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Recession: Employment for 2011 Graduates PowerPoint Presentation
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Recession: Employment for 2011 Graduates

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Recession: Employment for 2011 Graduates - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Recession: Employment for 2011 Graduates. Ana Duprey CMP230. Employment. 2011 Job Outlook Survey . Employers seek skills from New College Graduates: Communication Skills Strong W ork Ethic Teamwork Skills Analytical Skills Initiative. Employment. Internship:

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Employment for 2011 Graduates

Ana Duprey CMP230



2011 Job Outlook Survey

Employers seek skills from New College Graduates:

Communication Skills

Strong Work Ethic

Teamwork Skills

Analytical Skills




  • Internship:
  • Will boost the candidates marketability.
  • Will boost communication skills, stronger work ethic, a high GPA, teamwork and interpersonal skills, and proven leadership ability are among the skills and qualities that employers want their new hires to bring to their firm.
  • Can help developing many of these skills.
  • Gives a track record that the student can present to a potential employer as evidence of these abilities.


  • Prior Work Experience:
  • Provides student with a competitive advantage.
  • Prior knowledge in the field.
  • Time efficiency, the student does not have to be trained therefore no time is waisted.
  • The student should be a positive investment for the firm.
  • What else has the student learned that will serve as an advantage for the firm.

Networking and Social Media

“Gives professionals a fun and completely different way to Network. The site translates offline networking events into an efficient online networking experience to help you meet new people and build relevant relationships to advance your career.

Helps you create and expand your professional network.” (


Networking and Social Media

Network Roulette

“After answering two simple questions, You’re randomly matched for a three minute conversation to determine if the person on the other side can help your network. After the networking session, you can then choose who to follow up with through your network dashboard. It uses text-based communication, like Gchat or AOL IM.” (


Networking and Social Media

  • Let your friends and followers know: your are looking for a job, what type, and your skills.
  • Twitter and LinkedIn look up the profile of the hiring manager and tailor your cover letter to their needs and desires
  • You can add your Twitter handle or LinkedIn profile URL to your contact information.

Networking and Social Media

  • Networking
  • With all the different Social Media sites that we use, a LinkedIn can be created so that a hiring manager will see what you want them to see, when googling you for a prospective employment opportunity. Rather than “finding something” that would jeopardize your opportunity for employment.



11 helpful sites for job seekers
11 Helpful Sites for Job Seekers
  • Careers at Alltop
  • Career Diva
  • Facebook
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Indeed Job Trends
  • National Employment Law Project
  • Fistful of talent
  • Job Bound
  • Brazen Careerist
  • LinkedIn
  • Seeking Alpha

2011Graduate: Job Seeking Interview

1) What is your major? Business Administration2) Do you have relevant prior work experience? Yes3) Have you worked an internship? No4) Have you networked through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other networking site? Yes 5) Was such social media useful or a success? No6) How long have you been seeking employment? 2 months7) Are you also seeking employment beyond your major? No8) How many interviews have you had? 29) Have you secured employment? Yes10) How in your own words would you describe the impact that the Recession has caused over the employment opportunities for a 2011 College Graduate?


2011Graduate: Job Seeking Interview

When I first graduated with my associates in business administration I was looking for employment but I decided to go back to school and took on another major. I finished my last class in December. Started looking for work in January and landed two jobs on February 21.When I first graduated in May it was very hard. I looked for work but, did not even get one interview. I noticed that they are looking for experience people with education. I Did have some background in administration but, the market was slow. I decided to get my diploma in medical assistant so that i will have the option in either field or combine them as in "Medical Office Administration". Now I think the jobs are coming back slowly but, last year was the most hardest times. The recession has caused many graduates to pursue other avenues. For example, I have my business degree and a Medical Assistant Diploma but, I landed a job in the Office Administration field and as Sales Associate at a major home and office improvement store. I could not find a position in the medical because they want highly qualified individuals with degrees. I believe throughout your job search you have to keep your options open. I learned that the hard way although, was very lucky to land two position even though they are two totally different.

best careers for 2011
Best Careers for 2011

Software Architect

Physician Assistant

Management Consultant

Physical Therapist

Environmental Engineer

Civil Engineer

Database Administrator

Sales Director

Certified Public Accountant

Biomedical Engineer



13. Nurse Anesthetist

14. Risk Management Manager

15. Product Management Director

16. Healthcare Consultant

17. Information Systems Security Engineer

18.Software Engineering/Development Director

19. Occupational Therapist

20.Information Technology