hippocrates father of medicine n.
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Hippocrates father of medicine

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Hippocrates father of medicine

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Hippocrates father of medicine

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  1. Hippocrates father of medicine

  2. Life line Hippocrates,the Greek physician, was born in 460 B.C in the island of Kos, Greece and died in 377 B.C in Larissa,Thessaly, Greece

  3. The country of Greece • Hippocrates was born and spent all his childhood in Kos, Greece. When Hippocrates started practicing his profession, he traveled extensively visiting places such as Athens, Thrace, Thessaly, Delos, and Larissa, which was his final resting place.

  4. The founder of medicine • Hippocrates was the founder of medicine and disease symptoms. He rejected the views of his time stating that when a person became ill it was because of evil spirits and the disfavor of the Gods. Instead he came up with the explanation that illness had a more physical explanation. Hippocrates believed that you must treat the body as a whole, through natural healing and a good diet. Hippocrates soon developed an oath that is still used by present day physicians. Today Hippocrates is known as “the father of medicine”.

  5. Hippocratic oath The oath Hippocrates created saying that all physicians are to practice medicine ethically and honestly.

  6. Dealing with human bones • Hippocrates was the first to come up with idea how to elevate the leg and keep it secure when it was broke or fractured.

  7. first school of medicine • Hippocrates founded the first school of medicine known as the asclepieion of kos on the island of kos which was his birth place.

  8. The human body Hippocrates wanted to show that we need to view the body as a whole and not separate parts

  9. Opera quae apud nos extant omnia Hippocrates also was a writer. This was his first major works.

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