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CE 6 & MC3100 Software Overview

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CE 6 & MC3100 Software Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CE 6 & MC3100 Software Overview. What is CE 6.0 ?. Windows Embedded CE 6.0 is NOT Windows Mobile 6.0 (which is based on CE 5.0) Windows Embedded CE 6.0 is… 32-bit, real-time, multitasking OS Highly componentized (~700 components in CE 6.0) Delivered as a granular set of components

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what is ce 6 0
What is CE 6.0 ?

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 is NOT Windows Mobile 6.0 (which is based on CE 5.0)

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 is…

32-bit, real-time, multitasking OS

Highly componentized (~700 components in CE 6.0)

Delivered as a granular set of components

Use CE 6.0 Platform Builder tools to configure image


Footprint scales with functionality selected

Wide variety of CPU support

Runs on x86, ARM, MIPS and SH4

windows ce 5 0 memory model
Windows CE 5.0 Memory Model


2 GBKernelSpace

Large Memory Area

Used for Memory Mapped Files

Slot 32

Single2 GB VMfor allProcesses

Slot 31

: :

Slot 7

31 Slots for Processes

Slot 6

Slot 5

Slot 4

Slot 3

Slot 2

Slot 1 – ROM DLLs

Execution Slot

Slot 0 – Execution

ce 6 0 memory model
CE 6.0 Memory Model


2 GBKernelSpace

Process Code

User VM

. . . . . .

2 GBperProcess

32 KProcess

introducing the ce 6 0 kernel
Introducing the CE 6.0 Kernel

2 GB of Virtual Memory per process

32K processes

64K Global Handle Table

Unified Kernel

Critical OS components moved into kernel space (GWES, Device and FileSys)

Improved system performance

Increased security and robustness

High degree of application compatibility

application virtual memory space
Application Virtual Memory Space


Shared System Heap

255 MB

Used for OS / App communication

User Space 2 Gigabytes

Each process has its own mapping

RAM Backed Mapfiles

256 MB

Memory Map Files

Shared User DLLs512 MB

All DLLs – code and data


Process space

1 GB per process

Executable code and data

VM Allocation


ce 6 0 system architecture
CE 6.0 System Architecture






UM Driver







User Mode


OS DLLs (Coredll, Winsock, CommCtrl, …)









Kernel Drivers



real time os requirements
Real-Time OS Requirements


Maximum time taken for an OS operation should be predictable, bound and independent of number of objects in the system

Multi-threaded, Preemptive Scheduler

Notion of Thread Priority, Priority levels

Notion of Priority Inheritance

Predictable Thread synchronization mechanisms

ce real time features
CE Real-Time Features

Multi-threaded and Preemptive OS

Thread Priority Levels: 0 - 255

Priority Inheritance

Predictable Thread Synchronization

Events, Mutexes, Critical Sections, Semaphores

Per-Thread Variable Quantum

Nested, Prioritized Interrupts

ce 6 0 development tools
CE 6.0 Development tools.

App Dev

VS 2005/2008

O/S Dev

VS 2005 + PB




Debug (source)

Test (CETK)


Remote Tools:

