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Affordable Housing Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
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Affordable Housing Workshop

Affordable Housing Workshop

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Affordable Housing Workshop

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  1. Affordable Housing Workshop Research & Information Literacy Workshop Blackader-Lauterman Library of Architecture & Art

  2. Outline • Information Literacy • Getting Started • Electronic and Print Tools • Basic tools • Electronic indexes and journals • Subject guides • Websites Evaluate your findings Citation styles

  3. I. Information Literacy and Research

  4. Information Literacy • Information literacy requires individuals to "recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information.” • (American Library Association. Presidential Committee on Information Literacy. Final Report.(Chicago: American Library Association, 1989.)

  5. Set of Student Abilities: • Determine the extent of information needed • Access the needed information effectively and efficiently • Evaluate information and its sources critically • Useinformation effectively to accomplish a specific purpose (i.e. write-well!) • Understand the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information, and access and use informationethically and legally • From Association of College and Research Libraries:Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education. 20/11/02

  6. Research Skills =Information Literacy Skills! • To support your arguments and conclusions: you will require: • Evidence from various sources & • Critical thinking skills

  7. II. Getting Started Determine how much information is needed & Use information effectively

  8. Step 1: Define information needed for your topic • HOW will I find it? • Reference works and monographs • Textbooks and journal articles • Web Resources

  9. Step 2: Narrow Your Topic: An Example 20th Century Architecture World Fairs EXPO 67 Habitat ‘67

  10. Use KeywordsAND Subject Headings Keywords= Broad searches Green Architecture= 151 hits Affordable Housing= 95 hits Architecture and Environment= 523 hits Subject Headings = Narrower searches Sustainable Architecture= 26 hits Low-income housing= 41 hits Architecture--Environmental aspects= 127 hits Step 3: Finding resources in the LIBRARY CATALOGUE

  11. . . . now limit your search . . . Narrowing Your Topic By: • Date of Publication • Language • Format • Location (ex: just items in Blackader)

  12. Also, Limit Through Advanced Keyword Searching!

  13. Also, Limit Through Advanced Keyword Searching!

  14. III. Various Electronic and Print Resources Access the needed information effectively and efficiently

  15. Documents-Both Electronic & Print • Dictionaries, thesauri and bibliographies • Monographs (books) • Journal indexes & articles • Exhibition catalogues • Electronic image and other online resources • Primary documents (Letters, etc.)

  16. Blackader Website and Subject Pathfinders • • Minimum Cost Housing Pathfinders

  17. Some Basic Tools

  18. Art & Architecture Thesaurus • Provides excellent scope notes (short definitions) • links to synonyms • (Ex: search “low cost housing”)

  19. Bibliographies • Lists of books and/or journal articles on a particular topic. • Bibliographies can be found: • As a whole work • (Use the keyword or subject word: ‘bibliography’ inMUSE) • In encyclopedias and books • At the end of journal articles

  20. Bibliographies Cont.. • Higher Degree Dissertations with Relevance to DevelopingZ5055 G7 N4 1988 (Ref) • Housing for Developing Countries: Short BibliographyZ7164 H8 T56 1985 (Ref) • Housing Policy: An International BibliographyZ7164 H8 N48 1986 (Ref) • Journal of Planning Literature including CPL BibliographiesNA9000 J68 (Periodical) • International Bibliography of Prefabricated HousingZ7914 B9 M3 (Ref) • Low Cost Housing in Developing CountriesZ7914 B9 I27 no.129 (Ref) • Published Research IndexHD7287.5 P83 1996 (Ref) • Self-Help Housing Projects in Developing CountriesZ7914 B9 I27 no.131 (Ref)

  21. Electronic Journal Indexes &Electronic Journals

  22. Indexes • You want to know what journals published articles on a particular topic • You need to useIndexes to search across numerous journals • Go to the McGill Library home page • Click on Indexes and Databases

  23. PAIS International • PAIS=Public Affairs Information Service • Indexes Journal Articles and Books from 1972-present • Updated quarterly • Search example = low-cost housing= 69 hits

  24. Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals • Currently, over 464,303 indexed articles from 2,863 journals published from 1930 onwards • Search “low income housing”= 484 hits

  25. Article Indexes and Databases • ABI Inform • America History and Life • Avery Index • Art Abstracts • Sage Urban Studies Abstracts • Social Sciences Citation Index • Sociological Abstracts • UrbaDoc

