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Development Consultation Forum

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Development Consultation Forum
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Development Consultation Forum

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  1. Development Consultation Forum Woodcroft Farm January 2012

  2. Programme • 17.30 – Developers display • 18.00 – Introduction – Councillor Guest • 18.05 – Explanation of process and policy background • 18.15 – Presentation by the Developer • 18.35 – Invited speakers • 19.05 – Comments from other consultees • 19.15 – Developer response to issues raised • 19.25 – Councillor opportunity to ask questions • 19.50 – Summary of key points • 20.00 – Chairman closes Forum meeting

  3. The purpose of the Forum is… • To allow developer to explain development proposals directly to councillors, public & key stakeholders at an early stage • Informs officer pre application discussions with developer • Identify issues that may be considered in any formal application. • Enable the developer to shape an application to address community issues

  4. The Forum is not meant to… • Negotiate the proposal in public • Commit councillors or local planning authority to a view • Allow objectors to frustrate the process • Address or necessarily identify all the issues that will need to be considered in a future planning application • Take the place of normal planning application process or role of the Development Management Committee

  5. The outcome of the Forum will be… • Developer will have a list of main points to consider • Stakeholders and public will be aware of proposals and can raise their concerns • Councillors will be better informed on significant planning issues • Officers will be better informed as to community expectations during their pre application negotiations with developers

  6. Woodcroft Farm

  7. Strategic Site Profile  Site location: Woodcroft Farm Site 5

  8. Woodcroft Farm

  9. Policy Background • National Planning Policy Statements • Havant Borough Core Strategy 2011 Policy CS18 – Strategic Sites • Contributions Policy (SPD) • Local Transport Strategy • Playspace • CIL

  10. Core Strategy - allocation

  11. Key Planning Issues • Principle of development –Policy CS18 Allocates residential development indicative 340 dwellings • Residential mix – No. and size of houses • Highways and access – Assessment of traffic • Design – Context of surrounding properties

  12. Key Planning Issues • Neighbouring properties – Assessing relationships • Open space – Location and amount • Landscaping – Existing on site trees and site boundaries • Site conditions and Drainage - Sustainable drainage (SUDS) and sink holes

  13. Key Planning Issues • Relocation of playing field - From Woodcroft School • Diversion of bridleway - Woodcroft Lane • Nature Conservation - James Copse SINC • Possibility of other development - Fields to north and south • Existing mobile phone mast

  14. Developer’s Presentation

  15. Main Points for Discussion:Waterlooville Community Board • Main concerns relate to traffic movements during construction and later residential access • Proposals for junction movements in Eagle Av, Milton Rd & Lovedean Lane incl. London Rd junction • Interaction between site traffic, footpaths and relocated bridleway • Impact of possible extension to Woodcroft Farm development on cumulative traffic flow • Site traffic flows and time of day patterns across the WV/A3(M) • Impact of parking and mov.t of commercial vehicles during the construction period

  16. Main Points for Discussion:Waterlooville Community Board • Impact of development in Winchester on land adjacent to the site • Request that HCC Highways publish analysis of traffic impact survey • Traffic impact statements must incorporate possible future development in adjoining areas

  17. Consultee Comments Housing Services Manager • Policy CS9 requires min 30% affordable • Low % affordable housing within Hart Plain ward (22%) therefore no justification for decreased provision • Tenure expectation 70:30 (affordable rent: shared ownership) • Accommodation mix will be flexible

  18. Consultee Comments Housing Services Manager contd.. • Affordable housing to be ‘pepper potted’ and indistinguishable from private housing • Hampshire Homechoice (choice based lettings scheme) demonstrates housing need: - 1155 require 2 bed accommodation - 654 require 3 bed accommodation - 473 require 4 bed accommodation

  19. Consultee Comments Housing Services Manager cont.d • Homes in Hants shared ownership/equity housing: 76% require 2&3 bed accommodation • Broad guidelines agreed with Savills: 65% 2 bed 30% 3 bed 4% 4 bed • No 1 bed houses proposed

  20. Consultee Comments Housing Services Manager cont.d • The location is best suited for families • Initial proposals indicate that sizes of dwellings will equate to the upper levels of the HBC Housing Quality Indicators (Housing SPD)

  21. Consultee Comments Hampshire Highways: Highways Officer • A traffic assessment will be required • The traffic assessment will need to assess committed developments and cumulative impacts. • The surrounding junctions will be assessed, also linkages to public transport

  22. Consultee Comments Drainage - HBC Special Projects Engineer • Design utilises Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDS) in accordance with current best practice • The design recognises and responds to the constraint imposed by the swallow holes. • The design allows for detention and treatment on site using a mixture of open ponds, shallow roadside ditches ('swales') and underground storage, using buried cellular boxes. • Future maintenance of SUDS features

  23. Consultee Comments Drainage - HBC Special Projects Engineer cont.d • Southern Water have verified the capacity for foul water sewerage • A s106 will be required for maintenance issues

  24. Consultee Comments HBC Open Spaces Team Leader • Sufficient sports pitches for hire to teams for organised sport in the Borough but quality issues and a lack of artificial turf pitches. • Deficient in allotments, burial land and areas of formal horticulture. • Wecock is well provided for in terms of informal open space, equipped play and youth provision although the play equipment is ageing. • There is a move towards more natural playable spaces and there may be scope for this.

  25. Consultee Comments HBC Open Spaces cont.d • Facilities and public spaces need to be have regard to proximity to houses and anti-social behaviour and noise nuisance to residence. • The need to design out difficult to maintain areas and litter traps • The need to be aware of traveller incursions and designing out or defending against these.

