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6th grade Language Arts

6th grade Language Arts. Elements of a Short Story. Plot Theme Setting Character Point of View Conflict. Plot: How Stories Happen. What is plot? The structure of a story; what happens. Parts of Plot. Climax. Rising Action. Falling Action. Exposition. Resolution.

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6th grade Language Arts

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  1. 6th grade Language Arts

  2. Elements of a Short Story Plot Theme Setting Character Point of View Conflict

  3. Plot: How Stories Happen What is plot? The structure of a story; what happens

  4. Parts of Plot Climax Rising Action Falling Action Exposition Resolution

  5. What is Exposition? • Beginning of story • Introduces characters, setting, and tone

  6. What is Rising Action? • Plot becomes increasingly complicated • Various problems arise

  7. What is Climax? The high point of a story

  8. What is Falling Action? • Action following the climax • Leads to the end

  9. What is Resolution? • Problems are solved • Action comes to an end

  10. What is the high point of action in a story? A. Exposition B. Resolution C. Climax D. Falling action

  11. What is Theme? • Message about life; what the main character learns • What the work is about

  12. What is Setting? • Place • Time

  13. The setting answers the question, “What is the work about?” True False

  14. What is a Character? A person or animal in a story

  15. Character • Main character • Hero of the story What is a protagonist?

  16. Character • Opposes protagonist • Bad guy What is an antagonist?

  17. Who is the hero or central character of a story? A. Protagonist B. Climax C. Exposition D. Antagonist

  18. What is Point of View? Perspective from which the story is told

  19. Point of View Who is telling the story? • First-person • Third-person • Third-person limited • Third-person omniscient

  20. What is Conflict? A struggle between opposing forces in a story

  21. What is Conflict? • Person against person • Person against self • Person against society • Person against nature

  22. Which is a Point of View? A. Third person B. Exposition C. Person against self D. Setting

  23. Congratulations! You know the Elements of a Short Story!!! ` Plot Theme Setting Character Point of View Conflict

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