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Presentation to the 2010 Research Forum, Athabasca University. April 27, 2010. Outline:. Program Architecture Renewal Research Priorities and Joint Initiatives CFI and SSHRC CFI and MCRI. 2. SSHRC’s Program Architecture Renewal.

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Presentation to the 2010 Research Forum,

Athabasca University

April 27, 2010


Program Architecture Renewal

Research Priorities and

Joint Initiatives




Sshrc s program architecture renewal
SSHRC’s Program Architecture Renewal

  • Over the past 30 years, SSHRC has created and funded a large and complex program portfolio resulting in approximately 30 separately branded competitions per year and a complex peer/merit review committee structure

  • By renewing SSHRC’s program structure our purpose is to create opportunities to deliver:

    • greater overall program coherence

    • a simpler interface between applicants and SSHRC

    • improved service

Our vision notre vision
Our Vision / Notre vision

To create a more flexible and effective system of application and assessment to support the most promising students, the best researchers, and the mobilization of social sciences and humanities research knowledge.

Proposed structure for the renewed program architecture
Proposed Structure for the Renewed Program Architecture

Three programs:

  • Talent

  • Insight

  • Connection

    Two funding streams:

  • Individual researchers and research teams

  • Formal partnerships



Research Development Initiatives

Strategic research development grants (several)

Research Development Grants


Standard Research Grants

Strategic research grants (several)

Research Grants

Aid to Scholarly Workshops & Conferences

International Opportunities Fund: Workshops & Conferences

Public Outreach Workshops & Conferences Grants

Workshops and Conferences

Public Outreach Dissemination Grants

Tools aspects of Standard Research Grants

Image, Text, Sound and Technology: Summer Institutes

Outreach and Tools


No changes at this time

Aid to Scholarly Journals

Community-University Research Alliance

Major Collaborative Research Initiatives

Strategic Knowledge Clusters

Knowledge Impact in Society










No changes at this time

Fellowships and scholarships

Proposed insight program research development grants
Proposed Insight Program – Research Development Grants

  • Support research in its initial stages.

  • Help researchers to develop new research questions and approaches.

  • Assist new scholars in establishing a record of research achievement at the outset of their careers.

  • Introduction of two separate funding envelopes – for new and established scholars.

  • Separate funding opportunity for workshops and conferences.

Proposed insight program research grants
Proposed Insight Program – Research Grants

  • Support research as proposed by scholars;

  • Provide opportunities for the training of future researchers;

  • Contribute to the development or elaboration of new theoretical or methodological approaches to research;

  • Maintain and develop disciplinary and multidisciplinary research activities, as well as expertise in a variety of thematic areas; and,

  • Promote the mobilization of research knowledge both within and beyond the academic community.

Connection program objectives
Connection Program: Objectives

  • Facilitate the multidirectional flow of knowledge among researchers and between the campus and the larger community, in order to enhance intellectual, cultural, social and economic influence, benefit, and impact;

  • Increase the accessibility of social sciences and humanities research knowledge;

  • Build reciprocal relationships among researchers and between researchers and those in a position to either co-create or use research knowledge; and

  • Support the development of networks and tools designed to facilitate scholarly work as well as to make it more accessible to various audiences.

Proposed insight connection partnership development grants and partnerships grants
Proposed Insight/Connection: Partnership Development Grants and Partnerships Grants

  • Support formal partnerships by teams and institutions

  • Encourage a broad variety of partnerships (inter-institutional, international, cross-sectoral)

  • Allow for a variety of approaches to partnering (disciplinary, interdisciplinary, co-creation of knowledge)

  • Provide an opportunity to leverage resources

Research priorities at sshrc
Research Priorities at SSHRC and Partnerships Grants

The majority of funded proposals do not fall with research areas defined as research priorities

Research themes have traditionally been approved by Council after suitable consultation or developed at the direction of the Government of Canada. Current research priorities are: Aboriginal research; Digital media; Environment; Northern research; Innovation, Leadership and Prosperity (per Federal Budget 2007 funding for Management, Business, and Funding)

A process to renew research themes will be undertaken within the next two years.

Joint initiatives intended outcomes
Joint Initiatives – Intended Outcomes: and Partnerships Grants

  • Build and legitimize new and emerging research areas (e.g. Global Climate Change)

  • Develop capacity and research infrastructure via the creation of networks and centres (e.g. Oceans Management Research Network, Canadian Election Studies Initiative)

  • Leverage of SSHRC research grants (e.g.. ICURA) and SSHRC operating funds (e.g. Tri-Council Knowledge Synthesis)

  • Forge linkages and manage relationships between SSHRC, funders (particularly federal government partners), researchers and practitioners, the private sector and students (e.g. Auto Partnership Canada)

Sshrc and cfi
SSHRC and CFI and Partnerships Grants

The Canada Foundation of Innovation (CFI) and SSHRC are working together:

  • MCRI and CFI

    • Applicants for MCRIs may also be able to secure infrastructure funding to support their research from the Canada Foundation for Innovation’s Leaders Opportunity Fund at the formal application stage

  • SSHRC/CFI joint initiative

    • Currently under discussion

    • Estimated $2.5 million for research plus funds for infrastructure

    • Date TBA

Over to you

Over to you… and Partnerships Grants

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