Parents’ AGM: 9 February
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Parents’ AGM: 9 February . Agenda of Parents Annual General Meeting Welcome and introduction of new staff. Reports for 2011. Brief report from the Head PTA Activity & Finance report. Report back from Parent Liaison Committee. Report back from Bursary Trust Fund.

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Parents agm 9 february

Parents’ AGM: 9 February.

Agenda of Parents Annual General Meeting

  • Welcome and introduction of new staff.

  • Reports for 2011.

  • Brief report from the Head

  • PTA Activity & Finance report.

  • Report back from Parent Liaison Committee.

  • Report back from Bursary Trust Fund.

  • Member recruitment for 2012: PTA & PLC

  • Any other business.

  • Drug and substance abuse presentation.

Parents agm 9 february

Welcome to new staff:

  • Mr Mark Anderson: High school Chemistry

  • Mrs Ruth Gibbon: High school French

  • Mrs Martine Britz: Primary School French

  • Ms Lynette Martin: Key Stage 2 Teacher assistant

  • Mrs Michelle Kingwill: Year 5 teacher from Feb to December

Parents agm 9 february

  • Further points for discussion:

  • Current status of school.

  • Recent Cambridge results.

  • Possibility of a second campus.

  • Sport.

  • Revised parent contract

  • Going green:

    • Electricity consumption.

    • Paperless reports.

Parents agm 9 february

Current status:

Student numbers: 346.

Largest A level class ever (14)

Key Stage 1: 113

Key Stage 2: 102

Key Stages 3/4/5: 131

South African vs International: 60/40

Nursery full for 2012 & 2013.

Please don’t assume that having a child enrolled automatically gives a younger sibling a place.

Parents agm 9 february

Recent Cambridge results.

We write Cambridge exams in May/June and October/November each year.

May/June 2011: IGCSE results:

Parents agm 9 february

Recent Cambridge results.

October/November 2011: AS and A level results:

Many thanks to all our staff who make these and all the other results as good as they are.

Parents agm 9 february

Possibility of a second campus.

Current site limited to 350.

We have identified a possible alternative site which we would use for KS1.

Currently busy with Traffic Impact Assessment.

The second site has been carefully chosen to have the same “feel”

Parents agm 9 february


What’s our approach?

Sport for enjoyment and as a lifestyle activity

Competitive, but not win at any cost.

Team sports where we can sustain a team.

Sports have been chosen based on student selection.


Parents agm 9 february

Revised parent contract:

New legislation has necessitated the creation of a revised contract between the school and parents.

All new parents will automatically use this. Existing parents need to read it through carefully.

We are mindful of the perception of pushing this down parents’ throats; please have a look at the web page and give us feedback.

Parents agm 9 february

Going Green:

“Getting off the grid”

Current electricity consumption around R13000 per month (350 KW hours per month)

Using L.E.D. lights, solar panels and battery power we can eliminate 98% of dependency on Eskom.

Costs covered in 5 years.

Paperless reports by December.

We will send parents a code which enable them to download a pdf report from the cloud.

Parents agm 9 february

International School of Cape Town – PTA

Financial Report for 2011

The financial report for 2011 is as follows:

 CARRIED OVER FROM 2010: 60 094.01


 Fundraisers 55 713.05

2nd Hand Uniform Shop 14 760.80

Income: 70 473.85

TOTAL INCOME 130 567.86


 Highlands Paving KS1 34 200.00

KS2 Staple Guns 639.80

Canvas Marquee 25 000.00

KS2 Sports Equipment 9 000.00

Badges for Sponsored Walk 1 196.52

Expenses for Fundraisers 18 138.09




Parents agm 9 february

Thank you:

Vyv Deacon has served as CfBT representative on the ISCT Board and the PLC, but his term of office has come to an end. He will remain as a member of the Bursary Trust Fund Committee. Many thanks Vyv.

Outgoing PTA Committee:

Michele Ascough

Wendy Holroyd

Natalie Moore

Simi Sheik


Whose next?

Parents agm 9 february

Introduction of Drug Awareness Agency:

Devon Strydom and Jarryd Smith.

DAA specializes in skill development programs in the corporate world as well as education programs/ addiction workshops / counseling programs in the education sector. Both the directors come from background of substance abuse and have over come it.  The have combined their studies and background experience to work effectively and passionately in all they do .