Engagement During Studying
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Engagement During Studying. Names : . Layla Abo Ismael & Rozan Massri. What is the effect of the engagement on the girl during studying period?.

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Engagement during studying

Engagement During Studying

Names :

Layla Abo Ismael&Rozan Massri

Engagement during studying

What is the effect of the engagement on the girl during studying period?

Engagement during studying

Once upon a time there was a single girl called Lena. She studies at the university for three years the Economics and Business Administration subject. She spends her time among the books and exams even she’s forget sometimes to see her friends. She’s very serious student and she passes her exams successfully.

Engagement during studying

Before she started her studying at the university, she decided to invest her efforts to achieve what she dreamed: to be a successful person in her society. She’s strongly opposed to give up her dream for any reason. After a few months she got engaged. At the beginning she felt very happy, and her life becomes full of imaginations, until she started to ignore her responsibilities.

Engagement during studying

Three weeks later, the final exams begin. Lena thinks a lot, she knew that she had lost a lot of time without interest. So she decided to gather her attention, and she promised herself to study hard. She planned for every thing except the unexpected visits. Her fiancé, Sam, surprised her many times without prior agreement, which lead to waste of time. Although she felt uncomfortable, she was very shy to tell Sam, she cannot receive him during that days( especially she need time to study well).

Engagement during studying

Eventually, Lena dared to tell her fiancé what she wanted. At the beginning Sam didn’t accept her arguments, and he thought that she’s not happy to be with him. Lena didn’t give up to convince him quietly, she asked him if he likes to see her a successful woman in the future. Lena confirmed, she loves him very much. In addition she promised him, they will spend all the time together after the exams. Finally Sam convinced, because he loves Lena and he cannot live without her.