reach-through-screen” technology • Makes live video “active:” affect remote objects via image • Objects on network are closer than they appear! 09:22 JST

  21. Notelook 3.0 • Runs on pen tablet PC • Grab images from display “hotspots” • Video camera interface • Annotate with pen tablet • Post annotated slides back to display

  22. PreAuthor/ePic • Drag media objects to image hotspots • Schedule by time or event • Preview on image or VRML model • Real-time control of remote space • Integrated camera control • Automatically author multi-screen presentations

  23. iLight: Remote collaboration using projected light • Draw on video of remote scene • Drawing is projected as light • Ideal for shared white board • Copy and paste real images • Collaborate over objects as well • Applications for remote service camera video signal video server distortion correction real-world scene videoprojector http JPEG video drawing server drawing client shared drawing protocol drawing client

  24. Videobots: Remote Avatars for Teleconferencing Video camera Each participant is represented remotely by a display/camera/microphone system on a rotating base Motorized hinge tilts both camera and display Directional microphone array “ears” LCD display Local speaker Device rotation Device rotation Rotating bearing

  25. Side

  26. LCD off: inactive or no remote participant LCD on: inspecting close-up object Affirmative nod Inattentive Zoomed in; attentive Neutral

  27. Animation 2