210 mc broadcast production nina vara holly wetherall sally montague n.
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210 MC broadcast production Nina Vara Holly Wetherall Sally Montague PowerPoint Presentation
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210 MC broadcast production Nina Vara Holly Wetherall Sally Montague

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210 MC broadcast production Nina Vara Holly Wetherall Sally Montague

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210 MC broadcast production Nina Vara Holly Wetherall Sally Montague

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  1. 210 MC broadcast production Nina Vara Holly Wetherall Sally Montague

  2. All Star Mrs and Mrs • The new show all-star Mr. and Mrs. started spring 2008 The idea of the show is to test celebrity couples on how much they know about each other it is presented by popular hosts Fern and Phil • All star Mr. and Mrs is a revived version of the previous show Mr. and Mrs. which ran from 1973 for over 20 years • on ITV and has been very successful slotting itself into prime time Saturday night television on ITV

  3. 3 rounds Aim – win money for charity The content • 3 celebrity couples • 3 rounds • Aim – win money for charity

  4. Introduction • After a short title sequence the presenters introduce themselves and introduce the celebrity couples on the show this week • The program starts after and initial introduction there is a short VT clip of each celebrity couple giving the public and insight into the celebrity’s relationship.

  5. Rounds of questioning – round 1 • 4 questions asked to the celebrity about their partner • The partner is in a sound proof booth as they are asked the questions then once answered the partner would come out and answer the questions on themselves and Fern and Phil calculate how well the couples have matched • The next two couples follow this process

  6. Rounds of questioning round 2 The couples are separated into two booths where they each have two colored marks, a blue one for the man and a pink one for the woman. They are both asked questions and each couple and the same time has to answer if is the man or the woman in which the question refers to. The is a noise indicating with a ‘ping’ if its right and a ‘uh-uuuh’ if its wrong. • There are 6 questions.

  7. Rounds of questioning - final round • The celebrity couple with the highest matches through the game gets to play for big money for a chosen charity this format follows the same format as the first round. But they each get turns to answer questions about each other while the other is in the booth. They each get points, which increases their money.

  8. And the winner gets... • Each celebrity gets awarded with a sparkly carriage clock and some money towards the charity of here choice.

  9. Research for programme content • Once the show has cast the celebrities they then have to talk to them to gain research of how they get together, ask them questions about their relation ships in order for them to create questions for the presenters to ask. • They also have to film the VT’S in which I they get to interview the couples and ask more questions abut them. • Researches also get interviews with each couple individually to gain gossip on the other person. • It is essential the researchers get all the right facts on the couple as it is going on TV. 

  10. Set design • It is filmed in a studio • The colour theme is black blue and purple – which is a sophisticated look representing each sex • They also use pink and blue props to represent the sexes. • He lighting is low light with sparkly lights making the set look very glamorous, which suits the Saturday night venue. • The studio is set up almost like a large stage

  11. Audience • The audience ranges from around 20-60 a very large range, as they use celebrity couples of all ages and all kinds of relationship stages it is interesting for a large audience • The show is so popular because of the appeal for the public to get an insight into the celebrities married life • Also find out about their bad habits and funny relationship stories • By using popular presenters like fern Britton and Phillip Schofield which also have a large fan base you are attracting an audience from there other shows such as This morning which caters for a similar audience

  12. Website • The webpage for all star Mr and Mrs is a page attached to the ITV website which is linked to the ITV website which makes it accessible for the viewers to find the all star webpage The page itself is very basic, onlygiving you information when the next show is and somevideos of past celebrities. Itisn’t very interactive