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Mosul. Prepared by: Salim Naoras Samma Marteena. We will be talking about Mosul and also about the towns that we live in!.

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Mosul : is third biggest city in Iraq after baghdad and Basrah . Mosul is called (Aom Alrabeaen) which means the city of tow springs(Spring and Autumn) because they are alike very much.

Al fayhaa is the other name of Mosul which means paradise or heaven .

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It is situated in the north western part of the country ( the Tigris river dived the city into tow parts)

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Historical place in Mosul is Alhadbaa mosque which is a building that is sloping a little as you see from the picture and it is still there and didn’t fall down along all the past years !!

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Qaraqush : is on of the Christian biggest district in Iraq .. It is about 30 Miles far from Mosul . The native language is Assyrian and the citizens are almost Christians .

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There are nine churches in Qaraqush , one of them is called (immaculate) and it is considered as one of the biggest churches in middle east .

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Alqosh Is one of the most famous Assyrian towns of mainly catholic in Mosul/Iraq.

The town was found since 1318 century and the people usually grow weed , wheat and melon and do other jobs like trade and there are a lot of doctors and many professors in it .

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The most famous thing is Alqosh is the ministry of Alraban Hirmized which consist of caves as you can see that are man make by their own hands and simple tools !

It is sculptured at the top of the mountain ..

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Lalish : is a small mountain valley is situated in northern Iraq about 40 miles of the city of Mosul .

It is the location of tomb of (Shekh Adi) main figure of Yazidi faith . Salim’s town is 20 miles from Lalish to the west called Bozan, people in Bozan are mostly farmers and growing wheat and weeds and melon, beans.