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IEEE R8 Committee MALTA Meeting, April 25-27, 2008 IEEE R8 TECHNICAL ACTIVITIES REPORT PowerPoint Presentation
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IEEE R8 Committee MALTA Meeting, April 25-27, 2008 IEEE R8 TECHNICAL ACTIVITIES REPORT

IEEE R8 Committee MALTA Meeting, April 25-27, 2008 IEEE R8 TECHNICAL ACTIVITIES REPORT

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IEEE R8 Committee MALTA Meeting, April 25-27, 2008 IEEE R8 TECHNICAL ACTIVITIES REPORT

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  1. IEEE R8 Committee MALTA Meeting, April 25-27, 2008 IEEE R8 TECHNICAL ACTIVITIES REPORT George Paunović Vice Chair, Technical Activities


  3. IEEE R8 TECHNICAL ACTIVITIES OFFICERSAppointed Members in Technical ActivitiesConference Coordinator: Francisco SandovalEducational Activities: Fanny Klett, Victor Fouad Hanna, Matej ZajcChapter Coordinator:Gerard CapolinoIndustry Relations Coordinator:Benito PalumboStandards Coordinator:David Law

  4. Sub CommitteesConference Coordination Members: Marian P. Kazmierkowski, Peter Farkas, Gerhard Hancke, Gerard Capolino,Kevit Desai, Alexander Mikerov, Carl James Debono, Andrey Fionov, Jacob Baal Schem, Chapter Coordination SubcommitteeMembers: Enrico Sangiorgi, Peter Magyar, Zdzislaw Papir, Uwe Bratzler, Reiner Hartenstein, Tariq Durrani, Bruno Meyer, Bernard Courtois, Jan Biemond, Pierre Borne, Johan Driesen, Silvano Donati, Maciej Ogorzalek, Farhat Fnaiech, Said El-KhamyAdvisers to the Industry Relations Officer Andreas Luxa, Terje Gjengedal, Rami Mushcab, Dmitry Vavilov, Ferhan Ozkan (ISBIR)

  5. GENERAL* End of 2007/beginning of 2008 period was marked by submitting the reports, appointment of some new TA officers and making plans for 2008. *Тhe following technical activities for IEEE members and/or IEEE entities were specifically realized in this period: a) Submission of papers and other preparations for three 2008 Region 8 conferences, MELECON 2008,HISTELCON 2008, SIBIRCON 2008. b) Intensive trials of the Expert Now EAB product in several countries. c) Several new ideas, approaches, activities and plans made within the Educational, Industrial Relation, Chapter Coordination and Standards activities.

  6. EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIESEA course of actions for the 2008 changed to some extent and the main 2008 priorities are: - Accreditation, but in close collaboration with IEEE EAB (Victor Fuad Hana), - Follow up Munich conference “Meeting the Growing Demand For Engineers and Their Educators 2010-20“, - Continuing education (Matej Zajc) - Improvements and new opennings of the educational services to IEEE members.Fanny Klett submitted the Draft Activity Plan 2008, included in Agenda book. The Report could be also found at R8 WEB page.

  7. CONFERENCE COORDINATIONRegion 8 was up to this year supporting three regional biannual conferences, EUROCON, MELECON and AFRICON. New additional R8 conferences are SIBIRCON and HISTELCON, new proposal ENERGYCON MELECON 2008, France Sec. May 5-7, 08, CorsicaSIBIRCON 2008, Ru Siberia Sec. July 21-25,08, Novosibirsk HISTELCON 2008, Region 8, Sept 11-12, 08, Paris EUROCON 2009, Ru NW Sec. May 18-23, 09, S.PetersburgAFRICON 2009, S Africa and Kenya Sec. Sept 22-25, NairobiMELECON 2010, Malta, Malta Section to be organizer. EUROCON 2011, Zagreb, Croatia, candidacy of Croatia Section. SIBIRCON 2010, AFRICON 2011, EUROCON 2011 are open for candidacy. Francisco Sandoval, Conference Coordinator, submitted the R8 Conference Report, included in Agenda book and posted at R8 WEB page

  8. INDUSTRY RELATION - Ramy Muschab, 2007 IR Coordinator, submitted 2007 Report - Preliminary version of the R8 IR S-C 2008 Plan: * Continuity with the 2007 goals and the activities, combinedwithnew targets: * Survey of the existing R8 IEEE-National Society Agreements * Arrangements of permanent collaborations with large nationaland transnational companies, * Establishing of Industry Affinity Groups, * Survey and updating statistics of memb/grades from Industry* Increase of the number of DL from Industry, * Activation of initiatives to promote Engineering &Industrycareer guidance activities among pre-college schools, * Standards Activities - Industry Relation cooperation. * Energy motion activities * ISBIR activitiesBenito Palumbo, IR Coordinator, submitted the 2008 IR Action Plan, included in Agenda book and posted at R8WEB

  9. CHAPTER COORDINATION* Chapter of the year contest - New contest form and requirements, - Small and Large Chapter Awards, - 16 applicants this year, - 45% increase * New and old Chapters statistics - 432 Chapters in Region 8, - Data not quite reliable, - New chapters roster is being prepared, - Connections with chapters to be improved. * Specific actions proposed to improve activities Gerard Capolino, CC Coordinator, submitted the 2008 report.

  10. STANDARDIZATION ACTIVITIESIEEE R8 SA 2008 action plan contains several planed new activities: - Cooperate with Industrial Activities SC to add IEEE-SA to IR MoU activities, - Add IEEE-SA activities to collaboration with local large industry/companies, - Promote impact of IEEE standards on Industry - Cooperate with Educational Activities to add IEEE-SA to EA- Include IEEE-SA to R8 and other conferences - Promote Standardization entities memberships and projects,- Inform IEEE R8 Committee about current and relevant SA activities. David Law, SA Coordinator, submitted the 2008 IR Action Plan, together with some additional thoughts and ideas. Plan was included in Agenda book and posted at R8 WEB page.

  11. The END This concludes the Friday Technical Activities Meeting Report ! Thank you, there is no more ! ХВАЛА, НЕМА ВИШЕ !

  12. Friday VCTA meeting - George Paunovic* Friday VCTA meeting was planed as a meeting to coordinate TA, to give chance to TA officers topresent/discuss all TA affairs,together with somequestions of broader interest. * Although TA officers know each other “electronically”, that was also the chance to present ourselves in person, our activities, plans, problems, initiatives, etc. * All our meetings are open. Section Chairs, Officers & guests were invited to attend and participate.*20-25 persons appeared and rather entusiastically participated in discussion.

  13. QUESTIONS (from a Devil`s advocate !)REALIZATION ?How to realize our present plans ? Who is going to realize them ? (In some cases it is evident, in some other it is not quite clear !)Are our plans real in the first place ?INTENSIFICATION ?How to intensify TA ? Should we ? On which level (members, chapters, sections, other entities, ALL) ? EXPANSION ?Should we and how to expand TA ? If YES, in which direction ?What else could be observed as TA ?

  14. ANSWERS ?DISCUSSION ? PROPOSALS ?ADDITIONS ? • 15 participants took part in discussion, most of them several times. • There were no direct answers to Devil`s advocate questions, … • … but almost all supported the proposed plans of actions or proposed new friendly ideas or additions. • It was agreed to repeat the presented proposals IN WRITTEN. • So far three written proposals are received.