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Television Reporter . Traits needed to become a Television reporter?. Every job you have you need a certain PERSONALITY and SKILLS 1. PERSONALITY you need : C ommunication skills , Determination , Patience , Well groomed , Act PROFESSIONAL and Stay Cool

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traits needed to become a television reporter
Traits needed to become a Television reporter?
  • Every job you have you need a certain PERSONALITY andSKILLS

1.PERSONALITY you need : Communication skills , Determination, Patience ,Well groomed, Act PROFESSIONAL and Stay Cool

2. You need the skills to even get the job :Communication skills, Proper Language, Fast tiypeer, Multitask, Creative of mind, Reading Comprehension ,Active learning ,Active Listening , and Proper writing

education type of schools you need to attend
Education =type of schools you need to attend
  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Mass communication / Media studies
  • Radio and Television
special classes you should take in grade 11 12
Special classes you should take in grade 11-12
  • Grade 11-English /Language 3 ,Algebra 2,Physics, Political Science, Economics, Publication and Journalism
  • Grade 12-Phychology – broadcast/Journalism
  • Other subjects should also really know =English language ,Customer and personal Service, Administration and management , Computers and electronics and Law and government
college programs and clubs you can join to get involved earlier
College programs , and clubs you can join to get involved earlier
  • College Programs = Language /English , broadcasting and TV journalism programs
  • To get involved early at your middle or high school =be a reporter for your schools newspaper, yearbook ,be in speech and drama or a writer for your newspaper
colleges you can attend after high school
Colleges you can attend after high school
  • For Journalism –Columbia University in N.Y.C
  • Broadcast Journalism-Long island University
  • City college of San Journalism
working conditions
~Working Conditions ~
  • where do people in this career work?

TV talk shows ,whether caster , Radio station

  • How Many hours and days do you have to work ?

You have to work 8 to 10 hours a day , and 40 to 50 hours a week and sometimes needed on the weekends but longer you work their your schedule will get better.

  • Describing their job : busy ,stressful at times , creative ,keeps you occupied ,and it makes you think 24/7 so a thinker

A typical day for this career – you will walk in and you would prepare your story or your topic of the day and you would see if your have any guest speakers which will aslo make you prepare your questions and questions you would not ask then you will prepare your own self to look professional if shown on TV and the rest of the day you would work on whatever you have left you need to work on.

daily tasks 10 activates you do on a daily bases
Daily Tasks =10 activates you do on a daily bases
  • Report and write stories
  • Arrange interviews (celebrities or guest speakers)
  • Determine a stories Emphasis
  • Discuss issues with editors in order to establish priorities and positions
  • Research and analyze background information related to stories in order to be able to provide complete and accurate information
  • Review and Evaluate notes taken about a event
  • Gather information about event s through research , interviews
  • Investigate top stories
  • Receive tips or ideas for a story from editors or your workers or other broadcasters
  • When everything's done you have to Discus your stories with editors
career path



Level 2

Level 1

Career Path

Level 1 –intern

Earnings – unpaid (or paid small amount )

Responsibly –Reading stories and rewriting them and running earns

Level 2-entry level reporter

Earnings-18,000 to 25,000 a year

Responsibilities- preparing stories for newscasters ,researching stories, and rewriting sloppy copy of stories

Level 4-Senior reporter

Earnings -35,000 to 80,000 (depending on audience and location )

Responsibilities –preparing major stories with writers and researchers, producing daily stories or specializing stories on politics or businesses

Level 3-Junior Reporter

Earnings -22,000 to 50,000

Responsibilities – preparing general assignments ,writing scripts/ editing, directing and producing the stories and doing live “hits” or links during newscast

earnings and related careers
Earnings and related careers
  • How much can one make? Name the least to the most explain why this is ?

Television reporters earn more earnings depending on the size of the market(company or audience ), reporters who work in a small market make around 18,000 a year and the ones who work in a big market get paid 100,000

  • Bend fits = I have tried to find the benefits but couldn't but I guess the benefits are all up to your job and how long you have work at your job
  • Related careers=Announcer, critic , producer, writer and researcher are jobs you can do relating to a television reporter.
the outlook the likes and dislikes
The outlook , the likes and dislikes
  • The outlook is how many job opening s they think they will have and well for this job they anticipate or estimate that in 2016 there will be 5,820 employed in New York City , this represents a decrease of 0 jobs each year , and a total of 190 job openings each year . And I think this is good and bad cause people will lose their jobs but this is good also because the new generation will have a chance.
  • What I like about this job ?

I like having the first take on hit stories, I like challenging my self and just being on TV and I love to interview people and also write.

  • What I dislike about this job ?

Well I dislike that I might have to work on the weekends and the pay is okay and I guess I don’t like always having to be on top of things like stories or writing them but that I really like doing that anyways so I really don’t have any dislikes for this job