Mandatory orientation
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Coastal Bend College. Mandatory Orientation. Getting familiar with the terms and resources available to you. Mission Statement.

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Mandatory orientation

Coastal Bend College

Mandatory Orientation

Getting familiar with the terms and resources available to you.

Mission statement
Mission Statement

Coastal Bend College is a comprehensive, public community college serving a diverse South Texas area. It is a student-centered institution committed to the highest integrity and to the development of an educational culture that supports creativity, encourages professional development, and promotes excellence in all areas.

Cbc at a glance
CBC at a Glance

  • Enrollment:

    About 4,000 students.

  • NJCAA Athletics

  • Housing on campus in Beeville.

  • Quality education at an affordable cost.

Student services
Student Services

We Offer:

  • Advising: add/drop courses, declare a major, degree plans, transfer questions, testing.

  • Career Advising: Workshops, career fairs, and special events are available to all students on all sites.

  • Special needs: classroom accommodations, special needs, campus accessibility.

  • Financial aid: questions, FAFSA help, loan sessions, scholarships, DreamKeeper, work-study program.

  • Veterans Affairs: questions, help with paperwork, course options.

Student services1
Student Services

The Student Success Center offers:

  • Early Alert: This program allows us to identify students having difficulties in class and to provide support services to retain students and improve their academic performance.

  • Tutoring: The Student Success Center (SSC) Tutor Programs offer FREE tutoring by appointment during the semester at every campus/site. Subjects vary by campus.

  • E-Tutoring: Students can get FREE tutoring for a variety of subjects through online tutoring.

  • Calculator Loan Agreements

  • Laptop Loan Agreements

Student services2
Student Services

  • Library: Our library staff provides students with access to databases, EBSCOhost eBooks, and scholarly journals. Much of this information can be accessed online from the comfort of your own home.

  • Testing Centers: The Student Success Center offers internet access and computerized courses for review or testing.

  • Business Office: Pay tuition and fees, payment plans available.

Student services3
Student Services

Other ways Student Services help you?

  • Computer Lab Access: The CBC Student Success Center (SSC) offer free services to help students improve academic skills and increase their chances for success.

  • Email Sync: Syncing your CBC email to your Gmail enables you to get CBC messages directly to your phone!

  • Degree Audit: This program, available through Campus Connect, will provide you with a listing of all classes you have completed, classes you are currently taking and classes you are lacking for a specific degree.

Student activities
Student Activities

Student Development Centers host educational and cultural activities throughout semester such as:

  • Veterans Day

  • Breast Cancer Awareness

  • Red Ribbon Week

  • Hispanic Heritage Month

  • Black History Month

  • And More!

Student clubs
Student Clubs

Student involvement can help make your experience memorable and looks great on a resume! Looking for a way to get involved? Clubs vary from site to site.

  • Students interested in starting a new club may see a Student Development Advisor for information on how to make this happen.

  • Volunteers or Student Ambassadors are always welcome to help with events!

  • Join us for Educational/Cultural field trips!

Cbc lingo t alk the talk
CBC Lingo: Talk the Talk

  • Academic Calendar: A list of important dates throughout the semester. Ex) First day of class.

  • Degree plan: list of courses that you need to earn an Associates degree at Coastal Bend College. Think of your degree plan as a road map to graduation!

  • Pre-requisite: classes you need to take before being accepted into a program such as Nursing.

  • Credit Hours: most classes are worth 3 credits. Classes with labs are worth 4 credits. It takes 60 credits to graduate from most degrees at CBC.

Cbc lingo talk the talk
CBC Lingo: Talk the Talk

  • G.P.A.: Grade Point Average. This is your overall grade of all your classes combined. A 4.0 means all A’s. Financial aid does look at your GPA!

  • Major: The field you have chosen to study.

  • Syllabus: Information about your class, professor contact info, and course schedule. Given out by professor at the beginning of every semester.

Cbc lingo t alk the talk1
CBC Lingo: Talk the Talk

  • Drop: a dropped class does not count toward your GPA but does count against your financial aid! You can only drop 6 classes your WHOLE college career so choose wisely! A drop is better than an F!

  • Students must drop classes with an advisor after the first class day.

  • 67%: You must pass 67% of all attempted classes to be eligible for financial aid! Drops count against the 67% as well as F’s.