  26. Consultee Comments Planning Policy Requirements(CS18) • Provision of a mixed community to include private market housing • 30% affordable housing in accordance with policy CS9 Housing • Code for Sustainable Home requirements

  27. Consultee Comments Planning Policy Requirements cont.d (Policies CS18 & DM6 Coordination of Development) • Policy CS18 acknowledges potential larger overall site 700 homes (400 outside Borough) • Larger site promoted to Winchester City Council and East Hants DC. • Policy DM6 only permits development that does not undermine future development potential of adjacent land.

  28. Consultee Comments Planning Policy Requirements cont.d • Highway impacts beyond the immediate site • Close working with HCC regarding access via surplus land at Meadowlands School. • Diversion of existing bridleway accommodated

  29. Consultee Comments Planning Policy Requirements cont.d • Development will need to have regard to the adjacent SINC designation • Minimise tree loss, include new planting • Suitable provision required for sports facilities/play space

  30. Consultee Comments Planning Policy Requirements cont.d • Identify & deliver wider regeneration benefits: (policy CS6.5 Regeneration of the Borough: Wecock Farm). • HBC/ Skills and Employability Partnership: developing a skills and employment guidance note to maximise site training & employment opportunities

  31. Consultee Comments Urban Design and Landscape • Proposal integrates existing landscape assets with the overall design and layout. • Masterplan needed, including land beyond Havant BC boundary • The need to create a safe, overlooked and attractive ‘gateway’ entrance • Well lit and overlooked routes

  32. Consultee Comments Urban Design and Landscape cont. d • The new development needs to have good access to the school. • The need for an attractive boundary to the playing field • Avoid over-reliance on car parking courts. • Care need to avoid dominance of parking in streetscene

  33. Consultee Comments Arboriculturalist • Further information will be required: -Topographical survey with tree positions & Root Protection Areas -Trees for removal to be identified. -Full Arboricultural Impact Assessment – including remaining trees

  34. Developer’s Response • A construction route will be agreed • A total figure of 700 houses is considered unlikely, the future Core Strategies for Winchester and East Hants are currently out to public consultation • Grainger builds to some of Life Time Homes standards (parking and space)

  35. Main Points for Discussion:Councillors’ Questions Q Will the existing farm house be maintained? A Yes, the developer is aware of the need to maintain and secure the existing farmhouse. Q Can local businesses and trades people be used where possible? A Grainger has a CITB apprenticeship/training scheme. Q The development would result in additional vehicles using the dangerous Lovedean Lane/Milton Rd junction: will roundabouts or traffic lights be incorporated? A This is being considered as part of the TA

  36. Main Points for Discussion:Councillors’ Questions Cont.d Q Can the terraces be split up to appear more visually appealing? A The design is low density and the detailed design can be negotiated. Q Will cycleways into the site from surrounding areas encourage and invite trouble? A The routes will be well overlooked to discourage anti-social behaviour and connect the new development to the community

  37. Main Points for Discussion:Councillors’ Questions Cont.d Q What is the housing mix likely to be? A Indicative percentages are currently: 1 bed: 3% 2 bed: 38% 3 bed: 44% 4 bed: 15% Q Will the TA take into consideration the amount of construction traffic coming onto Eagle Avenue? A This will be looked at as part of the proposed submission

  38. Main Points for Discussion:Councillors’ Questions Cont.d Q Will the houses be linked to cables? A Yes, internet provision will be incorporated Q Will the site be linked to Wecock field? A Yes there will be a footpath link Q Will there be a footpath link to the school as part of ‘safer routes to school’? A Yes, a crossing point at the new access road is shown. The crossing would lead to a footpath to the school

  39. Main Points for Discussion:Councillors’ Questions Cont.d Q Will the Council be obliged to take on sustainable drainage? A Not at the present time and maintenance will be undertaken by a management company which will need to be set up to serve the development. However, in the future the County Council would have the legal power to adopt such schemes.

  40. Main Points for Discussion:Councillors’ Questions Cont.d Q Can commercial vehicles and caravans be banned from the site? A This is incorporated in most of Grainger’s covenants Q Could an employment fair be held at the Wecock Centre? A Yes Q Can the mess from construction vehicles onto surrounding roads be kept to a minimum? A A condition can be incorporated to require wheels to be cleaned prior to leaving the site.

  41. Main Points for Discussion:Councillors’ Questions Cont.d Q Can safe routes be provided during the construction phase as well as for the final scheme? A Temporary measures can be introduced Q If the pinch point along the access road is damaged during construction work, which is possible given the need for construction vehicles to use it, would it be made good before the development is completed? A Yes

  42. Main Points for Discussion:Councillors’ Questions Cont.d Q Please avoid giving the impression of a gated community. A Noted

  43. Wecock Residents’ Association Q. Will traffic calming measures be incorporated to ensure school childrens’ safety? A. The TA will need to have regard to the surrounding situation including the proximity of the school. Specific measure proposed crossing the new access road. Q. Will the rooms be large enough to encourage family interaction e.g space for family dinner table? A. Yes, with the majority of housing proposed to be family housing. There is a need for the development to integrate with the existing community and community centre, for instance financing community worker and youth employment – ideally a purpose built workshop to teach skills such as mending a bike and purpose built facilities for teenage children The developer welcomes the suggestions where improvements could be made. Developer will enter into negotiations with the Council and community regarding the content of the section 106 planning agreement. Comment - James Copse is not suitable for future development

  44. What Happens Next? • Summary notes circulated to attendees • Officers will discuss outcomes with developer • Developer will continue to develop proposals and consider issues raised by Forum • Decision as to form of application and timing of submission rests with developer.