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What is SLP? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is SLP?

What is SLP?

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What is SLP?

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  1. What is SLP? Every student should be encouraged to build up a personal profile for recording their learning experiences during the senior secondary years. • Academic performance in school; • Other Learning Experiences; • Awards / achievements gained outside schools; & • Student’s ‘self-account’ (e.g. impressive learning experiences, career goal setting & etc.)

  2. The main objective: To reflect a fuller picture of the students in terms of whole person development Students tell their own stories…..

  3. Will SLP be considered in university admission? Universities will consider taking account in their selectiona broader range of information about student achievementsin different areas and provide students the opportunity to demonstrate that they possess the range ofcompetencies and personal qualitiesthat they will need to benefit from undergraduate education. We will continue to give broad support to the implementation of OLE and are ready to recognise SLPs as documents of good reference value. Practical arrangements will also be made to facilitate the use of the SLP as a reference document in the admission

  4. Academic Performance in School Understanding in-school performance of academic subjects Displaying the topics of projects involved.

  5. Other Learning Experiences What was the role of the student in the activity? What evidence of achievements does the student have in each activity? Description showslearning goals, knowledge, generic skills, values and attitudesdeveloped Which kind(s) of OLE experience in each activity?

  6. Awards and Major Achievements issued by School Information on awards and achievements issued by the school

  7. Performance / Awards and Key Participation Outside School Performance outside school Readers could ask student to produce evidence against each entry if necessary

  8. Student’s ‘Self-Account’ -Highlightimpressive learning experiences and how skills and attitudes learnt. • Provide informationonpersonal goal-setting or careers aspiration. • Highlight a particular skill / ability possessed.