  26. Accessing Journal Articles • Follow the feature to see if McGill has access to the article • If the article is available online, follow the links that appear • If the article is available in paper • Verify that McGill owns the volume/issue required in the Holdings information • Record the full citation (journal title, volume, issue, page numbers) • Record the journal call number (e.g. Oxford Art Journal HT169 A8 U72  Locate the journal on the shelves or request from storage

  27. Electronic Journals • Two types: • Free Journals (Be wary of quality!) • And McGill User restricted Access Journals: • Often you can send articles to your e-mail • or save them to disc, especially PDF files

  28. EJournals • Journal of Housing and the Built Environment  • Housing, Theory, and Society  • The Journal of Housing and Community Development  • Housing Studies • Environmental Building News 

  29. Electronic Reference and WWW Resources

  30. Google Scholar: Overview • Search for scholarly literature, including journal articles, theses, and books across various databases simultaneously • Access to abstract/citation, and in some cases full-text articles • Trace citation path of a given work and find related materials • Advanced search options: search by author, publication, date(s), or subject area

  31. Google Scholar: Searching Trace citations or find related material = 7,360 records

  32. Google Scholar: Searching Citation path – can lead to further useful sources! Access article through McGill catalogue Related material

  33. Google Scholar: Searching Limit results by journal (for example)

  34. Comparison Search: Web of Science Use advanced search limits (e.g. language, document type) or refine results = 112 records Trace citations Access article through McGill catalogue

  35. Web Resources • Blackader-Lauterman Web Resources • • • Others: Planetizen Wikipedia Building Green Suite WWW Virtual Library: Sustainable Development

  36. More On-Line Resources: • Here at McGill: • Blackader’s Online Reference Service • McGill’s Interlibrary Loan-Colombo • Other Library Catalogues • Minimum Cost Housing Group

  37. Print Resources

  38. Selected Print Reference Sources • Consult: • Van Vliet, W. ed. The Encyclopedia of Housing. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 1998. • Leung, Hok-Lin and Kevin A. Harper. International Experiences with Performance-Based Planning. Ottawa: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, 2000. • Skelton, Ian. The Shelter Shortage: New Directions for Low-Cost Housing Policy in Canada. Ottawa: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, 1998. • Check New Acquistions on the Blackader Lauterman Website for the latest materials!

  39. Storage Materials • Storage Materials available by request at Reference Desk • Materials requested Mon.-Thur.: available the following morning after 11AM • Requests made Fri-Sat, will be available the following Monday after 11AM

  40. IV. EVALUATIONEvaluate information and its sources critically

  41. Evaluating the Source of Materials • Not all databases/sites are equal! Check the date of the last update Check the sources: who’s in charge? • Consider your research needs Are you looking for textual information? Are you looking for images? • Consult McGill Libraries Internet Searching page

  42. V. CitationsUse informationethically and legally

  43. EndNote • Create and manage bibliographies • Available to all McGill students, faculty and staff • Download free of charge to your computer • Schedule of training sessions provided on the McGill Library website under Classes, Workshops, Tours • More information available at EndNote • To download EndNote

  44. Footnotes There is a mismatch between our existing housing stock and those seeking homes.¹ 1. David J. Brown, ed. The HOME House Project: the Future of Affordable Housing. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2004. p.10. The 24-unit housing block is one of the first housing units completed in Toronto since 1995….² 2. Marybeth McTeague. “A Case Study in Affordable Housing: Trellis Gardens”. Canadian Architect: 49 no.7 (July 2004): 33-5.

  45. Bibliography or Works Cited Then alphabetize your footnote references at the the end of the paper: Brown, David J. ed. The HOME House Project: the Future of Affordable Housing. Cambridge, MA.: MIT Press, 2004. McTeague, Marybeth. “A Case Study in Affordable Housing: Trellis Gardens.” Canadian Architect 49 no.7 (July 2004).

  46. Parenthetical References There is a mismatch between our existing housing stock and those seeking homes. (Brown, 10) The 24-unit housing block is one of the first housing units completed in Toronto since 1995…. (McTeague, 33)

  47. Reference List-Similar to a Bibliography Brown, David J. 2004. The HOME House Project: the Future of Affordable Housing. Cambridge, MA.: MIT Press. McTeague, Marybeth. 2004. Canadian Architect 49 no.7: 33

  48. Citation of Electronic Sources • Electronic styles : a handbook for citing electronic information BLDR REF PN171 D37L5 1996 Ask at the reference desk

  49. Citing Websites Brooks, David. (2005, September 9). Katrina's Silver Lining New York Times [Online]. Available:[2006,September 6].

  50. Good Luck!! And Remember… We are at the Blackader Reference Desk if you need further assistance