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Exam Review Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Exam Review Project

Exam Review Project

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Exam Review Project

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  1. Exam Review Project Final Exam:Motorcycle Statistics Problem

  2. Exam Procedures • 10 minutes to review project before starting • 120 minutes to complete the exam, although most students finish in 75-90 minutes • In this presentation, suggested timing guidelines are assigned to each step • Use these as a guide to indicate how far along in the project you should be at each step. • Consider practicing and re-doing steps for which you do not complete within the timing guideline.

  3. 10-Minute Exam Review Period • Read the Background Information and Project Statement sections of the instructions. • Look over the xml tables to get an idea of what kind of data is being used in this project. • The slides of this presentation will serve as a guideline to completing the project. • At the next slide, the clock starts. The slides will automatically progress per the timing guidelines. Time: 10 minutes

  4. Step 1: Download XML Files • Access the XML files at the following URL: • Exam review: Know how to download the data files, and that if they are packaged, they need to be unzipped. • Keep these files handy! You’ll need them later. Time: 1 minute

  5. Microsoft access

  6. Step 2: Create DATABASE • Know how to launch Access and save a new (blank) database with the given name. • Know how to use Save Database As command if necessary. Time: 1 minute

  7. Step 3: Import XML Files • Know how to import XML files in Access. • Be sure to verify the imported tables briefly, by opening them up just to be sure. • You cannot import XML files if they are still in a zipped package. They must be extracted first. Time: 3 minutes Points: 3 points

  8. Step 4: Relationships • Know how to specify relationships • Drag-and-drop fields to create relationship “lines” • Instructions will indicate the tables of a relationship • It’s up to you to understand what fields are related! • Relate fields of same data, (usually of same name.) • Problems here will lead to problems in your queries! Time: 3 minutes Points: 5 points

  9. Step 5: Queries Queries are important for completing whole test. Practice them! • Read over and select tables, fields. • Add Calculated Fields, using the Builder tool. Don’t forget about Aliasing. • Need a Totals Row? Look for keywords such as sum, average, number of. • Advanced features: Join Properties? Query-specific relationships? • Use the Criteria Row to restrict results by specifying criterion. Be able to use andandor criteria. • Format fields using the Property Sheet. May need to Run the query first. • Sort results using Sort Row. • Run the query to test. Time: 10 minutes Points: 6 points each

  10. Step 6: Form Wizard • Practice with the Form Wizard. • Most important part is to select the right fields from the right tables or queries. • Don’t forget to name both the Form and Sub-Forms, however. Time: 4 minutes Points: 5 points

  11. Step 7: Report Wizard • Don’t forget to name your report at the last step of the report wizard. • Read the Note in the Instructions: Use Layout View to modify the column widths so all fields are visible. • Know how to do this! (Don’t waste time if you are stuck.) Time: 4 minutes Points: 5 points

  12. Step 8: Compact & Repair • Know how to Compact and Repair a database. • It is simply a menu option. • After you click the menu option, Access will need to save and close all open objects. Time: 1 minute

  13. Microsoft excel

  14. Step 9: Create WORKBOOK • Know how to launch Microsoft Excel • Know how to save your workbook and supply the indicated filename. Time: 1 minute

  15. Step 10: Adjusting Sheets • Excel workbooks come with three default sheets • Know how to work with sheets: • Creating new • Renaming • Deleting • Moving • Also, understand how to navigate sheet tabs Time: 2 minute Points: 3 points total

  16. Step 11: Import QUERY DATA • Know how to Import an Access query • Typically, will need to have your database closed. (But make sure it is saved.) • Know where you have saved your database. • This step requires that your queries are correct! • If you need to go back and edit the query, you need to close Excel first. Time: 4 minutes Points: 7.5 points total

