Today and 20 years before
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Today and 20 years before. Miller diaz Juan Bulla Alejandro Otero. Weapons: Sniper rifle.

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Today and 20 years before

Today and 20 years before

Miller diaz

Juan Bulla

Alejandro Otero

Weapons sniper rifle
Weapons: Sniper rifle

  • 20 years before sniper rifles were such different than today; they changed their weight, mass, the quantity of shots in a short time that can be made, the distance that they can reach and their precision.

Weapons sniper rifle1
Weapons: Sniper rifle

  • 20 years before a sniper rifle weight more than 20kg actually they are around 5 and 10 kg depending if there are police or military rifles. Before sniper rifles were very long with this they could have long distance shots, nowadays this rifles are shorter and thinner and with actual technology they can shot long distances without having to mass.

Weapons sniper rifle2
Weapons: Sniper rifle

  • In 1990’s rifles could have maximum 5 shots per charger (making shooting slow), actually the rifles put new bullets in in a very fast way, there are automatic. In 1990 the sniper rifles could reach objectives in an 800m distance, nowadays they could reach more than 2000m. The telescopic view that rifles had in 1990 was 1.8x maximum, nowadays you can have a 4x telescopic view.

Today and 20 years before

Weapons: Sniper rifle

  • All this improvements made sniper rifles a more lethal weapon that the one (that was also lethal) of the 1990’s.

Sports volleyball
Sports: Volleyball

  • 20 years before volleyball was different than the one we know today; their rules change mainly in the punctuation, the libero and the time of the matches.

Sports volleyball1
Sports: Volleyball

  • In 1990’s to achieve a point you needed that your team was the one serving if this wasn’t happening you needed to win the service and then you can win the point; This method of punctuation made the matches very long and bored, they could last up to 7 hours. because of all this they changed to a simple punctuation method if you make a point it is valid it doesn’t matter if you have the service.

Sports volleyball2
Sports: Volleyball

  • These make the volleyball a more interesting sport. The other big change was the creation of a new player called the libero, this player as a different color of uniform, can’t attack, serve, block or be the captain; this player is specialized on defense.

Sports volleyball3
Sports: Volleyball

  • With all this changes they make volleyball an easy sport very interesting and amazing to see. I expect you learned something reading this article.