Call Profiler, Performance Monitor, Registry Editor, CeDebugX

Zoomin, Remote Kernel Tracker

mc3100 ce 5 0 vs mc3100 ce6 0 available ram
MC3100 CE 5.0 vs. MC3100 CE6.0 Available RAM
  • MC3190 128 RAM configuration has less available RAM than MC3000 CE devices
  • This is by design: the Operating System of MC3190 CE is loaded (on cold boot) and run from RAM as opposed to MC3090 that run from Flash (XIP mode).
  • The advantage of the MC3190 ’s configuration is in its processing speed; however the tradeoff is that less memory is available for Application usage. (~60 MB compared to ~80 MB in MC3090).
  • MC3190 256 RAM configuration will address this issue
mc3000 ce 5 0 vs mc3100 ce6 0 dcp tcm
MC3000 CE 5.0 vs. MC3100 CE6.0 DCP/TCM
  • Starting with Windows CE 6.0 based devices; the DCP is no longer required, and will no longer be produced.
  • TCM no longer supports the flash memory type used in MPA 2.0 based devices such as the MC3190
  • For these devices customers will use standard CAB file provisioning methods to package and deploy their applications.
  • They will use the new USBDownload utility to load the device software updates released by Motorola.
symbol mc3100 ce6 0 api support
Symbol MC3100 CE6.0 API support
  • 1) AudioEX API - Not Supported API:
  • AUDIOEX_DisableInput
  • AUDIOEX_DisableOutput
  • AUDIOEX_EnableInput
  • AUDIOEX_EnableOutput
  • AUDIOEX_GetSideToneVolume
  • AUDIOEX_SetSideToneVolume
  • AUDIOEX_StartEchoCancellation
  • AUDIOEX_StopEchoCancellation
  • 2) Display API - Not Supported API:
  • Display_GetContrast
  • Display_GetContrastLevels
  • Display_GetLiteInfo
  • Display_SetContrast
  • Display_SetKeyLiteInfo
  • 3) Keyboard API - All Supported
  • 4) Notification API - All Supported
  • 5) RCM API - Not Supported API
  • RCM_GetSmartBatteryStatus
  • 6) MSR API - All Supported (RevA1)
  • 7) Printing API - All Supported
mc3000 ce 5 0 vs mc3100 ce6 0 usb
MC3000 CE 5.0 vs. MC3100 CE6.0 USB
  • On MC3000 the USB Client/Host was manually configured by using an applet.
  • On MC3100 the USB Client/Host detection is dynamic by OTG ID detection (hardware detect)
  • Thus, while docking MC3100 to Ethernet Cradle, MC3100 automatically start communicating with the cradle as a host.
mc3100 ce6 0 b t stack
MC3100 CE6.0 B.T Stack
  • The version of Bluetooth will be 2.1 with backward compatibility to 1.2 and 1.1
  • Two BT stacks are present in the OS image
      • Microsoft BT Stack (Default Out of Box)
      • Stonestreet Stack (Requires a registry Key)
  • New BT Information Applet
      • BT Stack Type and Version
      • Generate BT address barcode
  • Registry Keys to switch the stack
  • Enable SS stack:
  • "SSStack"=dword:1
  • Enable MS stack:
  • "SSStack"=dword:0
bt pairing in stonestreetone legacy vs simple
BT pairing in StoneStreetOne – Legacy vs. simple
  • MC3000 uses old (legacy) BT pairing:
  • Pairing process behavior is as follows:
  • a. If device has BTExplorer > Menu > Settings > Security -> Use PIN Code flag set, pairing for incoming connection will be performed silently, using PIN code specified in this config screen.
  • b. If device has BTExplorer > Menu > Settings > Security -> Use PIN Code flag cleared, devices request from the user to enter the same PIN code to proceed with pairing.
  • MC3100 includes BT v2.1 radios uses Secure Simple Pairing.
  • Pairing process behavior (only if both devices are v2.1 and have SS1 stack) is as follows:
  • a. If device has BTExplorer > Menu > Settings > Security -> Use PIN Code flag set, pairing will be performed silently (no mesaages shown and no user intervention needed).
  • b. If device has BTExplorer > Menu > Settings > Security. Enable -> Use PIN Code flag cleared, device shows confirmation dialog and requires pressing "Yes" button to proceed with pairing.
  • Note: If one of devices has pre-v2.1 radio (or MS BT stack), legacy BT paring procedure will be applied for both sides.
mc3100 ce6 0 safe battery removal
MC3100 CE6.0 Safe Battery Removal
  • Terminal may cold boot during battery swap if:
    • Improper battery changing procedure is followed.
    • Unit is suddenly awakened (e.g. due to wake up event) during a battery swap.
    • If battery that is replaced into unit is dead.
    • User removes battery while system is booting up.
mc3100 boot key sequences
MC3100 Boot Key Sequences
  • Warm Boot
      • Hold down the power key for more than 5 seconds. Hold the key down until the display goes blank and MC31XX splash screen is visible.
  • Cold Boot
      • Simultaneously press the 1 + 9 + Power button. Hold the keys until the display blanks and the MC31XX splash screen is visible.
  • Updateloader Boot
      • Cold Boot and hold side Yellow HW Trigger key and release the Trigger key when Updateloader screen is visible.
  • Clean Cold Boot
      • Copy Cleanps.bin and pkgs.lst to a /Temp folder on the device then perform Updateloader boot
mc3000 ce 5 0 vs mc3100 ce6 0 wlan state
MC3000 CE 5.0 vs. MC3100 CE6.0 WLAN State
  • On MC3100 The default state of the WLAN radio after boot is OFF.
  • On MC3000 the WLAN default was ON
  • The following registry key can be used to configure the WLAN radio to be ON on boot up:
  • "InitialState"=dword:0
fusion 3 00 feature set
Fusion 3.00 Feature Set

