Lusail city quarterly report sales crm q1 2011
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Lusail City Quarterly Report Sales & CRM ( Q1 2011) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lusail City Quarterly Report Sales & CRM ( Q1 2011). 7.2 Sales Sales performance can be boosted again by winning the right to host the 2022 World Cup. Lusail City Sales Key Plan. Sales Strategy Overview

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Lusail city quarterly report sales crm q1 2011

Lusail City Quarterly ReportSales & CRM (Q1 2011)

7.2 Sales

Sales performance can be boosted again by winning the right to host the 2022 World Cup

Lusail City Sales Key Plan

  • Sales Strategy Overview

  • The sales strategy that is being implemented at Lusail City by LREDC consists of a series of key sales initiatives that when implemented will restart the stalled sales process. The methodology is to carefully manage existing and potential customers in order to project the most favorable message. Ultimately, the objective is to make Lusail City the first choice for investors in the region. The Following is recommended.

  • Price re-valuation for Unsold Districts and Plots

  • Larger grace periods

  • Packaged bank facilities (LOW Interest Rates)

  • Catalyst Fund

  • Payment terms and re-scheduling over longer periods, even

  • extending after construction completion period.

  • Signing MOUs with Local banks or financial institutions that can

  • provide construction financing for developers

  • Mortgage facility to end users.

  • offering a list of pre-qualified and approved Grade (A and B) list of contractors from which any developer can choose from.

  • Sales Updates

  • Currently LREDC is still in possession of a substantial proportion of unsold plots. Key to remedying this situation will be a calculated and realistic strategy to achieving the required plot sales in the post financial crisis investment environment. One possible solution would be to propose favourable sales conditions for unsold plots to existing investors, potentially using relaxations on their current SPA as an incentive.

7.2 Sales

Un-sold/available plots report

It should be noted that current sales activity within the Lusail City development is limited to managing existing SPAs /investors. It is important to note that no change in sales status have been recorded within this quarter.

Available as districts

Available as individual plots


Cancelled – SPA signed but terminated and now back on the market

Unsold – Has never been sold

Blocked - Held by LREDC to be developed in house

7.2 Sales

Lusail Plots Delinquency report

  • Delinquent payments to LREDC represent a substantial proportion and must be viewed as a key risk to the developments success.

  • The total of outstanding payments is QR2.77 billion

  • As some of the plots in default of their SPAs are strategically important it may be advisable for LREDC to consider implementing drastic solutions at an early stage.

  • The implementation of solutions such as providing or underwriting development finance, entering into JVs with distressed developers or in key instances developing the plot in house could send a favourable message into the market.

  • It should be noted that in the majority of cases post dated cheques (PDC) exist and as such LREDC has a strong legal position.

  • In a few cases no PDCs exist and these investors represent a much greater risk in terms of totally defaulting on the terms of their SPAs.

  • It seems advisable that LREDC focus their attention on remedying the defaults from investors with no PDCs in order to reduce the overall default risk.

7.2 Sales

Customer relationship management (CRM) strategy overview

“CRM strategy objective towards Lusail is to understand, anticipate and respond to the needs of it’s current and potential customers, in order to grow the relationship and communication value between the Buyers and the Master Developer”


CRM Strategy Overview

The objective of the Lusail City/LREDC CRM system is to act as a repository for all of the sales information. This mass of data can then be manipulated to provide a variety of information that can be used to improve sales performance. Crucially, the CRM is also used as a management tool to enhance knowledge of and the relationship with the customer. This is done through managing sales leads, follow up contact, transmission of marketing materials, customer meetings and all other ways in which LREDC communicate with their customers.

The importance of implementing a CRM system is particularly in the region and on the Lusail city development. This is because a substantial portion of the investors are high net worth individuals (HNWI) who are not professional investors who expect and require very high levels of personal service.





The CRM System has been devised to enhance and integrate the sales, marketing and customer service performance and can be customized according to the exact needs of Lusail REDC.

7.2 Sales

CRM activity requires careful implementation of its components in order to increase Sales

  • Sales Force Automation

  • The CRM system will help integrate all sales, customer service and collection functions together through a carefully designed sales office workflow that is set within the CRM Strategy.

  • Lusail has been recently implementing a CRM system that is well reputed “AMLAKI” the following are KEY features that this system encompasses.

  • Access Control

  • User Management

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Real Estate Inventory Management

  • Sales Management

  • Payment Management, Receiving Online payments

  • Reminders and Notifications (Collection)

  • Reports (Activity, Pipeline, Delinquent, Sold Database, Inventory.

  • Dash Board

  • Task Manager

  • Visitors Centre

  • The visitor’s Centre will host major events and presentations for VIPs, the general public, and visiting dignitaries. In addition to the building itself, the sales centre will also have access to docking berth for a yacht which will be used to give tours around the development, as well as a Luxurious VIP vehicles that can transport visitors around the development while it is under construction.

Market Analysis / Research

Lusail Needs

Lusail Sales Services

Lusail Marketing Services

7.2 CRM Strategy

Customer Relationship Management adding value to Lusail

  • Sales and Marketing Management

  • Improves account and sales management

  • Improves structure of existing sales processes

  • Gives your sales staff better support tools

  • Manages marketing campaign with clear goals

  • Build Customer Relation

  • Retains your existing customer by improving customer satisfaction

  • Identifies your best customers and provide them the highest level of service

Sales and Marketing Management

Build Customer Relationship

  • Empower Your Employees

  • Provides employees with the information they need

  • Helps employees to understand customer needs

  • Builds relationships between your company and your customers

  • Integrate with Partners

  • Provides Partners with the means to share information

  • Tracks Partners activity integrated into one system

Empower your Employees

Integrates Your Partners

7.2 Sales

CRM System – Marketing Management

Tracking and measuring marketing campaigns

A key marketing capability in CRM systems is that it is a primary collection point of traffic generated from marketing related campaigns & activities. Data collected and extracted from CRM systems help in quantifying, identifying and targeting potential clients, thus generating leads for the sales team.

Another key use of CRM data is racking and measuring the effectiveness of offline & online marketing campaigns through monitoring measurable metrics. Such metrics can be utilized by marketing and finance personnel in calculating a defined Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI). For example, All Advertisements and other promotional activities are defined and categorized with their cost to company and are linked to the enquiries generated.

Marketing Budget

(Money spent creates traffic)

Analysis & data usage

Data collected through the CRM system can be processed into valuable analytical tools for sales, marketing, and service; providing insight into customer behavior and business intelligence. Monitoring and understanding client actions through analysis of collected data allows companies to generate refined sales forecasting. As for marketing, data analysis helps to better define segmentation and targeting

Utilizing CRM database for Direct Marketing

CRM's database enables marketing to store data and about enquiries. Data stored can be used to set up permission-based direct marketing and personalized communication, where a customer can opt to accept marketing material from an organization.