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Adelaide Nick Gleghorn

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Adelaide Nick Gleghorn - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Adelaide Nick Gleghorn. Brisbane Gregory Cope (acting). Darwin Phyllis Williams. Perth Alan Ralph. State Office Network. Sydney Cindy Dennis. Melbourne and Hobart Ross Gibbs. Executive and Information Services Branch Len Marsden

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  • Nick Gleghorn
  • Brisbane
  • Gregory Cope (acting)
  • Darwin
  • Phyllis Williams
  • Perth
  • Alan Ralph
  • State Office Network
  • Sydney
  • Cindy Dennis
  • Melbourne and Hobart
  • Ross Gibbs

Executive and Information Services Branch

  • Len Marsden
  • Ensure the Archives is properly governed, strategically focussed and accountable, and supported by effective and efficient ICT capability.
  • Strategic Planning and Governance
  • Tracey Baxter
  • The Governance Section is responsible for the Archives’ business continuity management, risk management, agency security, emergency planning, and fraud control. The key responsibilities of the section are: to ensure compliance with the Archives' responsibilities as an Executive Agency under relevant legislation; coordinate strategic planning and reporting; and oversight of the Archives' Recordkeeping Unit (RKU) including recordkeeping policies and procedures, management of the recordkeeping system (RKS), and mail and freight services. The section also includes supports the AD-G’s oversight of the state offices and coordinates the State Office Network.
  • Provides strategic support and coordination of the Archives' whole-of-organisation relationships including Portfolio Minister's and Secretary's Offices and secretariat support for the Archives’ Advisory Council and Executive Board. It also coordinates external Senior Management Meetings and the Archives' relationships with key international stakeholders such as ICA, Forum of National Archivists (FAN) and other global peers; plays an active role in PARBICA, the Pacific Regional Branch of the ICA; and coordinates visits from international delegations and the Archives' engagement with professional archives associations such as CAARA. The section also coordinates the Archives’ role in the development of international and national archival standards.
  • Provides ICT systems and services support including desktops, printers, photocopiers and phones; manages our servers; software and hardware approval and acquisition; ICT policy development and a responsive Help Desk service. It also maintains ICT systems and infrastructure and ensures the Archives compliance with the Whole of Government ICT policy framework.
  • Provides legal advice to the Director-General on matters relevant to the function and operation of the Archives. In addition it provides legal advice to line areas which may include liaison with external legal service providers .
  • The role of this section is to support the design and development of new technological systems of the Archives to meet emerging requirements and support the strategic goals of the Archives.
  • ICT Business Systems Development
  • Anne Robertson
  • International and Strategic Liaison
  • Helen Walker
  • Legal Services
  • Rhian Williams
  • ICT Infrastructure Support
  • and Systems
  • Dave Power

Government Information Assurance and Policy Branch

  • Anne Lyons
  • Determine policies, standards and provide advice to achieve the continuous improvement of Commonwealth information management and assure the effective stewardship of Commonwealth information by agencies.
  • Agency Capability Development
  • Kerry Moir
  • The role of the section is to build digital information management capability across the Australian Government to improve accountability, efficiency and effectiveness; and to promote the Archives’ information management initiatives to agencies and other key stakeholders. Responsibilities include developing and delivering training programs including e-learning modules; research, development and review of website and other content; communication with government agencies and other key stakeholders to promote the Archives’ information management initiatives, and services and building relationships with tertiary institutions and professional bodies to raise sector profile and professionalism.
  • Agency Accountability
  • Christine Johnston
  • Provides authorisation, assurance and advice to assist agencies to meet their obligations under the Archives Act. This includes: selecting the Archival resources of the Commonwealth; authorising the retention, destruction or transfer of Commonwealth records; issuing disposal freezes to suspend the destruction of Commonwealth records where this is needed to protect stakeholder interests or for accountability reasons; and through the National Transfer Service, negotiating transfer arrangements for acceptance of archival records by the Archives. The section also co-ordinates liaison with Australian Government agencies and provides guidance to them on information and records management policies, standards and best practice.
  • Strategic Initiatives and Policy
  • Linda MacFarlane
  • Responsible for the development of policies and strategic initiatives to ensure practical approaches to support and improve the management of information and records in Australian Government agencies. This includes contributing to the development of international and national standards, advising on information and records management implications of government policy and legislative reform (including COAG initiatives); collaborating in development of a metadata profile and standards that support both business and archival purposes; and engaging in strategic relationships with key government information agencies. The section will also advise on complex custody and ownership issues and other cross jurisdictional issues.
  • Digital Strategy and Solutions
  • Vacant
  • The section develops and leads the implementation of strategies to move agencies to adopt sustainable digital information and records management approaches and technologies. This includes coordinating the ongoing review of policies, standards and advice to ensure effective strategies to drive cultural and work process change; establishing benchmarking capabilities for continuous information management improvement; providing advice on government systems solutions in respect of the management of government information; reviewing and assessing emerging and innovative technologies, and ongoing engagement with key agencies, vendors and other relevant stakeholders to progress the digital agenda. The Digital Transition Policy reporting requirements will also be managed by the section.