Fusion 3.00 Builds on all the previous features of Fusion

Cisco Certified Extensions (CCX) v4 ASD

FIPS 140-2 Level 1 Certification of Fusion Stack and Jedi NIC

IPv6 on WLAN – Configuration and Diagnostics

GUI Enhancements

Hex Key Support (WEP & PSK)

Backup DNS, WINS Servers on Static IP Configurations

Self Advertising Logo & Certifications

Detailed Version Manifest w/ Export

Export of Fusion Incl

fusion 3 00 feature set continued
Fusion 3.00 Feature Set (Continued)

Fusion 3.00 is interoperable with the following Third Party Components:

Microsoft VPN

Wavelink Avalanche Mobility Center

Odyssey Software – Athena Mobile Device Management Software

mc3100 wlan region code
MC3100 WLAN Region Code
  • WLAN supports 2 region code:
  • US
  • WW-US
  • Region code can be retrieved at:
  • Setting ->System Info -> Config Info ->Region Code
mc3100 ce6 0 real time logger rtlog
MC3100 CE6.0 Real Time Logger (RTLog)
  • RTLog – Typical usage
    • As default, out of the Box, the RTlog is active and capturing any system or application RETAILMSG, DEBUGMSG, ERRORMSG, and printf into the RTLog file
    • Retrieving the RTLog file When required, user may retrieved the RTLog file This requires two steps:
      • Press F9A sound should be heard indicating that the Log files were extracted from the Kernel RAM to the \ExportLog
      • Connect the device using ActiveSync and copy the file \ExportLog\Logs\*.* to your computer
battery health
Battery Health
  • Access Battery Mgmt Info at:
    • Settings->System->Power
  • Battery Mgmt Window Info
    • State of Health
      • Current state of battery (Healthy or Unhealthy)
    • Current Cycle Count
      • Number of charge cycles that battery has completed
    • Cycle Count Threshold
      • Indicates the threshold value when battery becomes unhealthy (default 500 cycles)
    • Battery Serial #
      • Display serial number of the battery
battery charge cycle threshold
Battery Charge Cycle Threshold
  • The Cycle Count Threshold number
    • Default = 500 cycle counts
    • Default is a read only field
    • A registry key is required for modifying the value in this field (refer to MC31 Integrator Guide)
ms ce 6 0 vs ce 5 0
MS CE 6.0 vs. CE 5.0
  • The major changes in CE 6.0 are:
  • Process address space is increased from 32MB to 1 GB.
  • Number of processes has been increased to 32K from 32.
  • User mode and kernel mode device drivers are possible.
  • Device.exe, filesys.exe, GWES.exe has been moved to Kernel mode.
  • SetKMode and set process permissions not possible.
  • System call performance will improve.
mc3100 o s reva version
MC3100 O.S RevA Version
  • MC3100 Support one CE6.0 and one WM6.1 for all configuration.
  • WM 6.1 RevA version is 19.8
  • CE 6.0 RevA version is 10.6
  • Both versions posted on Support Central
    • CE download procedure:
      • Copy OSUpdate Package into \Temp\OSUpdate or
      • \Storage Card\OSUpdate
      • Run 3100c60Ben_SD or 3100c60Ben_TEMP lnk.
      • The estimate download time is 5 minutes