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Counterfeit Drugs

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Counterfeit Drugs. By: Amanda Benson. Explanation.

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counterfeit drugs

Counterfeit Drugs

By: Amanda Benson


Counterfeit Drugs are when money is used to by ineffective drugs or ones that can severely harm someone. Counterfeit drugs are fake and are made using incorrect or harmful ingredients. These medicines are then packaged and labeled to look like real brand-name and generic drugs.

these drugs look very similar at first glance looking closely they are counterfeit d rugs
These drugs look very similar at first glance. Looking closely they are counterfeit drugs.

After many years a man was able to gain access to sophisticated technologies. These technologies allow him to duplicate the labeling and prescription of drugs. He then took a harmful drug and put it in the original drugs place. He sold it to a lady making her believe it was Serostim.

examples of current scams
Examples Of Current Scams

FDA investigators found a fake Internet pharmacy advertising it could sell the flu medication called Tamiflu without a prescription. Studies show that the product shipped product wasn’t Tamiflu. It was a cheaper penicillin-like product that could’ve caused a harmful reaction leading to death, in anyone allergic to penicillin.

scammers trying to sell fake drugs to pharmacies
Scammers trying to sell fake drugs to pharmacies

Several local pharmacies in the region said they are being targeted by scammers who are trying to sell fake prescription drugs. Josh Rimany the owner, said companies pretending to be new drug wholesalers contact him on a daily basis.

tips for avoiding fraud
Tips For Avoiding Fraud

~Know your medications: size, shape, color, taste, and side effects.

~Pay attention to packaging: If you notice changes, or it is unsealed do not use.

~Only buy prescription medications from a safe Source.

~When you buy medications online, make sure the seller is licensed.

~Don’t buy drugs off the street.

relevant statistics
Relevant Statistics

~Between January 1999 and October 2000, 46 reports show drugs were received from 20 different countries. 60% of these reports came from developing countries.

~In over 50% of cases, medicines are purchased online from illegal sites.

~ Counterfeit drugs include products with the correct or wrong ingredients, without active ingredients, with not enough or too much ingredient, or with fake packaging.

frequently a sked questions
Frequently Asked Questions

~Are counterfeit drugs really dangerous?

Yes they are. Taking counterfeit drugs can lead to serious health problems. It is possible to experience side effects or allergic reactions that you weren’t expecting.

~Are counterfeit drugs a big problem in the United States?

It is said that the drugs in the US are mostly safe but over the years the FDA had noticed and increase in counterfeit drugs. The counterfeiters' are becoming more smart and their methods are more sophisticated.