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Welcome to the MTLC. MATH 113 Spring 2010. Course Requirements. Prerequisites Grade of C– or better in Math 112 Every student must have an active “ crimson ” e-mail account for computer/course login. Every new student must have a NEW access/registration code.

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Welcome to the mtlc
Welcome to the MTLC

MATH 113

Spring 2010

Course requirements
Course Requirements

  • Prerequisites

    • Grade of C– or better in Math 112

  • Every student must have an active “crimson”

    e-mail account for computer/course login.

  • Every new student must have a NEW access/registration code.

Textbook and access code
Textbook and access code

  • Textbook—PreCalculus 3rd edition by Beecher, Penna, and Bittinger.

  • This course is a computer based course. All assignments for this course will accessed through a publisher’s website.


  • An access code will be necessary to complete your assignments. No work can be completed until you have entered an access code into your account.

Access codes
Access Codes

Every student must have a new access code to access to the publisher’s online website where assignments can be completed.

An access code gives you access to the ua.mylabsplus website where you will find your assignments.

The code gives you access to an online textbook, video lectures, examples of assignments and many more useful tools to help you be successful in this course.

Access codes1
Access Codes

Access codes may be purchased with or without a printed version of the textbook.

You may purchase the code with the textbook at any of the bookstores in town.

You may purchase the code without a printed version of the book either at one of the bookstores in town or online on the mylabsplus website set up for your specific math course.

Again, no work can be completed until you have entered your access code into your account.

Access codes repeating students
Access Codes –Repeating Students

Students repeating Math 113 or coming from Math 112 at UA Fall 2008 or after, will receive a new access code.

If you have any trouble, then be sure to come to the MTLC for assistance.


  • Only the calculator on the computer is allowed in this course.

  • No other calculators are allowed during testing.

  • It is the student’s responsibility to learn how to operate the computer calculator before testing.

Course grades
Course Grades

Possible grades in this course are A, B, C (+/-) or NC.

A grade of NC means you receive no credit for this course. You must take the course again, but an NC does not affect your GPA.

The last day to withdraw from the course is Wednesday, March 24th. No withdrawals will be given after this date.

Course grades1
Course Grades

  • 4 tests (100 points each) 400 pts

  • Final Exam 300 pts

  • Quiz average (43 points each test period) 172 pts

  • Homework average (22 points each test period) 88 pts

  • Class Meetings 42 pts

  • Lab Survey 2 pts

  • TOTAL 1004 pts

    Students must earn a minimum of 700 points to successfully pass this course.

Class attendance
Class Attendance

  • Math 113 meets everyday your schedule shows. (MWF or TR)

  • Each class meeting counts for points.

    MWF—1 point each – Total 42 points

    TR—1.5 points each – Total 42 points

Homework quizzes
Homework & Quizzes

  • There will be homework assignments for each section and they will be graded. Multiple attempts are allowed on homework. Be sure to click on the “Save” button when you are ready to record your homework score. You may submit homework before the assignment is finished and return to it later.

  • There will be a quiz given after each section. Click on the“Submit” button when ready for your quiz score to be recorded.Only one attempt is allowed on quizzes.

Success rates based on class attendance mwf
Success Rates based onClass Attendance—MWF

Success rates based on class attendance tr
Success Rates based onClass Attendance—TR

Homework quizzes1
Homework & Quizzes

There will also be a quiz given after each section. Only one attempt is allowed on quizzes. Each quiz has approximately 10 questions.

You will be shown the correct answers on the quiz once it is graded.

One lowest homework grade and one lowest quiz grade each test period will automatically be dropped.

Homework quizzes2
Homework & Quizzes

Homework is worth 22 points each test period.

Quizzes are worth 43 points each test period.

Quizzes are worth about twice as much as homework. So prepare accordingly.

If you missed any assignment and have a serious verifiable excuse, then you can fill out a petition request form in 345 Gordon Palmer asking for permission to make up your missed work.

NOTE: The MTLC staff will help you with your homework. However, no help will be given on quizzes. Once you have graded your quiz, then we will be more than happy to help you understand any problems that you missed.

