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Lesson five. Say Yes. Words and expressions. blur : to obscure, to make indistinct E.g. ~ the line between art and reality ~ the distinction between right and wrong T ears ~red my eyes. The alcohol didn’t blur his brain. pinch. 1. to nip, squeeze, or compress

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Lesson five

Lesson five

Say Yes

Words and expressions
Words and expressions

  • blur: to obscure, to make indistinct

  • E.g. ~ the line between art and reality

  • ~ the distinction between right and wrong

  • Tears ~red my eyes.

  • The alcohol didn’t blur his brain.


  • 1. to nip, squeeze, or compress

  • E.g. to ~ sb’s cheek playfully

  • to ~ one’s finger in the door

  • 2. to afflict or trouble

  • E.g. be ~ed with cold and hunger

  • 3. to give or spend sparingly; be mean

  • E.g. ~ and save / scrape

  • She ~es on food in order to spend on clothing.

  • pinch pennies

  • E.g. We’ve been pinching pennies all year so that we can visit my relatives in Australia in December.

More idioms with pinch
More idioms with “pinch”

  • at a pinch

  • E.g. We usually only accept 55 guests but at a pinch we could take 60.

  • take sth with a pinch of salt

  • E.g. She told me she knew people in the film industry, but I took that with a pinch of salt.

  • feel the pinch

  • E.g. It’s six months since he lost his job, and he is beginning to feel the pinch.


  • E.g. The temperature ~d below freezing.

  • The price of oil has ~d to a new low.

  • The dangerous policies would ~ Europe into another war.

  • take the plunge

  • E.g. After working for twenty years he decided to take the plunge and go back to college.

Rummage to search about for sth
rummage: to search about for sth

  • She ~d change from the bottom of her purse.

  • He ~d about in his drawer.

  • ~ among back number periodicals for an article

  • ~ a ship for contraband

Words meaning search or examine
Words meaning “search” or “examine”

  • Did you lock the door? – I’ll go and check.

  • The water samples were examined for traces of pollution.

  • The social services are inquiring about the missing girl.

  • The police probed into his financial affairs.

  • The team went to the desert to prospect for oil.

  • He accused the press of prying into his private life.

  • While she was out, someone had ransacked her room.

  • We scanned the horizon but no ship were to be seen.

  • We scoured the market for fresh aubergines.

  • We discovered that our neighbors had been spying on us.


  • -ware: manufactured goods

  • ironware, software, hardware, glassware, earthenware, ovenware


  • snap one’s fingers at

  • E.g. If you continue to snap your fingers at your boss, you may be severely punished.

  • snap / bite sb’s head off

  • E.g. He is just making a suggestion: there’s no need to snap his head off / snap at him!

  • be a snap

  • E.g. This job is a snap.


  • snap out of it

  • E.g. For heaven’s sake, Ann, snap out of it! Things are not that bad.

  • snap to it

  • E.g. Come on! Snap to it.


  • E.g. to ~ some juice from the orange

  • ~ many things into a day

  • ~ through a narrow passage

  • a tight ~: a situation where one does not have much space to put things in;


  • put the ~ on sb (to do sth):

  • E.g. Rising fuel prices are putting the squeeze on farmers and transport businesses.

  • ~ sb dry

  • E.g. The war, as well as the economic sanctions imposed by foreign countries, have squeezed the economy dry.

Language points in text
Language points in text

  • pitch in: start to work vigorously or determinedly; add one’s contribution to a general effort

  • E.g. If we all ~, we should get the job finished this afternoon.

Don t take my word for it don t accept everything i said as true
Don’t take my word for it: don’t accept everything I said as true

  • take sb’s word for it: believe sth that sb has said

  • E.g. You know more about cars than I do, so if you think it needs a new gearbox, I’ll take your word for it.

  • You can take my word for it, I’ll never let you down.

Dab to touch lightly usu several times
dab: to touch lightly, usu. several times

  • E.g.

  • ~ at his mouth with a handkerchief

  • ~ some beauty cream on her face

  • ~ butter on a slice of bread

  • The artist gently ~bed paint on the canvas.

  • She ~bed the wound with a yellow salve.

Feel cornered expressions similar in meaning 1
feel cornered—expressions similar in meaning(1)

  • If I help him, the boss will hate me . If I don’t help him the office staff will hate me. I’m between the devil and the deep blue sea.

  • We’ll really get in Dutch if we lose the car keys. They’re the only ones our parents have.

  • When we ran out of gas at two o’clock in the morning, I knew we were in a jam.


  • Having lost her passport, she is now in deep water.

  • He has got himself in hot water by quarrelling with his boss.

  • If you don’t do a good job, you will be in a bind.


  • He thought living at home was bad, but now that he is in New York, he realizes that he has jumped from the frying pan into the fire.

  • We are up against it this year. We’re in urgent need of your help.

  • When Peter was driving on the free way at midnight, his car broke down and left him up a tree.

  • I was in a bad pickle when I lost my job.

P126 tone vs tune
P126 tone vs tune

  • tone: 1) sound with reference to its quality: the sweet ~ of the violin; the shrill ~ of the factory whistle

  • 2) the intonation, phrasing, choice of words etc. of a speaker or writer that expresses a particular meaning, feeling, attitude of him: speak in an angry ~ / in a ~ of contempt / disapproval;

  • 3) the rise or fall of the voice in speaking or pronunciation: pay attention to the rising and falling ~s in your pronunciation

  • 4) shades of color: a photo in warm ~; the coat is a light ~ of green

  • tune: suggests the succession of note forming a melody (of a song), used often in opposition to the words of a song

  • E.g. He hummed a ~ to keep his courage up.

  • Never shall I forget that haunting ~.

Question vs problem
question vs problem

  • question is more general, while problem refers to a question esp. connected with numbers and facts, like problems in addition and subtraction

  • question is more general while problem often refers to a serious difficulty that needs attention and thought

Ashamed vs shameful
ashamed vs shameful

  • ashamed:

  • You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • He said he felt ashamed of having done so little for the society.

  • shameful:

  • It is shameful that she stole money from the blind man.

  • The correspondent had discovered their shameful treatment of political prisoners.