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Web & Mobile App Accessibility with Adobe Tools PowerPoint Presentation
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Web & Mobile App Accessibility with Adobe Tools

Web & Mobile App Accessibility with Adobe Tools

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Web & Mobile App Accessibility with Adobe Tools

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  1. Web & Mobile App Accessibility with Adobe Tools Kiran Kaja | Accessibility Program Manager

  2. Web Content Accessibility Web content and multimedia must be: Perceived, operated, and understood by users with disabilities Support use with assistive technology There is no magic make accessible button Accessible content creation is a process Achieving accessibility requires manual inspection in addition to automated checking Accessibility should be part of development lifecycle Start at beginning whenever possible Designers and developers need to use a variety of techniques and methods Many sufficient techniques and known failures

  3. Inaccessible Website Examples Travel booking websites typically top the list Bus timetables British Airways seat selection Dominos UK new website Continuing problems with Audible Indicatesystemic failure of incorporating accessibility requirements in all stages of development

  4. Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Enterprise level Content Management Platform Deliver content digitally on desktop and mobile devices Create web sites, apps, forms and communities Ability to create accessible web content conforming to WCAG 2.0 AA More info:

  5. Mobile App Accessibility Most accessibility requirements remain same across web and mobile apps Additionally Test with native accessibility features: VoiceOver, Talkback, Zoom, etc Use native UI components as much as possible Check that accessibility gestures work with your app Touch target sizes need to be big enough Provide alternatives for any custom gestures in your app

  6. App Examples The Guardian news app on iOS Accessibility support broken in new version Old version was very accessible Travel apps British Airways again Tripadvisor Foursquare

  7. What is PhoneGap PhoneGap makes native mobile apps using HTML, CSS and JavaScript Supported platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 New platforms: Tizen, Qt, Firefox OS, Ubuntu Mobile, Win32 Build apps locally with your own SDKs, or in the cloud with PhoneGap Build Plugins for device native features (alarms, alerts, LEDs, etc.) Over 400,000 developers use PhoneGap Tens of thousands of PhoneGap apps are in app stores

  8. Accessible Apps with PhoneGap PhoneGap supports (most of) what mobile browsers already do basic HTML accessibility some ARIA support touch navigation screen reader/magnifier support General web accessibility rules still apply Plugin to detect status of native accessibility features isScreenReaderRunning() isClosedCaptioningEnabled() … More info:

  9. Resources • Adobe Accessibility Resource • Adobe Accessibility

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