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GCSE EXAM 2013. Theme : Worldwide Transport Context : Educational product for a child. Theme: Worldwide Transport Context: Educational Product for a Child. Fabrics suitable for a child’s product. Educational Product for a child. Noises, lights, textures, SMART materials?.

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Gcse exam 2013


Theme: Worldwide Transport

Context: Educational product for a child

Theme worldwide transport context educational product for a child
Theme: Worldwide Transport Context: Educational Product for a Child

Fabrics suitable for a child’s product

Educational Product for a child

Noises, lights, textures, SMART materials?

Washable fabrics




How is it educational?

First Thoughts!


Educational features
Educational Features

  • Colours

  • Textures to explore – fabrics, pleats, gathers, folds.

  • Sounds – squeakers, rattles, bells.

  • Recognition of shapes, alphabet, numbers, colours, shapes.

  • Role play - puppets

  • Sharing – taking turns

  • Matching games

  • Fine motor skills – lift up flaps, holding, pulling

  • Hand/eye coordination – throwing, lifting, pointing, stacking.

  • What if questions – what if I pull this/lift up this flap?

  • Books – turning pages and ‘reading’ from left to right.

Gcse exam 2013

  • Wall hangings

  • Pockets

  • Pictures/images to stick on or move around

  • Words and phrases

  • Hanging up method

Easy to draw

How can you show activities?

Gcse exam 2013

  • Soft sculptures/toys

  • Educational features?

  • Carry case

  • Sounds – squeaker/rattles/bell

  • Textures from different fabrics

  • ABC/shapes/numbers/colours

How will you show a front view and back view?

Gcse exam 2013

  • Play cubes

  • Fold out flat

  • Pockets

  • Lift up flaps

  • Storage bag

  • Handle

  • Sounds

  • Textures

Gcse exam 2013

Fabric Books

Number of pages

Pockets/lift up flaps




Types of transport


How will you draw it on your page?

Gcse exam 2013

Play mats

Transport theme, add soft toys for cars, boats etc.

Fold up/out

Easy to draw

How can you show activities?

Gcse exam 2013

Pop-Up Play Tents

Good for role play, sharing, pretending.

London Underground / Train Inspired Pop up tent

Safety issues in products for children

Safety Issues in Products for Children

Use non toxic dyes – young children will suck fabrics and could be poisoned by toxic dyes.

Buttons must be securely stitched on and should not look like food. They must be large enough to not cause a choking hazard.

Products should not have long ties or ribbons as this is a potential strangulation hazard.

Avoid small components such as sequins and beads that could be a choking hazard.

Soft toys should have strong seams so that the stuffing will not come out. Children could choke on stuffing.

Avoid long pile fur fabrics as the fibres can be a choking hazard.

Products should not have any sharp components such as wires or metal zips.


  • Use the mood boards to sketch some ideas for products and transport images and motifs.

  • Carry out extra research using the internet to generate as many ideas as possible.

  • Draw two initial ideas.

    REMEMBER: You need TWO different initial ideas for your exam paper.

Task two final idea
Task Two Final Idea

  • Choose one of your initial ideas to develop.

  • Draw a front and back view. Fill an A3 sheet of paper.

  • Improve, change and develop it in some way from your initial idea.

  • Add colour – pencil crayons only.

  • Add activities such as sounds and lift up flaps.

  • Add notes to explain the educational value.

    Be ready to add detailed annotation next lesson.


  • Calico or poplin – cotton plain weaves so good for printing on.

  • Denim – 100% cotton twill weave so strong and hardwearing.

  • Polyester velour – soft, furry texture but without a long pile so safer than fur fabric.

  • Polyester satin – shiny and smooth to give a different texture but satin weave is not hard wearing.

  • Corduroy – cotton but has interesting ridged texture.

  • Velvet – soft pile fabric usually cotton.

  • Thermochromicdyes – change colour with heat.

  • Phosphorescent dye – glows in the dark


  • Embroidery thread, sewing thread

  • Sounds – squeakers, rattles, crinkly paper, bells

  • Bondaweb for applique

  • Velcro

  • Stuffing and wadding

  • Lace, ribbon, yarn for couching


Electronic Components:



Buttons to press!

Decoration techniques
Decoration Techniques

Block printing


Fabric painting


Tie dye





Smart Materials:

Thermochromic dyes – change colour with heat

Phosphorescent dyes – glow in the dark

UV reactive dyes – appear under UV light.