cuchulain champion of ireland n.
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CUCHULAIN, Champion of Ireland

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CUCHULAIN, Champion of Ireland - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CUCHULAIN, Champion of Ireland. Why Are We Doing This?. To make connections with “ Sibi ” To explore how myths relate to each other, even when they come from different cultures. Irish vs. Indian. Major Accomplishments. Cuchulain =major Irish warrior

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why are we doing this
Why Are We Doing This?
  • To make connections with “Sibi”
  • To explore how myths relate to each other, even when they come from different cultures
major accomplishments
Major Accomplishments
  • Cuchulain=major Irish warrior
  • Fought dragons, Druids, sorcerers, and other magical enemies
origin story
Origin Story
  • N. Ireland
  • N. Ireland doesn’t get along very well with the rest of Ireland
  • Cuchulain often fought the S. Irish
the strongest of the three
The Strongest of the Three
  • He and two other heroes tried to prove who was the most powerful/strongest of them all
  • 1st hero: Laegire
  • 2nd hero: ConallCearnach
what happened
What Happened…
  • Cuchulain and three other warriors compete to see who is the best
  • First test: 3 vicious beasts send 1st two heroes into the rafters—only Cuchulain is brave enough to slay them
  • Second test: giant/dragon attack
  • Again, other two heroes are sissies: they cower while Cuchulain thrusts his arm down the dragon’s throat and tears out its heart
still complaining
Still Complaining…
  • None of these tests are good enough for Laegire and ConallCearnach
  • They whine, not willing to believe that Cuchulain is superior to themselves

Feast at King’s hall

  • Giant walks in
  • Demands that one hero step forth and cut off his head
  • The next night, the giant will return and chop off the hero’s own head

ConallCearnach and Cuchulain are absent, so it has to be Laegire

  • When it’s time for Laegire to return, however, to get his own head chopped off…

Conall, however, is willing to take the challenge

  • He slices off the giant’s head…
  • And the next night, when it’s his turn…