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the search for significance performance n.
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the search for significance performance

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the search for significance performance
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the search for significance performance

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  1. the search for significanceperformance Anchor of Hope Healing Rooms

  2. satan’s equation Performance + Others'Opinions = Self-Worth

  3. the false beliefs I must meet certain standards in order to feel good about myself. I must have the approval of certain others to feel good about myself. Those who fail are unworthy of love and deserve to be punished. I am what I am. I cannot change. I’m hopeless.

  4. the performance trap • My worth is dictated by my performance. When I fail I cannot stand myself. • If you do 20 things well and fail at one important task, what do you think about? • Some people have greater worth because of what they do.

  5. the performance trap • Facts about success: • Yesterday’s success does not take the pressure off. • The more you succeed the more you have to succeed. • When asked how much money do you need, J. Paul Getty said, “Just a little bit more.”

  6. the performance trap 1. Because of fear, I often avoid participating in certain activities. 2. When I sense that I might experience failure in some important area, I become nervous and anxious. 3. I worry. 4. I have unexplained anxiety. 5. I am a perfectionist 6. I am compelled to justify my mistakes. 7. There are certain areas in which I feel I must succeed. 8. I become depressed when I fail. 9. I become angry with people who interfere with my attempts to succeed and, as a result, make me appear incompetent. 10. I am self-critical.

  7. the performance trap I must meet certain standards in order to feel good about myself. Effects of the Fear of Failure: Perfectionism Avoid risks Pride Low motivation Depression Sexual dysfunction Hopelessness Anger towards God

  8. the performance trap Will God allow you to escape the performance trap without turning to Him?

  9. the trip in

  10. Jesus said, “Let whoever is without sin, cast the first stone.” – John 8:7


  12. My Identity in Christ Because of Christ’s redemption, I am a new creation of infinite worth. I am deeply loved, I am completely forgiven, I am fully pleasing, I am totally accepted by God, I am absolutely complete in Christ.

  13. When my performance reflects my true identity in Christ, That reflection is dynamically unique. There has never been another person like me in the history of mankind, nor will there ever be. God has made me an original, one of a kind, really somebody.

  14. for next week • Before you begin, ask God for revelation • Read Chapter Four (pp 41-51 ) in the book • Complete Step Four (pp 197-206) in back of book • Bring this week’s Trip-in to work on God’s solution & another performance trip-in for group.

  15. fyi Each week’s homework will be uploaded to the website,, accessible by password: Sissy1 A discussion board has been added for comments, questions and sharing in this private area

  16. prayer & counseling If you feel in need of prayer, Anchor of Hope Healing Room teams will be available after class for 15-30 minutes. The Healing Room is open Saturdays, 10:30-12:30. Call for appointment. Sissy Landry offers private counseling by appointment. Donation is $25/hour.

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