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Colonial new England

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Colonial new England. Role: Landowners and Small Merchants. Table of Contents:. New England Colonists How it all started Farmers Farming continued Crops and Animals Merchants Shipbuilding Whaling Fisherman Blacksmiths. New England Colonists.

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Colonial new England

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    1. Colonial new England Role: Landowners and Small Merchants

    2. Table of Contents: • New England Colonists • How it all started • Farmers • Farming continued • Crops and Animals • Merchants • Shipbuilding • Whaling • Fisherman • Blacksmiths

    3. New England Colonists • Most colonists in New England are middle class freeman who own property. • The hard working farmers are the most important people in the society. • All of the colonists long to earn property because owning property gives them the right to vote. • Rich merchants are the social leaders in New England. This leads them to control the colonial governments and courts, styles of dress, architecture and manners.

    4. TiMeLiNe • 1620 - November 9, the Mayflowershiplands at Cape Cod, Massachusetts, with 101 colonists. • 1620- On November 11, the Mayflower Compact is signed by the 41 men, establishing a form of local government in which the colonists agree to abide by majority rule and to cooperate for the general good of the colony. The Compact sets the precedent for other colonies as they set up governments. • 1621 - One of the first treaties between colonists and Native Americans is signed as the Plymouth Pilgrims enact a peace pact with the Wampanoag Tribe, with the aid of Squanto, an English speaking Native American. • 1630 - In March, John Winthrop leads a Puritan migration of 900 colonists to Massachusetts Bay, where he will serve as the first governor. In September, Boston is officially established and serves as the site of Winthrop's government. • 1633 - The first town government in the colonies is organized in Dorchester, Massachusetts. • 1636 - In June, Roger Williams founds Providence and Rhode Island. • 1663 - Navigation Act of 1663 requires that most imports to the colonies must be transported via England on English ships. • 1673 - The British Navigation Act of 1673 sets up the office of customs commissioner in the colonies to collect duties on goods that pass between plantations. • 1675-1676 - King Philip's War erupts in New England between colonists and Native Americans as a result of tensions over colonist's expansionist activities.

    5. How it all started… • New England is a hilly, rocky place. It is situated along the northeast coast of the United States. • When we first arrived all we saw was forests. We began developing our lives and our work around the landscape of our new “home.” • Many people started towns along the coast, near the water. This gave ships the opportunity to bring in settlers, deliver supplies, and load up with export goods.

    6. When things happened:

    7. Farmers • We have to grow our own food, so many of us are farmers on small farms. • Unlike the middle and southern colonies, we do not live on large farms. We do not have flat land, or rich soil which hinders us from having large, independent farms. • Because we have small farms, many people also work and live in town while owning a farm outside of town. This brings in extra food and money by allowing us to farm or raise animals as a side job.

    8. Farming continued • Since we are in the North we have long, cold winters. This means that we cannot grow food during the winter months. • During the spring, summer, and fall we grow enough food to feed our families, and maybe other families too. • Our main food contribution to society is fish, since we live near the ocean. • We have to do all the farm work by hand or by using animals. This is very hard work, but it is what we have to do to support our family.

    9. Crops and Animals • On our farms we grow crops such as corn, rye, peas, squash, and pumpkins. • The animals we raise are chickens, sheep, cows, and pigs. • Our community is very close, so if our crops fail or if we have a field fire our neighbors will helps us out.

    10. Merchants • There are four main jobs that people do other than farming: shipbuilding, whaling, fishing, and blacksmithing.

    11. Shipbuilding • Many of the colonists are shipbuilders. They provide planks for building ships, spars to hold the ships' sails, and pitch for making the ships waterproof. • Sailors, fisherman, whalers, and traveling merchants all need ships, so shipbuilding is a very popular job right now. • We also build ships for England!

    12. Whaling • Whaling is a great way to make a living if you can work well with others and can catch whales often. • The reason for catching whales was to get whale oil. • We use whale oil for commodities such as soap and candles.

    13. Fisherman • Other colonists are fisherman. The farmers fish for a living, reeling in oysters, lobsters, crabs, and fish to eat. • Fisherman also bring in money from the export of seafood as well. • We probably would not be able to make it here without the fisherman because without them we would not have enough food for everyone.

    14. Blacksmiths • Blacksmithing is another great job, it’s just not as popular as the other jobs already mentioned. • Blacksmithing includes making silverware, locks, and just about anything with iron or metal. • The items blacksmiths make have to do with houses and items to improve our life at home.

    15. Since there are so many jobs here many of us have to work more than one job. We often times get together to work on jobs, such as building houses and shipbuilding. While we do all the outside work, the women and child do the household chores and cook.

    16. Religion in the Colonies Click on the picture above to learn about the religious beliefs in the New England Colonies.

    17. Interesting Facts

    18. Sources • • • • • • •