Cbc lingo t alk the talk2
CBC Lingo: Talk the Talk

  • Transcript: A list of all the classes you have taken and grades earned.

  • Transfer credit: If you have attended another college, submit your transcript and you may get credit for classes you have already taken!

  • Reverse Transfer: If you left CBC before you earned your associate’s degree, request that CBC be mailed a copy of your transcript when you have taken all the courses needed to complete your associates (called reverse transfer) and we will award you your degree!

Things you should know
Things You Should Know!

Campus Connect is your student data base!

  • You can access your student ID,grades, schedules, billing statements, and your unofficial transcript.

  • You can register for classes, order your books, and pay your tuition.

  • You can review your financial aid status and use degreeaudit to see how many classes you need to graduate!

  • You can also “degree shop” to see how many classes you need to graduate if you were to change majors.

Things y ou s hould know
Things You Should Know!

  • Your Cougar Card Student ID can be used as a debit card!

    • If you have any financial aid money left over after paying your classes and books, the refund will be sent to your Cougar Card.

  • Blackboard 9:If you are taking an online class, Blackboard will be your primary resource for completing the class.

  • CBC Student Emailis where you receive school updates, and email your professor or study buddy. Email can be synced with your Smart Phone!

    • Ex)

What you need to know
What you NEED to know!

When adding/dropping courses:

  • There is a deadline to add/drop classes! If you miss the deadline, you will be graded what you have.

  • It is your responsibility to drop a class if you are failing or not attending.

  • If you take a class 3 or more times the fees get higher!

  • If you pass a class with a low grade, and want to retake it, Financial Aid may not pay that class.

  • Renew your FAFSA every year by April 1st .

  • Scholarship applications are also due by April 1st!

Student development or faculty advisors
Student Development or Faculty Advisors

  • Your Student Development Advisor or Faculty Advisor will ask to meet with you 3 times in a semester.

    • They help create a Cooperative Educational Plan (CEP).

    • You will receive a signed degree plan.

    • They will help you set short-term goals.

    • They will refer you to Student Support Services.

    • They will review your grades with you throughout the semester.

    • They will help you apply for graduation or transfer.

Tips for cbc students
Tips for CBC Students

  • Tutoring is FREE for Students!

  • Students can purchase books and supplies at our Book Store with Financial Aid!

    • Books can be ordered online through Campus Connect. Supplies can be purchased on site at our Bookstore.

    • Video Tutorial coming soon!

  • Online Workshops are available for your convenience!

    • Student Lingo offers a wide variety of online workshops.

  • Ordering “Official” Transcripts:

    • Once you have completed your courses here at CBC, you can request an official transcript be sent to the school of your choice, to potential employers, or even to yourself to keep for job fairs.


  • Register for classes early!

  • Be aware of deadlines for adding and dropping classes.

  • Pay tuition & fees early to avoid being dropped from classes.

  • Be On the lookout for your Final Exam Schedule.

  • Graduation applications must be submitted in time!

If you must miss class
If You Must Miss Class

Contact Your Instructor!!

  • If you are sick and have to miss class email/call them. Where is that info? On your syllabus!

    Do not skip class! Instructors DO take roll! SOME will drop you if you continue to be absentor they can grade you an F!

    Some instructors will give you slack for communicating with them – however, excessive absences will still count against you.

Classroom etiquette
Classroom Etiquette

  • Be respectful of your instructor!

  • Do not have your phone out during class!

  • Do not fall asleep in class!

  • Do not talk to each other while the professor is lecturing!

  • You should be taking notes in class!

  • Turn in assignments on time!

  • Ask questions if you are stuck!

  • Visit with professors during office hours to discuss any problems you are having with the class or turning in assignments. Professors try to work with you when you work with them!

Study tips
Study Tips

  • Get organized!

    • Keep a calendar. Marking all assignments down on one calendar can help you see how much you time you need to devote to each class.  

  • Ask yourself…

    • How much time do you have to study?

    • What do you need to study first and for how long?

    • What is the next important subject on the list?

  • Do not procrastinate!!!

    • You cannot write a “College Worthy” research paper in one evening.

  • Take notes while in class..

    • Look at your notes at least 3 times before your test.

Study time suggestions
Study Time Suggestions

  • Yes, we’ve been where you are now! Here are some tips that helped us through it!

