bent polishing tutorial l.
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Bent Polishing Tutorial PowerPoint Presentation
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Bent Polishing Tutorial

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Bent Polishing Tutorial - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bent Polishing Tutorial. ≠. Good Bent. Night-Before Bent. Starting Out - Supplies. Metal files Available from Home Depot, Lowes, etc.. ($5-10 for a set of several) Check out from office These are old and might not file as fast or as well Sand Paper

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Bent Polishing Tutorial

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bent polishing tutorial

Bent Polishing Tutorial

Good Bent

Night-Before Bent

starting out supplies
Starting Out - Supplies
  • Metal files
    • Available from Home Depot, Lowes, etc.. ($5-10 for a set of several)
    • Check out from office
      • These are old and might not file as fast or as well
  • Sand Paper
    • Range of grits from ~60 to 600
  • Brasso
    • Available in the office
  • Newspaper/old rags
  • Steel wool
step 1 preparing your workspace
Step 1: Preparing Your Workspace
  • Filing metal will produce metal shavings…
  • Put old newspaper or something down so you don’t make a mess
  • Wash your hands when you’re done
  • You might want to wear old clothes as well
step 2 filing
Begin filing with your largest file in a single direction

Continue in that direction until all scratches are aligned in that direction


Change directions 90°

Continue filing until all scratches are now in that direction…

Time to move on to step 3!

Step 2: Filing
step 3 sandpaper
Step 3: Sandpaper
  • Start with low grit (~180), anything lower than that will leave scratches
  • Same method as for filing
  • Increase grit with every change of direction up to about 600 grit
step 4 finishing touches
Step 4: Finishing Touches
  • Brasso and Steel wool are the last steps in the process
  • Steel wool can be used before or after brasso to add shine
  • Come to the office, borrow the brasso, take it outside, and rub it on with an old cloth or t-shirt
    • Make sure to rub it in quite well
  • Rub off the brasso with a dry cloth or shirt
more on step 4
More on Step 4
  • This is a very important step
  • Using a cloth or newspaper, keep repeating this step over and over to get rid of dullness and very small scratches
  • After this step, your bent should look almost as if it is made of gold and have a nice shine
  • Once you finish this step, find an old sock or cloth to carry your bent around in to prevent scratching
additional tips
Additional Tips
  • Ask questions and advice
  • Start work early
  • Contact current members for advice
  • If you think it is physically possible for it to improve… keep working
  • If you can’t see yourself in it… keep working
  • Some chapters suggest using windex as a final step
  • You can, under no circumstances, use any form of mechanical assistance such as grinders or polishers
  • Maintain the original shape of the bent as best you can!