  17. Step 12: Formatting Cells • Formatting covers a wide variety of topics • Insert text to a cell • Working with data tables, inserting table-columns • Formatting cells as certain number type • Applying styles, changing appearance, etc. • AutoFit cell width • Merging cells • Conditional formatting Time: 2 minutes Points: 5 points total

  18. Step 13: Insert a Chart • Know how to: • Insert a standard chart • Apply chart titles, labels (with descriptive texts) • Formatting values, rotating axes, etc Time: 2 minutes Points: 7.5 points

  19. Step 14: PIVOTCHARTS and pivottables • Understand: • All PivotTables have an associated PivotTable • How to create a new PivotChart and PivotTable • Know how to work with PivotTables • Adding to fields, summarizing figures • Using the filters, and the “Group by” feature • Know how to work with PivotCharts • PivotCharts are charts, too • Know how to work with chart labels, axis labels, etc • Know how to format axes; rotating, etc Time: 6 minutes Points: 10 points total

  20. Microsoft Word

  21. Step 15: Create Document • This should not be a hard step. • Launch Microsoft Word from Start Menu • Know how to use Save As command Time: 1 minute

  22. Step 16: Insert a Cover Page • Insert ribbon has this option • Know where to find the option • Style indicated on instructions • Fill out the text boxes as indicated on instructions Time: 3 minutes Points: 7.5 points

  23. Step 17: Insert Text FILE • Another copy-and-paste step: • Know that you can just copy-and-paste the contents, via opening the .txt file in notepad. • See those “<>” symbols? They indicate instructions for formatting the word document in the next several steps. • Know how to work with and apply the indicated instructions. Time: 3 minutes Points: 5 points

  24. Step 18: Insert CHART • This should be an easy step too: • Just copy-and-paste! • Grab the chart from your Excel file by opening it up. Need to right-click carefully to get a copy-option. • Paste at the comment-instruction in your word file. • Click the inserted chart for formatting options: • Format ribbon for Size options • Right-click the chart to add Captions Time: 2 minutes Points: 5 points

  25. Step 19: Bibliography • Bibliographies must have their source bank populated prior to insertion. • Use Source Manager to add sources first! • Then, you can insert the bibliography, at the proper place. Time: 5 minutes Points: 10 points total

  26. Step 20: Formatting • This step entails a lot of different, similar things: • Modifying Styles • Adding, and working with Headers & Footers • Inserting Page Numbers • Know about the: Start from Page 0 Trick? • Indenting Paragraphs, using Tab key • Paragraph Dialog Box: • Line spacing, before & after spacing • Changing Margins of pages • General tidying up: delete unneeded spaces Time: 5 minutes Points: 9.5 points total

  27. Microsoft PowerPoint

  28. Step 21: CREATE Slideshow • Another simple step: • Know how to launch PowerPoint • Know how to Save, or Save As Time: 1 minute

  29. Step 22: Add Slides • Know how to add a slide • Also, how to add slides of different type • (Title, Title & Content, etc.) • Insert charts from Excel • You can just copy-and-paste the charts, in the exact same way you did for Word. Time: 3 minutes Points: 9 points total

  30. Step 23: Analysis Questions • Analysis Questions are worth 20% of your grade. • Try to allot at least 12 minutes to do them • You have 120 minutes on the Final Exam, so you can afford to put them off, just this once • But generally, if you’re behind, consider prioritizing these! • Answer one question per slide. Time: 15 minutes Points: 7.5 points each

  31. Step 24: Formatting Slides • A topic with wide variety. Things to know: • How to apply slide transitions • How to add animations to objects • Adding headers and footers • Dates, slide numbers, footers • Editing Slide Masters • Inserting images and clip art Time: 6 minutes Points: 5 points total

  32. Submit your project • Finally, submit your files one at a time. • Submit four different files! • Be absolutely sure you do NOT submit the wrong Microsoft Access database file; i.e. with an L in the extension (*.*laccdb) • The correct file is one with a name such as filename.accdb Timer: 2 minutes