    • Do NOT study in bed- you will probably fall asleep!

    • Remove distractions - turn off the TV and put your cell phone in the other room.

    • Study in chunks (20-50 minutes).

    • Try flash cards – It’s a great way to study in between classes!

    • Organize a study group.

    • Review, review, review- daily!

    • Make a quiz for yourself.

How to avoid cram sessions
How to Avoid Cram Sessions

“Cramming” is another word for trying to learn a whole semester’s worth of material in one night. Yes, that’s impossible!

  • Know test dates. As stated before – a planner/calendar is a must!

  • Manage your time effectively.

  • Ask for help when you are confused.

  • Study in between classes.

  • When you finish a chapter in your textbook, write a summary or make flash cards.

  • Organize a study group. Meet weekly up to a few weeks before the test.

Student rights responsibilities
Student Rights & Responsibilities

At Coastal Bend College, students have rights and responsibilities with which they should familiarize themselves. Student rights include complaint and grievance procedures and responsibilities include expected student conduct. These rights are provided to assure students are treated fairly and responsibilities are necessary for a safe and productive learning environment.

Student rights responsibilities1
Student Rights & Responsibilities

Coastal Bend College prohibits:

  • Domestic violence

  • Dating violence

  • Sexual assault

  • Stalking

    Incidents of this nature can be reported to Coastal Bend College staff or the Dean of Student Services.

Student rights responsibilities2
Student Rights & Responsibilities

Awareness and Prevention:

Women’s Shelter of South Texas


Corpus Christi 361-881-8888

Alice 361-664-8598

Kingsville 361-516-0288

Pleasanton 830-569-2001

Jodie Elder, PhD, LPC-S, LMFT

36 Encino Loma

Beeville, TX 78102


Student rights responsibilities3
Student Rights & Responsibilities

Student Rights & Responsibilities are outlined in the following policies referenced in italics. To access the policy just type the italicized section in the search feature of the policy manual.

Student rights responsibilities4
Student Rights & Responsibilities

  • Access To Programs, Services, and Activities GL(Legal) includes information on nondiscrimination, disabilities, special needs.

  • Activities FK(LOCAL)

  • Activities Registered Student Organizations FKC(LEGAL)

  • Activities Registered Student Organizations FKC(Local)

  • Admissions and Attendance - Admissions Requirements FBA (Legal) includes information on academic fresh starts, nontraditional secondary reduction, immunizations, foreign students, military service readmissions).

  • Complaints FLD (LOCAL)

  • Conduct - Alcohol and Drug Use FLBE (Local)

  • Conduct - Alcohol and Drug Use FLBE (Xhibit)

  • Conduct - Prohibited Organizations and Hazing FLBC (Legal)

Student rights responsibilities5
Student Rights & Responsibilities

  • Discipline and Penalties: Discipline Hearings Procedure FMA (LOCAL)

  • Facilities: Student and Community Use of College District Facilities GF (Local)

  • Health Requirements and Services - Immunizations FDAB(Legal)

  • Instructional Arrangements - Course Load and Schedules ECC (Legal)

  • Public Information Program - Student's Right to Know GAC(Legal) includes information on graduation rates, crime statistics, reported and recording crimes, and reports)

  • Records FJ (LEGAL)

  • Records FJ (LOCAL)

  • Records: Definitions of Crimes of Violence FJ (Xhibit)

  • Rights and Responsibilities - Interrogations and Searches FLC (Legal)

  • Rights and Responsibilities - Involvement In Decision Making FLA(Legal)

  • Rights and Responsibilities - Student Expression FLAA (Legal)

  • Rights and Responsibilities Student Conduct FLB(LOCAL)

  • Sex Offender Registration FL (LEGAL)

  • Site Management-Security CHA (LEGAL)

  • Welfare - Freedom from Bullying, Dating Violence, and Retaliation FFE (LOCAL)

Some ending notes
Some Ending Notes…

  • Help is ALWAYS available through the Student Success Center, your advisors, classmates, faculty and staff members.

  • Attend workshops and events! These resources are FREE, so take advantage!

  • Get involved!

  • You are in charge of how you want to remember your college experience.

  • High School is over. Change your attitude and study, study, study!

  • Make smart choices.

  • Did we mention . . . HAVE FUN!!!!?