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  1. Class of 2013 SENIOR COLLEGE NIGHT

  2. FINDING THE RIGHT MATCH • Log on Family Connection in Blackboard • Make a list of colleges of interest. • Identify your priorities • Research the characteristics of a range of schools • Match the priorities with characteristics

  3. CHARACTERISTICS TO CONSIDER • Academic Programs and Strengths • Type of College (public, private, religious, etc.) • Location • Size • Cost and Financial Aid Offer • Retention and Graduation Rates, Grad School Placement • Difficulty of Admission • Campus Life and Diversity • Resources

  4. THE COLLEGE VISIT • Visit several that are very different from each other • Go when classes are in session (teacher workdays, Columbus Day) • Prepare questions, see academic departments, take the tour, write notes, blog or to remember and compare schools

  5. MAXIMIZE YOUR OPTIONS • Don’t narrow your focus to too few schools • Do your research on admissions data (use Family Connection) • Apply to several schools, with at least one where you are well above their average admitted grades and scores • Consider transferring or community college options

  6. MAXIMIZE YOUR OPTIONS • Proofread your application • Use space wisely: have letters, essays, activities and short answers promote different strengths and compliment each other, not repeat. • Show your interest through visits, local events, communications, etc. • Make your application stand out with unique facts, stories • Beware of Senioritis!!

  7. FAMILY CONNECTION • Access on your Blackboard Account • Click on Family Connection • Parents with Blackboard accounts can view their students’ Family Connection account • Seniors should fill complete the: • Career Cluster Finder and/or College Search to conduct college searches and narrow choices • Scattergrams to compare colleges • College Visit Schedule can be accessed by clicking on the “Colleges” tab and looking for “Upcoming college visits” • Document Library hashelpful tools and forms


  9. Deadlines • Binding vs. Non-Binding • Response Dates Vary • Watch Financial Aid Priority Dates • Early Decision • (e.g. W&M, Va Tech) • Early Action • (most VA colleges) • Regular • Rolling • (e.g. NSU, • Marymount)

  10. PAYING FOR COLLEGE • Financial aid can increase your ability to attend your 1st choice school and improve your options in the future • Help is available: college offices, FAFSA help line, Fill-In Saturdays, Net Price Calculators • Financial Aid Night at GCM! • December 4 at 7pm, Cafeteria • FAFSA – Submitted after January 1, 2013 -- Create your PIN now and try FAFSA4caster • CSS Profile -- only some require, e.g. W&M, UVA

  11. PAYING FOR COLLEGE Info & scholarships Not “.Com” Merit scholarships Compare schools FAFSA Saturdays Financial Aid Online Resources:

  12. SCHOLARSHIPS • Use FamilyConnection (in Blackboard) and 1-2 other outside sites • Follow instructions on how to apply or be considered for nomination • Come to the Scholarship Café every Friday Learn, also pick up a Scholarship Handbook • Check all your family’s groups and affiliations

  13. Who should apply? Seniors who will graduate by August and who want to earn a Bachelor’s Degree • For more information contact your: • Pathway Counselor – Jennifer Rossignol, • School Counselor

  14. NCAA ELIGIBILITY CENTER PROCESS • Only for athletes participating in Div I/Div II collegiate-sports(contact Div III schools directly for eligibility requirements) • Register online with NCAA Eligibility Center ASAP • • $70.00 (non-refundable) • Use unofficial transcript for visits w/ coaches • Send SAT/ACT scores directly to NCAA (9999) • List NCAA on transcript request form • Transcript Release Form no longer required • Final transcripts automatically sent to NCAA after graduation (approx. mid July) • After April 1 – update profile and request final amateurism certification

  15. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION • College Fairs: October 21, 2012 – Fair Oaks Mall October 22, 2012 – *Hayfield SS *Note: Additional presentations available on college related subjects (i.e. essay writing, special education, athletics, etc.) • Attend college visits in Career Center. Access schedule on Family Connection.

  16. More Information • Keep updated via Email, Web Site… • MStatesmen • @Mstatesmen

  17. College Planning • Applications and fees are sent by students • Transcript requests must start with School Counselor • Fill in forms completely • Especially full name of school, city/state. • Full address for overseas universities. • Indicate Early Action/Early Decision/Honors programs and specific date • Indicate if you are applying as an International student • Forms must be signed by parents and student • Transcript will not be processed without signatures/payment

  18. College Planning • What we send to schools: • Final grades through 11th grade including cumulative GPA • Current schedule • GCM and FCPS profiles • GCM Secondary School Report form • Recommendation letter from counselor *Teacher Letter(s) of Recommendation • Student Resume (optional)

  19. College Planning • FCPS does not rank students • Students must have College Board or ACT forward scores to their colleges and NCAA • • • •

  20. College Planning Packet • Use the Purple Checklist form to keep track of all items due to the school counselor • The Blue Transcript Request form lists all schools students are applying to • TheGreen Student Information form-talk about yourself! • The Goldenrod Teacher Input form-teachers share experiences with the school counselor • The Pink Parent Input form-invaluable information to share about your child! • Peer Input form from friends tells why you stand out (optional) • Forms also available on GCM website

  21. TRANSCRIPT PROCESS • 1st three transcripts are free • $5 for each additional transcript • Cash or checks payable to Marshall High School. College DeadlinePacket To Counselor By • November 15 or earlier Monday, October 1 • After November 15 Wednesday, November 7

  22. TRANSCRIPT PROCESS • Official transcript for each application (signature and seal) mailed to colleges • 1st semester grades sent automatically to ALL colleges on your transcript request form – mailed mid-Feb • Some colleges require students to self report grades, i.e., UNC Chapel Hill, California public Universities • Final transcripts are mailed aftergraduation based on senior survey responses


  24. TRANSCRIPT PROCESS • Meet or beat transcript deadlines • Keep communication open with your counselor • Transcript processing status can be found on Family Connection • Monitor your application status with each college