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Licensure in Louisiana

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Licensure in Louisiana. Patsy Jarreau Angela Foley. History. Unsuccessful attempts in 1980s Began lobbying in 1991 Act passed in 1993 Implemented in 1995. Opposition. Pathology Society Louisiana Hospital Association Legislators Instrument manufacturer Clinical laboratory scientists

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licensure in louisiana

Licensure in Louisiana

Patsy Jarreau

Angela Foley

  • Unsuccessful attempts in 1980s
  • Began lobbying in 1991
  • Act passed in 1993
  • Implemented in 1995
  • Pathology Society
  • Louisiana Hospital Association
  • Legislators
  • Instrument manufacturer
  • Clinical laboratory scientists
  • Certifying agencies (ISCLT/AAB)
major points of opposition
Major Points of Opposition
  • Workforce shortage
    • Staffing in rural areas
    • Not necessary due to walk-away technology
  • Increased cost of health care
    • Salaries
  • No evidence of laboratory incompetence
  • Formal education not necessary due to advances in technology
compromise issues
Compromise Issues
  • Required degrees
  • Acceptable certification agencies in rules
    • NCA
    • ASCP
    • AMT
    • AAB (formerly ISCLT)
law and rules
Law and Rules
  • Law
    • established licensure categories and qualifications
    • created the CLP Committee which was charged with making rules and regs
    • changes in law must be enacted by legislature
  • Rules
    • implement the law
    • can be amended by the board
license categories
License Categories
  • CLS-Generalist - 3081
  • CLS-Technician - 519
  • CLS-Specialist - 145
  • Cytotechnologist - 77
  • Laboratory Assistant - 1032
  • Phlebotomist - 199
certification only
Certification only
  • CLS-Phlebotomist
    • Only need to be certified if they are not employed by or acting under direction and supervision of
      • Licensed physician
      • Clinic operated by licensed health care provider
      • Hospital
      • Nursing home
      • Other licensed health care facility
clinical laboratory personnel committee clpc
Clinical Laboratory Personnel Committee (CLPC)
  • Voluntary participation
  • Appointed by governor or Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners
  • Appointed by LSBME
  • Committee
    • Categories of members
    • Difficulties with regional requirements
categories of clpc members
Categories of CLPC Members
  • Appointed by Governor
    • CLS-Generalist Educator
    • CLS-Generalist with B.S.
    • CLS-Generalist Supervisor (2)
    • CLS-S
    • CLS-Technician
    • Lab Assistant
    • Cytotechnologist
  • Appointed by LSBME
    • Pathologist
    • Rural practitioner
    • Hospital administrator
    • Board member

(ex officio)

duties of clpc
Duties of CLPC
  • Meets 3 times per year
  • Recommendations to streamline application
  • Recommend suspension, revocation, denial of license to LSBME
  • Monitor and fund continuing education
  • Recommend changes with regard to acceptable training/education
  • Review finances
    • Funds are separate from LSBME funds



Associate Director of CLP

Licensure Analysts

denial of license
Denial of License
  • Due to criminal background check
    • 10 to 15 per year
  • Failure to meet eligibility requirements
changes since enactment
Changes Since Enactment
  • Criminal background checks
    • Coordinator/director (part time paid position)
  • Under consideration
    • Fee change
    • Acceptable certification agencies
    • Conditions for license revocation
licensure revocation old
Licensure Revocation – Old
  • Had to be related to job performance activity
    • Incompetence
    • False reporting of results
    • Conviction of a crime connected to the practice of cls
    • Performing unauthorized procedures
    • Fraud in connection with procurement of a license
    • Failure to complete CE requirements
    • Intentional violation or any rule/regulation relative to any infectious disease or other public health matter
licensure revocation new
Licensure Revocation - New
  • More closely resemble those of other medical professions (i.e. doctors, nurses, etc.)
    • Conviction of a crime or guilty plea to a felony
    • Conviction of a crime/guilty plea/nolocontendere to any charge connected to the practice
    • False testimony to board or committee
    • Recurring or habitual abuse of drugs/alcohol
    • False claims to a patient, insurance co., gov’t agency, etc. for the purpose of obtaining economic gain
    • Paying or giving anything of economic value to another person, firm, etc., to induce referral of patients
states with licensure laws
States with Licensure Laws
  • California
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Louisiana
  • Montana
  • Nevada – LA’s only
  • New York
  • North Dakota
  • Rhode Island
  • Tennessee
  • West Virginia
states currently working towards licensure
States Currently Working Towards Licensure
  • Illinois
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Massachusetts
  • Texas
benefits of licensure
Benefits of Licensure
  • Improved the image of the profession
  • Continuing education
  • People entering the profession enjoy the esteem of being licensed professionals
  • Networking
  • Prevents known undesirables from practicing in the field
  • Removes some individuals who are incompetent
initial application for new graduates
Initial Application for New Graduates
  • Print application from website at
  • Request fingerprint cards from LSBME
    • Phone: 504 568-6820 X261
    • Get fingerprinted by a law enforcement agency
      • Must be on cards provided by LSBME
name page
Name Page
  • If immediate employment is desired, check boxes marked “full” and “temporary”
    • Fee
      • Submit $50 for temporary license and
      • Submit $50 for full license
    • When certification exam scores are received by LSBME, license will be automatically upgraded
name page1
Name Page
  • List all names including maiden name
    • Include certified copy of marriage license or divorce decree if applicable
  • Page must be notarized
    • Do not sign any of the pages with a space for a notary’s signature until you are in the presence of a notary
oath or affirmation
Oath or Affirmation
  • All questions on this page must be answered
  • Page must be signed before a notary
  • Any “yes” answer must be accompanied by a sworn affidavit
  • Answer all questions honestly
    • Even dismissed criminal acts will remain in the criminal report
    • CLPC looks more positively on applicants who answer “yes"
certificate of dean registrar
Certificate of Dean/Registrar
  • Must have notarized passport quality picture in section 1
  • Must be given to the school registrar to sign section 2
    • It cannot be completed until after graduation
program directors
Program Directors
  • Send list of students who will graduate to LSBME about 2 months prior to graduation
  • Have students submit applications about 2 months prior to graduation
    • Order criminal background check
  • Have students give you the notarized form titled “Certificate of Dean/Registrar”
  • Official transcript from college granting degree sent directly from school to LSBME immediately after graduation
  • Certified birth certificate
    • Or passport (original)
    • Or foreign birth certificate and naturalization papers (original)
  • Notarized copy of marriage license
  • Notarized copy of divorce decree
national certification exam scores
National Certification Exam Scores
  • Complete the form requesting exam scores
  • Send directly to certifying agency
  • LSBME must receive score directly from certifying agency
important reminder
Important Reminder!
  • Account for all time after high school graduation
    • If not working, list unemployed