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They rejoice before you as with joy at the harvest… (Isaiah 9:3)

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They rejoice before you as with joy at the harvest… (Isaiah 9:3) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'They rejoice before you as with joy at the harvest… (Isaiah 9:3)' - zeki

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“The task of the church is not to develop its own programs but to respond to the mission of God, participating in that mission. We can recover the essence of the mission of the church as understood within the concept ofMissio Dei, an expression that says mission derives from the very nature of God, and the missionary initiative comes from God alone. God invites persons and churches to participate in God's initiative. This response is expressed through commitment and seeking God's guidance in the fulfillment of that mission.” (Baptist World Alliance, July 2012)
Fall Harvest 2012

They rejoice before you as with joy at the harvest… (Isaiah 9:3)

Contact inactive members
  • Make new prospects
  • Publicize how welcoming our church is to everyone
  • Celebrate recent accomplishments
  • Challenge for future missional opportunities
Principle of Concentration of Force

“To achieve success… it is essential to concentrate superior force, moral or material, …at the decisive time and place. Concentration does not necessarily imply a massing of forces, but rather having them so disposed as to be able to unite to deliver the decisive blow when and where required...”

World Communion Sunday
  • Madison Heritage Festival (Saturday)
  • Fellowship Meal (following worship)
  • Prayer Shawl Dedication
  • Acolyte Day
  • Dedication of Media Center
  • Target day for inactive contacts
  • Highlight missional ministries:
    • Kid’s Hope
    • Back Pack Pals
    • Hands of God
    • Meals on Wheels
    • Ride to Hospital ministry
    • Prayer Shawl
    • GriefShare
    • Kid’s Advent
    • AA
    • Disabled Scouts/SNKC
    • Domestic Violence Abuse Awareness
  • Friend Day
A four week attendance campaign (with four preparation weeks) with an evangelistic thrust. The basic techniques that make Friend Day successful:

Each member brings one need to confront strangers.

Organized, easy-to-do follow up provides a personal touch that will bring back visitors...again and again.

Proven to double attendance on Friend Day in most churches, more than double in some.

Proper follow-up maintains higher than normal attendance afterward.

Joint Sunday School in Fellowship Hall

(Together we Plan our Friend Day)

Sept.9: What Is a Friend?

Sept.16 : How to Be a Friend.

Sept. 23: Bring Out the Best in Your Friend.

Sept. 30: How to Be a Friend of God.

Worship on October 7th
  • Suspend Sunday school
  • One United Service.
  • Communion
  • Friend Sunday
  • Highlight Missional Ministries
  • Children Worship/party
  • Covered Dish Lunch
We can do this if everyone catches a vision, coordinates efforts, and is willing to try to reach out to prospective and returning church members.