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12 Powerful Words

12 Powerful Words. Trace. ~ List in order. 12 Powerful Words #1. What are some synonyms for TRACE?. copy. Follow. sketch. Sequence. Outline. draw. TRACE the path of Billy from his front door to his friends. . I finally found you!. What took you so long?.

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12 Powerful Words

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  1. 12 Powerful Words

  2. Trace ~ List in order 12 Powerful Words #1

  3. What are some synonyms for TRACE? copy Follow sketch Sequence Outline draw

  4. TRACE the path of Billy from his front door to his friends. I finally found you! What took you so long?

  5. If you could TRACE a drop of water from a cloud through the water cycle, where would it go before entering the water filtration plant?

  6. TRACE the events in your day between waking up and going to bed.

  7. 12 Powerful Words #2 • Infer ~ read between the lines

  8. suppose guess What are some synonyms For Infer? assume Figure out speculate conclude

  9. I see….. I know…. I infer… What inference can you make about why the children are standing there?

  10. What can you INFER from this picture? I see….. I know…. I infer…

  11. For many years, students had to bring their lunches to school with them. About 20-30 years ago, public schools began serving food prepared in the cafeteria. Parents and teachers believed that students should have hot, healthy food, not cold packed lunches. So the cafeteria was seen as a way of giving students nutritious food for lunch. Today many parents are protesting the kind of food served in cafeterias. They say that the food is overcooked. They say that all the vitamins and minerals are gone. They also say that cafeterias do not serve enough fresh fruit and vegetables. Based on the reading, which can we infer? 1. It is difficult to prepare good meals in school cafeterias. 2. Some parents are never happy. 3. Parents are concerned about nutrition for their children.

  12. 12 Powerful Words #3 • Formulate ~ Create or make a plan

  13. create invent design prepare What are some synonyms for formulate? Put together make

  14. many different colors • different geometric shapes • objects from nature Pablo Picasso formulated paintings during his cubism style by putting together…

  15. Formulate a plan for dropping an egg from the roof of the school without breaking it.

  16. Formulate a response to the following quote: Be yourself, everyone else is already taken. ~Oscar Wilde

  17. 12 Powerful Words #4 • Evaluate ~judge the worth

  18. judge appraise estimate What are some synonyms for Evaluate? assess determine

  19. Evaluateand discuss the importance of the following objects.

  20. Evaluatethis argument. Tell whether or not you think it is a reasonable excuse and why. I couldn’t do my homework last night because I was too tired after I got home from the mall and going out to dinner.

  21. 12 Powerful Words #5 • Analyze ~ break apart

  22. What are some synonyms for Analyze? explore to study examine consider investigate

  23. Analyze the following two dinners. Which one is healthier? Why? Dinner #1 Dinner #2

  24. Analyze the story with the Quartering the Story graphic organizer Once upon a time there were two friends who lived in a palace with their families, who worked in service of the King. One of these boys knew a girl he liked so much that he wanted to give her a present. One day, he was walking with his friend in the main palace hall, and he saw a big vase filled with the loveliest flowers you could imagine. He decided to take one to give to the girl, thinking that no one would see him do so. He did the same thing the next day, and the next, and the next... until, one day, the King noticed how few flowers were left in the vase. He was so angry that he called everyone in the palace to assemble. When they were all before the King, the boy thought he should say it had been him who took the flowers. However, his friend told him to be quiet, because the King would be terribly angry with him. The boy was paralysed with fear, but when the King came near he decided to confess. As soon as the boy said that he had done it, the King went red with anger, but on hearing what the boy had done with the flowers, a smile appeared on the King's face, and he said, "I couldn't have thought of a better use for my flowers." And, from that day, the boy and the King became great friends. They went to the vase and took two of those wonderful flowers, one for the girl, and the other for the Queen.

  25. 12 Powerful Words #6 • Describe ~ tell in your own words

  26. explain express tell What are some synonyms for Describe? characterize make clear

  27. Of the two hats below, describe which hat appeals to you the most.

  28. DescribeNorthwest Rankin ElementarySchool in 5 sentences

  29. 12 Powerful Words #7 • explain ~ tell how

  30. tell about give details Make clear describe clarify What are some synonyms for Explain?

  31. Explainthe significance of a red light.

  32. Draw a picture to explain the meaning of the word exuberant.

  33. 12 Powerful Words #8 • Support ~ tell why

  34. What are some synonyms for Support? Give examples Back up justify help defend

  35. What details support the idea that these two girls are not getting along?

  36. What supporting details would you use to write a paragraph on wearing school uniforms?

  37. 12 Powerful Words #9 • Summarize ~ to tell the main point

  38. What are some synonyms for summarize? retell review go over main points Sum up recap

  39. Summarize the following poem in 1 word. Messy Room by ShelSilverstein Whosever room this is should be ashamed!His underwear is hanging on the lamp.His raincoat is there in the overstuffed chair,And the chair is becoming quite mucky and damp.His workbook is wedged in the window,His sweater's been thrown on the floor.His scarf and one ski are beneath the TV,And his pants have been carelessly hung on the door.His books are all jammed in the closet,His vest has been left in the hall.A lizard named Ed is asleep in his bed,And his smelly old sock has been stuck to the wall.Whosever room this is should be ashamed!Donald or Robert or Willie or--Huh? You say it's mine? Oh, dear,I knew it looked familiar!

  40. Using the technique, SWBS, summarize the following comic strip.

  41. 12 Powerful Words #10 • Compare ~ tell how alike

  42. match Put side by side What are some synonyms for compare? relate show similarities

  43. Compare dogs to cats. In what ways are they similar?

  44. Compare yourself to the main character of the novel we read in class. Create a list of your similarities.

  45. 12 Powerful Words #11 • Contrast ~tell how different

  46. dissimilar What are some synonyms for contrast? opposite show differences disagree

  47. Contrast an apple and an orange. List 3 differences.

  48. Contrastyourself to the main character of the novel we read in class. Create a list of your differences.

  49. 12 Powerful Words #12 • predict ~ think about what will happen before it happens

  50. think ahead guess What are some synonyms for predict? expect imagine suppose assume

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