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In French, l’enfant perdue is an expression that means “A lone soldier on a mission from which he may not return” Literally . . . The Lost Child A novel by Ken Haskins.

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In French, l’enfantperdue is an expression that means “A lone soldier on a mission from which he may not return”

Literally . . .

The Lost Child

A novel by Ken Haskins


“Ken Haskins is a talented writer who tells a gripping tale about Marie-France who joins a resistance cell during World War II, becoming a mistress of a German general. It’s a page turner as Marie-France attempts to help assassinate Hitler. The unexpected consequences keep the reader turning pages.”

--Neil Shulman,author of Doc Hollywood

The author was eleven years old when World War II ended. An older brother died before Ken was born but Herschel would have been a GI if he had lived. In 1945, Herschel would have returned home with the woman he met while on vacation in France in 1940. This is her story:

Marie-France Mirage has a promising career in grand opera when Germany invades France. Her uncle heads a resistance cell. He urges her to accept a German general’s employment offer as secretary and translator then demands that she encourage General Fischer’s advances; Marie-France becomes the general’s mistress.

With General Fischer’s assistance, Marie-France is invited to sing for Hitler’s birthday celebration. She and her uncle plan an assassination; the plot cannot be implemented but Marie-France returns to Paris with microfilm of Hitler’s secret weapon, the V-1 rocket.

For four years, Marie-France passes critical information to the Allies, helps downed airmen get back to England, and saves Jews destined for death camps. Everyone in her cell dies except Marie-France. The secret of her dual role is kept so well that she is accused and convicted of collaboration; in her case, a capital offense.