Success rates based on quiz and homework average
Success Rates based onQuiz and Homework Average


  • MWF Classes - Your Exams will be ONLY on Tuesdays!

  • TR Classes - Your Exams will be ONLY on Mondays!

  • If you have a conflict, you must go and make prior arrangements in the MTLC.

Replacement policy
Replacement Policy

  • Everyone will be allowed to replace his or her lowest test grade with the grade made on the final exam.

  • Zero grades due to unexcused absences or academic misconduct will not be replaced.

  • If a test is missed due to a serious, verifiable circumstance, the zero test grade will also be replaced with the final exam grade, but only if a petition request form is filed within 2 days at Room 345 Gordon Palmer and if the petition request panel approves the excuse.

Working at home
Working at Home

  • Students can do homework from home by downloading all of the necessary plug-ins.

    • Web page: http://ua.mylabsplus.com

    • Use the installation wizard in the software. Be sure to check for ALL components and install all necessary plug-ins.

  • Tests must be completed in the MTLC.

  • Homework and quizzes may be completed at home. However, if grades are not successfully sent from home for any reason, you will not be able to retry the work after the deadline has passed. If you work from home, there is a risk your grades may not be properly saved.

Acknowledgement form
Acknowledgement Form

An acknowledgment form stating that you have read the syllabus and understand the policies set by this course must be completed in the software before you will be allowed to begin any assignments. You must complete it with a score of a 100%.

The acknowledgement form can be found under the “Test 1 Work” folder in the software.

Syllabus quiz
Syllabus Quiz

  • The Syllabus quiz contains questions about the syllabus.

  • You may take this quiz (and only this quiz) as many times as you like, and you may have your syllabus with you when you take it.

  • The purpose of the quiz is to make sure that you understand the policies set out in the syllabus should it become necessary to refer to them later, so take this quiz very seriously.

  • This quiz must be taken in the MTLC. It is password protected.

Software login
Software Login

Username: your crimson email address

Password: your CWID


Username: [email protected]

Password: 12345678

(This login has already been created for you. If you cannot log in for any reason, you need to come to the MTLC for assistance.)

Getting started
Getting Started

After logging into ua.MyLabsPlus and selecting your course from course list:

  • Install the plug-ins on your own computer if necessary using the installation wizard found on the screen on the right.

  • Read the announcements, then click on the Test 1 Work tab.

Finding your assignments click on folder for work
Finding your assignmentsClick on Folder for work

Orientation everyone must fill out syllabus ack form
Orientation Everyone must fill out syllabus ack. form

Each section videos textbook practice homework and quiz
Each sectionVideos, textbook, practice, homework, and quiz

Problems or questions
Problems or Questions

  • If you have any trouble logging into the software or finding your assignments, then you need to come by the MTLC during operating hours and let someone assist you.

  • Remember you cannot complete any assignments until you have entered your access code.

Mtlc information
MTLC Information

Hours of Operation

Sunday: 4:00pm – 10:00pm

Mon. – Thursday: 8:00am – 10:00pm

Friday: 8:00am – 5:00pm


MLK Day : Sunday 1/17 & Monday 1/18

Spring Break: Friday 3/12 at 5pm until 8am Monday 3/22

Last day for help in the MTLC will be Sunday 5/2

Phone Number: 348 – 2592

Website: www.mtlc.ua.edu

EMAIL: [email protected]

Please put your instructor’s name in the subject box for email.

Common rules for the mtlc
Common Rules for the MTLC



Need extra help
Need Extra Help

The MTLC is open 71 hours each week for help.

Center for Teaching and Learning(CTL)

CTL offers weekly help sessions in the MTLC.

CTL will offer review section for each Test since the MTLC will be closed except 8pm-10pm on Test weeks.

CTL website: www.ctl.ua.edu

Free personal tutorial appointments are available at the CTL in Osband Hall. Call 348-8854 to schedule an appointment.

Things to do before next class
Things to do before next class!

  • Purchase Access Code

  • Log into software and enter your access code

  • Complete the Acknowledgement Form

  • Complete the Syllabus Quiz in the MTLC

Final thoughts
Final thoughts

  • We are looking forward to your success in this course.

  • Work hard

  • Get help

  • Enjoy the semester!