assessment is for learning three strands n.
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“Assessment is for Learning” Three Strands PowerPoint Presentation
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“Assessment is for Learning” Three Strands

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“Assessment is for Learning” Three Strands - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Assessment is for Learning” Three Strands
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  1. “Assessment is for Learning”Three Strands ASSESSMENT AS LEARNING Personal learning planning Curriculum Learning & Teaching ASSESSMENT OF LEARNING Local Moderation Sharing the standard ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING Formative Assessment Assessment Adapted from Learning Unlimited, Scotland

  2. Key things Learned from the UK study tour • Scotland, England and Wales are developing e-strategy/ e-portfolio to facilitate student on-going reflection. Clearly move away from just ‘records of achievement’ idea. • SLP needs to merge with Big concepts of the reform( Learning to learn, Assessment for/ as learning) • Validation and endorsement could be a problem, if SLP is promoted too high-stake. The concept of ‘student telling their own story’ (ie student autonomy/ownership) would be useful here. [shared with M. Galton, M. James, J. MacBeath] • Teacher role in SLP is to give comments and facilitate self-regulated learning/ personal learning planning.

  3. Key things Learned from the UK study tour (2) • IB/ Middle Year Programme shines some light to the way how school-based OLE could be led in sch. Organization. Groups in cross-curricular themes, disciplines. • Community service or the term, ‘Community &Service’; IB took a progressive route: ‘C&S’ then ‘CS’ • Collaboration with the same ‘service’ institutions is important • Some schools has a simple quality assurance system to monitor service providers which provide ‘OLE’ programmes. • The big concept of “Extended School” (extended service to adults, students and communities) DfES

  4. Key Milestones of OLE/SLP Development • 1st Prototype of SLP + Users testing (Sept 05) • Working Group(s) for SLP and/or OLE within the CDC structure (from Sept 05) • Seed Projects start (from Sept 05) • Collating survey data (Oct 05) • 1st Draft of OLE/SLP Guidelines in SSCG (Feb 06)

  5. SLP (Summative report, publishing CV) “Who am I?” Personal & Social reflection Career Pathways SLP (Suggested Formative process) Tutorials, Guides (reference and resources) My Progress (e.g. Target Setting, management) OLE Participation/Achievement Log Existing School-based systems (as back-up)