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Association of Public Health Laboratories National Center for Public Health Laboratory Leadership

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Association of Public Health Laboratories National Center for Public Health Laboratory Leadership - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Know Your State Public Health Laboratories. Association of Public Health Laboratories National Center for Public Health Laboratory Leadership. Cohort IV.

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Know Your State

Public Health Laboratories

Association of Public Health Laboratories

National Center for Public Health Laboratory Leadership

Cohort IV


We Envision a futurein which all citizens are protected from infectious diseases, environmental hazards, treatable hereditary disorders and substandard consumer products through analytical testing, surveillance, data management, enforcement of standards, assessment and leadership skills provided by State Public Health Laboratories.

Our Mission is to promote, protect and preserve the health and well-being of the people by promoting and enforcing standards of quality in cooperation with both public and private agencies at the federal, state, and local levels.

core functions of the association of state public health laboratories

Disease prevention, control, and surveillance

  • Integrated data management
  • Reference and specialized testing
  • Environmental health and protection
  • Food safety
  • Laboratory improvement and regulation
  • Policy development
  • Emergency response
  • Public health-related research
  • Training and education
  • Partnerships and communication
CORE Functions of the Associationof State Public Health Laboratories

Serve As the First Line of Defense in Protecting the Public from Diseases and Health Hazards

Your Health

Your Safety


Work Toward Increasing Laboratory Capacity

  • Routine specimen/sample monitoring
  • Emergency Response
  • Research and validation of new testing methods
  • Biosafety training
  • Result interpretation
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Trainings and workshops
  • Leadership forums
  • Technical conferences
  • Networking and lab linkages
disciplined a pproach to l aboratory t esting

Continuous employee competency evaluation

  • Annual ethics training
  • Regulations conformance
  • Continuous quality improvement
  • Employee safety training
  • Continuing education opportunities for employees
  • 24/7 Assigned essential emergency employees
  • Participating in emergency response proficiency test exercise
Disciplined Approach To Laboratory Testing
l aboratory routinely

Screen babies born in the US for potentially life-threatening metabolic and genetic disorders

  • Monitorcommunities for pathogens that spread in food or through contact with people or animals
  • Detect and monitor newly emerging infectious diseases like West Nile virus, SARS and avian influenza
  • Test drinking water for bacteria, parasites, pesticides, metals, and other harmful substances
  • Test surface water for fertilizer run off and other contaminations
  • Test consumer products, air, and radiation
  • Test animals for rabies
Laboratory Routinely

Interdependent Network

Coordination is Critical



State & Local Public Health Labs in the LRN

Puerto Rico

history of your state public health laboratory system

2011: Groundbreaking for new central lab

2005: Procured funding for new LIMS system

2001: First terrorism event (anthrax)

2000: Lab Emergency Preparedness program established

1985: HIV Section established

1971: Environmental Chemistry Division established

1965: First hereditary disorder screened

1957: Virology Section established

1946: Cytology and clinical chemistry established

1942: Syphilis testing for military

History of Your State Public Health Laboratory System

1910: First separate State laboratory facility

1898: Established with $2,500 and 1 employee

p roactively seek t o b e p repared i n t he changing w orld

New Born & Childhood Screening ― Endocrinology/Hemoglobinopathy/Biochemical

Virology & Immunology ― Microbial Serology/Vaccine Preventable Virus/Hepatitis Testing/

Virus Isolation & Chlamydia/Rabies Zoonotic & Emerging Disease

Molecular Biology ― Retro-Virology/Viral Disease Assessment /Molecular Epidemiology/Molecular Diagnostics/Biowatch/BT

Public Health Microbiology ― Enteric and Diarrheal Disease/Foodborne Diseases/ Gonococcal (GC)/Bioterrorism TB/Mycobacteriology

Environmental Chemistry ― Air/Radiation/Organics/Inorganics/Trace Metals/

Chemical Emergency Preparedness & Response

Environmental Microbiology ― Dairy/Water/Food/Shellfish

Proactively Seek to be Prepared in the Changing World
future challenges

Secure Federal and State Funding

  • To boost the laboratory scientist workforce to ensure rapid and accurate testing
  • To broaden the range of laboratory testing
  • To ensure secure electronic communication.
Future Challenges
do you have a passion for public health

Love for science?

  • Skill for laboratory work?
  • Motivation for work quality?
  • Heart for helping others?
  • Vision for a better world?
Do You Have A Passion For Public Health…
considering a career i n your state public health laboratories

Visit us at job fair and lab open house

  • State-of-the-art instruments and equipment
  • Wide range of tests menu platform
  • Job security
  • Good benefits
  • Quality service to customers
  • On job trainings
Considering A Career In Your State PublicHealth Laboratories?

201 W. Preston St. Baltimore, MD 21201

student internship opportunities

Trains and prepares scientists for careers in public health laboratories and supports public health initiatives through Federal, state, or other institution sponsored programs, such as:

  • The Public Health Applications for Student Experience (PHASE) program, sponsored by APHA
  • The Emerging Infectious Diseases (EID) Laboratory

Fellowship Program, sponsored by APHL and CDC

Student Internship Opportunities
find your public health laboratories online

Health alert

  • Monthly news letter
  • Trainings and workshops
  • Testing policies & guidelines
  • Job opportunities

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