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Business Plan 4

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Business Plan 4 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Business Plan 4. C O N T E N T S. Strengths SWOT Analysis Targeting Position Product line Distribution Service Financial Analysis. Introduction Logo introduction Location Marketing situation Production situation Competitive situation Objective.

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c o n t e n t s
  • Strengths
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Targeting
  • Position
  • Product line
  • Distribution
  • Service
  • Financial Analysis
  • Introduction
  • Logo introduction
  • Location
  • Marketing situation
  • Production situation
  • Competitive situation
  • Objective
  • Headquarter office : City center of Changzhou.

1.Changzhou is a potential city

2.Changzhou is near Shanghai, Suzhou,

Hangzhou, Wuxi and etc.

3. The city centers are very populated.

  • Storage location: more remote area of Changzhou.

1.Traffic is very convenient.

2. Low cost.

3. High efficiency.

marketing situation
Marketing situation
  • Now national electric vehicle ownership of 14 million vehicles.
  • Future electric cars have shown a sunrise industry exuberant vitality and vigor.
production situation
Production situation
  • light weight
  • Good sefaty
  • Wide range of applications
  • Environment protection and energy, high efficiency
competitive situation
Competitive situation
  • Electric cars include: hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), pure electric vehicle (BEV), fuel cell vehicles (FCEV), hydrogen engine cars and gas vehicle, alcohol ethers automobile, etc
  • Developed countries and the major automobile group electric car status from famous automobile company attached importance to electric car research and development, the world developed country at spending heavily carries out research and development, and established some relevant policies and regulations to promote the development of electric vehicle.
swot analysis
SWOT Analysis
  • The company is engaged in with Chinese characteristics "four-wheel drive electric cars and electric core driver platform of research and development, production and sales, already in various types of vehicle design, electric automobile electronic control system development key techniques such as made important achievements.
  • Battery life is short and replacement cost is high
  • Electric air conditioning problem
  • Battery inadaptable
  • Electricity exhausted problem
  • Price higher
  • The effective policy support

electric car is green car. It could protect environment and provide convenience for people.

  • For without the garage city owner; at home is not convenient; charging Even if can use the home 220 volts voltage recharge also exist certainly, safe hidden trouble. As a fundamental to solve this problem, the only way is in the community, parking building battery charging station, similar to the popularization of the Internet is not short-term can achieve.
  • From the electric car industry product classification, can be divided into the category, namely: the four-wheel plug-in and two motor cars. From the electric car target market analysis, four-wheel electric target market for: station, warehouse, real estate, tourism scenic spots clubhouse, hospital, post office, park, playgrounds, large factory, large emporiums, airport, seaport and large supermarkets, etc.
  • Develop a paragraph on 2 -- 3 people, the highest speed < 45km/h, XuHang 80-100km/h low-speed electric vehicle can satisfy many people travel needs. Can I leave this car for positioning, instead of walking on the train, car, the crowd of major purchase limitless?
product line
Product line
  • Stepping stones out of a river - the development road of development itself
  • China's economic development and auto industry development based on strategic level, and points out the development of electric vehicle fraught with urgency.
  • Distribution channels may not be restricted to physical products alone. They may be just as important for moving a service from producer to consumer in certain sectors, since both direct and indirect channels may be used.
  • The consumer is god. We provide After-sales service and 4S shop, 4S include Sale、Spare part、Service、Survey. 24 hours service every consumer.
  • Maintenance telephone 400-800-988; If you have any problem, you call our hotline. Provide you with good service is our duty, your satisfaction is our greatest confidence.
about our company
About our company
  • Total current assets: 100.75million.
  • Total liabilities and stockholders' equity: 60.75.
significant assumption
Significant assumption
  • Sale: sales in the Electric car will be the best thing we have clients. all things are imported, so that our consumers get the best service. we have Auto maintenance, car pack keep and so on all services . If your Electric car fall ill or modify.
  • Product purchase: