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SBTP Forecast Training

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SBTP Forecast Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SBTP Forecast Training. APR 2008. LiveMeeting. Agenda. SBTP background Annual forecast procedures Squadron & HHQ procedures Preview of SBTP Execution Report Implementation status FAQs. SBTP Background. Brief overview Past, Present, Future Excel Page 1 & 2 Reports Expansion of SBTP.

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Presentation Transcript
sbtp forecast training

SBTP ForecastTraining

APR 2008


  • SBTP background
  • Annual forecast procedures
    • Squadron & HHQ procedures
  • Preview of SBTP Execution Report
    • Implementation status
  • FAQs
sbtp background
SBTP Background

Brief overview

Past, Present, Future

Excel Page 1 & 2 Reports

Expansion of SBTP

overview of sbtp
Overview of SBTP
  • Marine Aviation flight ops management is composed of 2 elements
    • Flight Hour Program (FHP)
    • Sortie-Based Training Program (SBTP)
  • FHP is the budgeting tool
    • Determines funding required to meet Core Model Minimum Requirements (CMMR)
  • SBTP is the commander’s execution tool
    • Tracks execution data against CMMR
past present
Past & Present
  • 4 Apr 05 – FHP Order MCO 3125.1A
    • SBTP data managed by Excel Page 1 & 2 reports
  • 4 May 07 – HQMC APP rqmts for M-SHARP
  • 10 Jan 08 – DMS msg re: SBTP automation
  • 16 Jan 08 – Public M-SHARP design review
    • Reps from MARFORCOM, 2/3/4 MAW, MCI East, MAGs 11/14, several fleet & OSA squadrons
  • 5 Apr 08 – Release of M-SHARP v1.0.23
    • SBTP Forecast only
  • Mar-Apr 08 – Phase I SBTP Training
latest sbtp guidance
Latest SBTP Guidance

  • MCO 3125.1A, still in effect, is available on the DCA website
  • Draft MCO 3125.1B currently in work
    • Draft SBTP section (encl. 4) approved for early release
download handout
Download Handout

Handouts icon

immediate future
Immediate Future
  • SBTP Forecasts
    • 5 May – Squadrons re-submit FY-08 forecast
    • 12 May – MAG review of squadron forecasts
    • 19 May – Wing review of squadron forecasts
    • 26 May – MARFOR review of squadron forecasts
  • Execution Reports
    • TBD – Release of M-SHARP v1.0.24 & Phase II SBTP Training
    • 2 Jun – HHQ begins pulling execution data
excel page 1 hmla uh
Excel Page 1 (HMLA-UH)

All SBTP data handled by M-SHARP (yellow) except T-Level ratings (gray)

new sbtp report layout
New SBTP Report Layout
  • Two basic categories of SBTP data
    • “Unit” data by TMS group
    • “Crew” data by syllabus
  • On Page 1 & 2 reports, these were mixed
  • In M-SHARP they have separate sections
    • The terms “Page 1” and “Page 2” reports do not apply to M-SHARP
new m sharp interface
New M-SHARP Interface




expansion of sbtp
Expansion of SBTP
  • Automation with M-SHARP
    • HHQ pull vice monthly squadron push
    • Local procedures may vary
  • More data
    • All syllabi (pilots, NFOs, & enlisted aircrew)
    • Core Plus skills
  • More units participating
    • All FRSs except VMFAT-101
      • CMMR requirements not enforced for FRSs
    • All OSA except HMX-1
squadron forecast procedures
Squadron forecast Procedures

Gathering forecast data

Entering in M-SHARP

Printing the forecast

Submitting the forecast

amount of work required
Amount of Work Required

New forecast data is required due to expansion of SBTP.

Some have more work than others!

data gathering worksheet excel
Data Gathering Worksheet (Excel)

Use is completely optional. Data will not transfer to M-SHARP. Available in handouts section if interested.

squadron submission process
Squadron Submission Process
  • Enter forecast data & save (not submit yet)
    • Be sure to include all TMSs & syllabi
    • HMMs include all composite TMSs & syllabi
  • Print out & route to CO/OPSO
    • If edits are needed, return to step 1
  • Once approved by CO/OPSO, submit
    • No edits allowed to submitted forecast
navigation to sbtp forecast
Navigation to SBTP Forecast
  • Select “Setup” menu
  • Select “Sortie-Based Training”
  • Select “SBTP Forecast”
sbtp forecast unit data

FY/Unit/TMS selections

Submission status

Auto-fill feature

Save updates FY totals

SBTP Forecast (Unit Data)
  • Save & Cancel
  • Submit
  • Unsubmit
  • Excel Export (coming)
sbtp forecast crew data
SBTP Forecast (Crew Data)

Crew on board,hours, sorties

Core Skills

Core Plus Skills

Combat Ldrship

hhq forecast procedures
HHQ forecast Procedures




hhq review of forecasts
HHQ Review of Forecasts
  • HHQ (Group/Wing/MARFOR/HQMC) will review forecasts per timetable established in DMS message/MCO 3125.1B
  • If a submitted forecast must be modified
    • HHQ must Unsubmit it
    • HHQ or squadron can make edits
    • Squadron must Submit again
data setup
Data Setup

CCRM Estimates


Known discrepancies

ccrm estimates
CCRM estimates

T-2.0 “benchmark” for a full T/O squadron established by FHP

Serves as a reference for squadrons when creating their SBTP forecast

FY-2008 numbers have already been transferred to M-SHARP

sbtp permissions
SBTP Permissions
  • Forecasts
    • Only squadrons can Submit a forecast
      • Prevents HHQ from modifying squadron forecast without their knowledge
    • Only HHQ can Unsubmit a forecast
      • Prevents squadrons from modifying their submission without HHQ knowledge
    • Either can edit until it is submitted
  • Execution Report
    • Only accessible to those granted read access
assign sbtp security groups
Assign SBTP Security Groups
  • SBTP Submit/Edit Forecast
    • Only for squadron-level billets
    • CO, OpsO, SBTP manager
    • Possibly: XO, AOpsO, FlightO, M-SHARP Admin
  • SBTP Unsubmit/Edit Forecast
    • Only for billets at group level & above
    • CO, OpsO/G-3T, SBTP manager
    • Possibly: XO, AOpsO, M-SHARP Admin
  • SBTP View Execution Report
    • For anyone who rates access to forecast & actual SBTP data
known data discrepancies
Known Data Discrepancies
  • 3 sets of CMMR data w/ minor discrepancies
    • T&R Manuals
    • M-SHARP
    • Old Page 1 & 2 Reports
  • Example
    • UH-1N T&R requires 3 “EW” CSP Crewchiefs
    • But T&R has no attain/maintain events for it
    • So, the “EW” core skill is not shown in M-SHARP for UH-1N Crewchiefs
for fy 2009 later
For FY-2009 & Later

Squadrons submit forecast by 1 Aug

MAGs review by 8 Aug

WINGs review by 15 Aug

MCIs review by 15 Aug

MARFOR review by 22 Aug

HQMC pulls data on/after 23 Aug

preview of sbtp execution report
Preview of SBTP Execution Report




sbtp execution report
SBTP Execution Report

Forecast & execution data  Read-only  Excel Export

monthly review process
Monthly Review Process

No action required by squadrons except to keep M-SHARP data accurate

Ensure all discrepancies are reconciled by the 5th working day of the month

On or after the 6th of the month, group and above assumes previous month’s data is accurate unless told otherwise

key question
Key Question

If HHQ can now access squadron-level data, how will they know if it is accurate?

implementation levels
Implementation Levels
  • CO declares unit data accurate
  • Data baselined, daily scheduling & logging flights, NALCOMIS interface
  • Minimum training requirements met
    • At least 1 M-SHARP Admin in Ops
    • Units expected to reach level 1 in 3 months
  • M-SHARP use required, but not trained
  • M-SHARP use not required
current implementation status
Current Implementation Status

Last update: 27 Mar 08

  • Can you edit the SBTP reports manually?
    • Forecast data: yes via Unsubmit/Resubmit
    • Execution data: no
  • If a pilot from Squadron A flies in an aircraft from Squadron B, which unit gets the credit?
    • Hours/sorties show on Squadron B’s SBTP
  • How will deployed hours/sorties get counted?
    • Via SPIN files; counts toward “mother” squadron
  • Will simulator time count toward SBTP?
    • Sim hours counted in “Total Sim Hours” block
    • T&R code(s) logged in sim contribute to CSP
  • How are sorties counted?
    • # sorties = # legs on a NAVFLIR
  • Do augment/staff aircrew count?
    • Determined by Unit Status in personnel attributes


SBTP Forecast Training

Visit for additional training & tech support