Created february 2014
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Created february 2014

Training for P-Card UsersEffective 4/1/2014, you will lose your p-card if you violate purchasing or p-card policy and procedures three (3) times. Please check the Procurement link or call Purchasing, 519-5477, to ensure your purchase conforms. Lack of timely reconciliation is also included in these three instances.

Created February, 2014

Created february 2014

What is a P-Card? Why do you have one?

  • A P-card is a procurement card in the name of the University that allows you to purchase certain goods and services necessary to further the educational purpose of the University. The card is issued in the name of the user, and as such makes you 100% responsible for all purchases made on the card. If you do not follow the guidelines when using the p-card, you may be subject to corrective action.

  • As part of your job responsibilities, you are required to purchase certain types of goods or services.

    Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you use my P-card

  • What are your Responsibilities

  • What are the benefits of using a P-card

  • What may you buy with your P-Card

Created february 2014

Benefits, Policies, & Help

  • Benefits: Obtain goods and Services faster and easier and reducing processing paperwork in departments and Finance

  • Allowing all groups involved in the program to be more effective and to focus on value-added aspects of their jobs

  • Promoting cost savings through consolidated payment – one monthly p-card bank payment vs. multiple vendor payments

  • Policies: State Purchasing Guidelines, Texas A&M University System and TAMU-CT Procedures govern.

  • Orders over $500.00 may not be placed with any vendor that is on hold with the State Comptroller’s Office

    For assistance:

  • Purchasing: 519-5477

  • Citibank/MasterCard Customer assistance 888-836-5011

Created february 2014

Your Responsibilities

  • Keep card secure

  • Keep all receipts for purchases as documentation and note when received

  • If you authorize another to use my card, ensure it is returned with all receipts and that policy was followed

  • Reconcile the account by the 12th of each month

  • Ensure NO travel expenses are paid with your card!

  • Do not exceed the per-transaction value of $5,000. Do not buy smaller $ value to the same vendor in several small purchases, known as sequential purchases, to avoid needing a purchase order or exceeding $5,000.

  • Keep your purchases at or below your monthly authorization of $20,000

  • Do NOT use for personal purposes

  • Do NOT purchase from vendors on vendor hold. You can find this out in FAMIS screens 103 or 204

  • If transferred to another department, return card to Purchasing

Created february 2014

How to use your card?

  • Use in accordance with University Purchasing requirements, posted on the Procurement web page

  • Order goods and services from suppliers and vendors

  • Obtain receipts for each purchase

  • Manage vendor credits, returns and disputes

  • Perform monthly review and reconciliations not later than the 12th of each month

  • Send an email to Kristine Hughes & Susan Bowden when your reconciliation is complete

  • Expenditures for food and/or refreshments from institutional funds are authorized to the extent that such expenditures enable the state agency to carry out an educational function, promote education in the State of Texas, or perform public service. Such purchases require a Food Purchase form(see Purchasing website) where required.

  • Outside food purchases must have an alcohol statement on the requisition – “No alcoholic beverages were purchased or consumed”. This statement is on the Food Purchase Form.

  • Institutional Memberships – Requires a Benefit Statement and a beginning and ending date. Approval by the President of the University or an approved designee must also be present on the Requisition, where applicable. P-cards can be used if all required approvals exist.

Created february 2014

Individual Memberships-May be purchased with the following requirements:

  • Must be paid from local departmental funds.

  • Must be approved by the department head and the president or approved designee.

  • Approval must be obtained prior to joining the organization and/or registering for the conference-seminar. (See Purchasing policies)

  • Individual must represent the university at the conference/seminar and attendance must be an essential part of the individual’s job function.

  • Membership must be a required part of the registration for the conference/seminar. Memberships are covered in the Purchasing Policy starting on page 2.

  • A request for Individual Membership must be completed and appropriate authorization obtained. This form is available on the Purchasing website.

  • P-cards may be used with the proper form and approval of both the department head and the president or approved designee.

  • NEVER pay sales taxes on regular purchases. Tax exempt form is on the Purchasing link. EXCEPTION: On authorized restaurant purchases, sales tax is allowed. See Purchasing Policy and Procedures.

  • Subscriptions: please see Purchasing policy beginning on page 19.

  • For all purchases, we encourage you to use HUB vendors when possible.