ergonomic requirements and work organisation strategies n.
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Ergonomic Requirements and Work organisation strategies

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Ergonomic Requirements and Work organisation strategies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ergonomic Requirements and Work organisation strategies. Radiation from computer screens. The radiation from monitors and video display terminals may cause cancer and other diseases. everybody should avoid unnecessary risks from this sort of radiation, called VLF and ELF.

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radiation from computer screens
Radiation from computer screens
  • The radiation from monitors and video display terminals may cause cancer and other diseases.
  • everybody should avoid unnecessary risks from this sort of radiation, called VLF and ELF.
  • The computer monitor screen should be at least an arm’s length from the user.
chair height seat and back adjustment
chair height, seat and back adjustment
  • The chair must have an easily adjustable backrest.
  • The backrest should support the lower back.
  • Seat height must be easily adjustable.
  • The chair base should be stability, but allow the chair to move easily.
document holder footrest
document holder & footrest
  • A document holder is useful for work that involves a lot of copying whilst working at the computer.
  • Place it to one side between the keyboard and monitor.
  • Use a footrest to help with posture.
keyboard and mouse position
keyboard and mouse position
  • Keep wrist and hands in line with your forearm.
  • Keep your elbows in, and your forearm horizontal, at right angles to your upper arms.
  • Mouse and keyboard should be reached easily with hands and arms as above.
  • Lighting is very important to avoid eye strain.
  • The screen should be well lit and light should not be shining in user’s eyes.
  • It is preferable to have overhead lighting or light from behind rather than in front of the user.
noise minimisation
noise minimisation
  • It is hard to do good work with a lot of background noise.
  • Home computers should be put away from areas like kitchens and living rooms which attract a lot of noise.
  • Offices should be planned to cut noise.
screen position
screen position
  • Look at the screen as if you wanted to see your face in a mirror.
  • To avoid back, neck and arm problems you should sit as relaxed as possible.
  • Try those screen positions where you have clear vision.
  • Place the monitor in to avoid reflections.
workstation height and layout
workstation height and layout
  • The workstation should allow the user to sit correctly and without strain.
  • The screen should be the same level as the eyes.
  • The keyboard should placed to allow the arms to be held in the right position.
  • Each part of the workstation should be easy to reach.
exercise breaks
Exercise Breaks
  • Exercise breaks are important to help personal computer users to avoid repetitive strain injury.
  • There are many simple exercises available for users that can be done at the desk.
mix of repetitive and other activities
Mix of Repetitive and other Activities
  • Stopping the activity and relaxing is one way to take a break, but there are also other ways.
  • Try changing task-perhaps from sitting while typing to standing while talking on phone. This can help some muscles relax while others remainactive.
rest periods
rest Periods
  • It is important for both the body and the mind to take rest period when using a computer this allows the muscles to relax and refreshes the mind.
  • Unlike an exercise break during a rest the period user leaves the computer for a little while before coming back.