Collection Management Branch

  • Vacant
  • Ensure the authenticity, integrity, useability and availability of the archival resources of the Commonwealth
  • AudioVisual Preservation
  • Vacant
  • This section is responsible for the national management and policy framework for the Archives’ audiovisual collection. In addition the section is responsible for the preservation, storage and lending work undertaken in the New South Wales office.
  • Collection Operations
  • Vacant
  • Responsible for the storage, lending, descriptive, records review and personal records functions. The section will: manage the day to day location and movements and large scale relocation of records in the Archives custody; ensure that records in the Archives are stored in appropriate environmental conditions to prevent deterioration and ensure their long-term access; reviews, lists and describes the Archives’ holdings so they are controlled in order to facilitate their care, management, storage, retrieval and use by government agencies and researchers. This applies to records from Commonwealth agencies as well as Personal Records.
  • Preservation and Digitisation
  • Julie Faulkner
  • The role of this section is to make archival resources accessible forever through conservation, preservation , digitisation and imaging; and to lead the development of national standards and policy.
  • AVAMS Project
  • Rose Holley
  • The AVAMS Project team is a temporary team set up to support the implementation of the Archives’ AudiovisualArchives Management System (AVAMS).

Access and Communication Branch

  • Margaret Chalker
  • Promoting and enabling access to the archival resources of the Commonwealth of Australia
  • Reference and
  • Information Services
  • Anne McLean
  • Facilitates access to the Archives’ collection by providing a national service to support the public to use and access the collection; and provides leadership in developing national policies, procedures and service standards for client service delivery. It also oversees research award programs, special interest group projects and the National Archives Indigenous Unit.
  • Access Examination
  • Fiona Sagripanti
  • Undertakes the access examination of records prior to their public release under the Archives Act, including the identification of material which is exempt from public access. It develops policies and procedures for access examination, and oversees and manages the access examination process across the Archives and within other agencies. It also manages internal reconsiderations and appeals to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) for decisions made under the Archives Act.
  • Digital and Online Access
  • Zoe D’Arcy
  • Manages, enhances and maintains the Archives’ online presence and the technical management of the content management systems. This includes its corporate websites, intranet, and facilitation of online access to the Archives’ collection and initiatives. The section researches, innovates and develops policy, processes and procedures for the Archives’ online presence including partnerships with commercial partners.
  • Strategic Communications and Access Programs
  • Shaun Rohrlach
  • Provides overall strategic coordination and advice on communications, access and engagement activities and programs. It leads strategies to engage with the public and targeted audiences, through face to face, networks and forums, exhibition and education programs, and increasingly digital channels, to provide an understanding of the role of the National Archives. It is responsible for building brand awareness, understanding and access to the collection, and it government and public services.

Corporate Services Branch

  • Cheryl Watson
  • Oversights the efficient, effective and ethical management of the Archives resources in accordance with the Commonwealth’s financial, employment and property legislative and policy frameworks and support the Archives to obtain the workforce, facilities and capability it requires to deliver its outcome and strategic priorities.
  • Finance
  • Craig Maconachie
  • Oversight the efficient, effective and ethical management of the Archives’ financial resources in accordance with the financial and policy framework of the Commonwealth. Provide advice to the Director-General with regard to individual obligations under the financial legislation and policy frameworks of the Commonwealth, the sustainability of the Archives’ financial position and the establishment of the Chief Executive Instructions and finance delegations. Meet the Department of Finance and other whole-of-Government reporting requirements. Support business areas in the preparation of the Archives’ internal budget and provide advice, assistance, tools and information to assist them to manage their budgets and meet compliance obligations.
  • People Management and Development
  • David Swan
  • Provide policies, advice, procedures and tools to the Archives in relation to people management and development so that the Archives is able to attract, retain and develop a workforce that is professional, capable, flexible, innovative and engaged within the employment legislation and policy framework of the Commonwealth. Support managers and employees in understanding and applying the Australian Public Service employment framework, conditions of service and their compliance obligations. Meet whole-of-Government reporting obligations.
  • Facilities and Procurement
  • Alison Daley

Oversight the effective, efficient and appropriate management of the Archives’ property portfolio across Australia and ensure compliance with all relevant legislation and the property management framework. Provide policies, advice, procedures and tools to support procurement activities in the Archives. Meet whole-of-Government reporting obligations.

  • Preservation and Storage Construction Team
  • Vacant
  • Manage the delivery of the Archives’ building program in accordance with Commonwealth legislation and the property management framework and ensure the program is delivered in accordance with the Government’s approval of the project and that it is on time and on budget.