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NOTE: This presentation is a guideline only.

NOTE: This presentation is a guideline only. For enquiries, please contact Group Marketing & Communications Dept. 1. Teamsun Group Key Messages. Teamsun Group Profile.

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NOTE: This presentation is a guideline only.

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  1. NOTE: • This presentation is a guideline only. • For enquiries, please contact Group Marketing & Communications Dept. 1

  2. Teamsun Group Key Messages

  3. Teamsun Group Profile • Teamsun Grouphas a strong foothold in the Greater China market. Its mission is to improve the core IT competency of corporations and government authorities. It provides customers with one-stop IT service throughout customers’ entire IT lifecycle. Teamsun offers excellent solutions, has in-depth understanding about the customers’ business, and highly efficient and dense service delivery network over the Greater China region as well as part of Southeast Asia region. Teamsun Group has about 5,000 employees. Since it was a listed company in 2004, Teamsun Group’s CAGR has been up to more than 30% and now its turnover reaches approximately RMB 5 billion, with approximately RMB 2 billion comes from software and ITservice business. Teamsun Group’s core members include Beijing Teamsun Technology Co., Ltd., Automated Systems Holdings Limited (ASL), Guangzhou Headway Technologies Ltd., Beijing Jiaoda Siyuan Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Feijie Information Technology Co., Ltd. andMocha Software Co., Ltd., etc.

  4. (SEHK: 771) • Beijing TEAMSUN Software Technology Co., Ltd. • TEAMSUN (U.S.) Co., Ltd. • ITMS International Limited Teamsun Group Organization Teamsun Group • (SHSE stock code: 600410)

  5. Teamsun Group Vision • Teamsun Group’s vision is to establish a reputation as a leader in the IT service industry in the Greater China region; the Group is also moving forward to become a reliable and No.1 IT service brand for customers in the Asia Pacific region!

  6. Teamsun Group Mission • Based on in-depth understanding of theindustry and customers’ needs, Teamsun Group aims at providingadvanced and comprehensive IT services to enterprises and government authorities through extensive strategic alliance and innovative integrated technology applications.

  7. Teamsun Group Coverage • With ASL joined Teamsun Group, the Group has truly become the first-ever IT service provider, with a strong business coverage and a comprehensive services coverage in the entire Greater China region as well as a number of Southeast Asia countries. 7

  8. Teamsun Group Profile • About Teamsun Group’s core members: • ASL:Automated Systems (HK) Limited was founded in Hong Kong in 1973 and was listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited under the name of Automated Systems Holdings Limited (“The ASL Group” or “the Group”) (Stock Code: 771) in November 1997. The ASL Group, consisting of Automated Systems (HK) Limited, ELM Computer Technologies Limited, CSA Automated (Macau) Ltd., Taiwan Automated Systems Ltd., Guangzhou Automated Systems Limited, ASL Automated (Thailand) Ltd. and i-Sprint Innovations Pte. Ltd., offers professional information technology services to corporate clients in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Macau, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia and Vietnam. After over 37 years of success, the ASL Group has established its reputation as a leading information technology services provider in the Asia Pacific region. The Group has over 1,600 employees dedicated to delivering a comprehensive one-stop service including applications and software development, consultancy, systems integration, maintenance support, help desk, outsourcing and training to corporate customers across all industries. With its strong commitment to quality services, the ASL Group has been winning well-known clients such as government agencies, prestigious universities, telecommunications giants, transportation enterprises, major financial institutions, and leading international corporations.

  9. Private Sector Public Sector Major Customers in Hong Kong

  10. Teamsun Group Profile • About Teamsun Group’s core members: • Teamsun: Beijing Teamsun Technology Co., Ltd established in 1998 and is an outstanding integrated IT service provider in China with more than 10 years experience in the provision of IT services. Its business scope covers IT product service, development of application software, system integration, value-added distribution, etc. Teamsun is the first company to put forward IT product service in China. With strong emphasis on its “customer-oriented” philosophy and “cooperation and alliance” strategy, Teamsun has won many successful cases in telecommunication, finance, education, manufacturing, energy, transport and government sectors. Since Teamsun was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2004 (Stock code: 600410), the CAGR has been up to more than 30%.

  11. Teamsun Successful Cases http://www.teamsun.com.cn/Case/ 11

  12. More Information about Teamsun • Website: http://www.teamsun.com.cn/ • Introduction: http://www.teamsun.com.cn/About/Overview/ • Awards: http://www.teamsun.com.cn/About/Honor/default.shtml

  13. z Your Trusted IT Services Provider in the Asia Pacific Region

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